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    Of course there is. Old people often die suddenly, even if they are fit and active. Example: Charles Aznavour.
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    Thought I'd add to this one just for posterity. My dad (on the right 1921-2003) with his pal (no idea who he is). I'm guessing he'd have been about 12, so this photo would have been taken about 1933.
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    It’s not my game. @chilean way is running this. I’m sure he’ll say you can enter ppl who are dead or likely dead if you like! You just won’t get any points
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    This is one of my dad Richard and his mother Kate taken at Broughty Ferry in 1928
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    Can't believe old Arthur has finally gone ! I had high hopes that he might become the longest lived politician in history !
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    It's a small world! One of my friends was cruised by Freddie Mercury in a London gay club in the early 1980s, my aunt once chatted with Judy Finnigan and hubby Richard Madeley on a beach in Truro around 2005(Judy was very tongue in cheek with her humour and sarcasm and definitely kept putting Richard back in his box when he tried to dominate the conversation!) and a relative used to work with Wayne Rooneys Mum Jeanette. A woman who liked to tell very dirty foul mouthed jokes on her tea break! Sorry just wanted to illustrate what a small world it is and outclass Aitken with my web of connections!
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    Wow, Ogmore isn't even dead on the Parliamentary website! You know what Aitken's like, probably didn't wait til Ogmore was dead before having the funeral!
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    On the back of the above and without prejudice to my right to change my mind @msc, Bernard Ingham is going on my Poker Team (opens in a couple of days, the pest control people are still in, sanitising the whole complex).
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    I share your grief at his apparent survival, GC..... "COVID - doesn't kill Conservatives." It's a strapline Cummings would be proud of!
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8371473/EDEN-CONFIDENTIAL-Jonathan-Aitken-77-survives-heart-attack-induced-coronavirus.html Former Conservative MP Jonathan Aitken has apparently recently suffered a heart attack caused by coronavirus at the age of 77.
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    Wouldn't surprise me if some of those names wind up with 8+ DL appearances in their future. Dunno which ones though - you never know the vagaries and whims of Reaper Gooseberry Crumble...
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    Just for the record, charon wasn't DQ'd from the Cup for whatever went down. He went out because he was unable to put in a team before the deadline. I actually held back to the bitter end of that day just in case he got out of the jail and found a spot with WiFi or what not to put his team in. I didn't know he was banned till later on, of course. If I wanted someone out the cup I just rigged the draw to put them against Death Impends or Sir Creep err, nothing at all, honest.
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    And don't I and my various DDP and other Deadpool teams over the years know it, @msc!
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    I mean, we've got this lot still acting to varying degrees (with some added notable exceptions): 1932 –Bill Roache, Gabriel Woolf (retired in 2015) 1933– , Sian Philips, Joan Collins, David McCallum, Derek Martin (retired in 2017 to "put his feet up"), Brian Murphy, Barbara Knox, Donald Douglas (honorary mention as retired 15 years ago) 1934: Tom Baker (mostly sticking to voice work now), Annette Crosbie, Alan Bennett, Eileen Atkins, Jean Marsh (full time acting career ending in 2015 by massive stroke she was meant to survive, but bounced back from), Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Vernon Dobtcheff, Christopher Benjamin (sticks to voice work now), Slyvia Sims, Timothy West (still busy despite being carer for Pru), Wendy Craig, John Standing 1935: Julian Glover (tbh Glover could die and I'd still expect him to show up for 5 new projects a year), David Prowse (retired in 2017 after some ill health),Donald Sutherland, Michael Jayston, James Bolam (has pretty much retired off Cbeebies royalty repeats on daily showings of Grandpa in my Pocket!), Johnny Briggs (pretty much retired with Mike Baldwin), Jim Dale (voice acting), Barry Cryer, Judy Parfitt, Amanda Barrie (mostly appearing as herself), Melvyn Hayes (Semi-retired, does voice work), Wanda Ventham, Janet Henfrey, Anne Reid The Democrat West Coast firewall of British acting, that lot.
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    No apology was forthcoming, the mods saw fit to allow Sir C to continue without penalty, although a comment on his post was forthcoming for which I thank them. While I'm really open to anything being thrown at me without a dummy/pram scenario occurring, his comments were personal and far beyond the pale. If there are no consequences, what is the point? He'll continue with the comments, other Forum users will feel uncomfortable but feel his behaviour is acceptable. It wasn't, consequences applied. Don't piss off a game runner if you want to stay in the game. This should be a one-off, christ I think even Deathers would support me if he was still around, given he was astonished at the post made. I've run games including many players I'm not on the same page as, I've seen some awful posts and comments about me and not seen fit to take this step. I'm unlikely to in the future, unless it is of the most heinous, scummy quality that forced me to take this step here. He's out, appeal to the game runner, yeah that's me, appeal dismissed, what's for supper?
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    Things you don't expect to read. "Oh I'm passing the time watching Narcos on Netflix..." Overlooked on here because when there's no lockdown he's yet another of that formidable bunch of British thesps born 1932-35 that are still acting.
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    It’s not a farce at all. The same rule carries in just about every single deadpool. There’s a small chance players could pick up on news of a death elsewhere, including on social media or forums, even though it still hasn’t been reported on more widely. That rule has to apply across the board. If you wanted the points, should’ve entered earlier.
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    Three out of four grandparents made it to late 80s, the other died late 50s, both parents still alive and in late 60s, sister died at 43. No centenarians in the family to my knowledge. Brother probably won’t make old bones due to his debauched lifestyle and I’m very fat so not expecting a telegram from the queen either. Have a nice day.
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    "I start this eulogy for my brother in law with the simple sword of truth..."
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    I'm sorry if you think I twisted your words. We are agreed I think that Floyd's death was horrible and unnecessary. We are agreed it has been, and continues to be, handled badly. We are in agreement that there is a difference between protesting and illegal behaviour on the part of those who take advantage of the situation. I don't know, nor care, who is protesting or what pressure group they are from, nor do I think it is for me as a UK citizen to make a judgement call. What I do know as a decent human being is that nobody should call for them all to be mowed down by National Guard gunfire.
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    Given what the cops did, surely they can handle themselves? Mayor of Minneapolis: If you can say you can't breathe, then you can breathe. Trump: Respect George Floyd's memory. Yeah, not racist, not white supremacist...who else would send bigger bullies in to protect the smaller bullies when they are turned on? Very messy, racist statements from the elected don't help. More cities will burn.....
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    Wait what? You are on a forum that treats death as a points system (nothing wrong with that IMO) and you're mad at me for potentially hurting the feelings of people on the forum who's relatives have died below the age of 80? Mate that is almost all of us, myself included. I would honestly never shame anyone over their dead relatives, as that is just plain low and unfunny. Also if your feelings are paper thin then maybe you should ignore this thread and stick to the threads you wont find upsetting or triggering. 'KC'
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    Sesame Street colouring book gone wrong xD
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