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Derby Dead Pool 2019

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It isn't a criticism as such and I've missed out on a good few obits myself over the years, so I'm as guilty as anyone.  The way I see it, someone becomes famous in your own mind if they're ill enough for consideration; the illness trumps everything else.  Subsequently, gravely unwell Australian sci-fi novelists, niche Bollywood film directors, obscure rock climbers, etc find themselves on your shortlist when they really have no business being there.


When that person dies, in the cold light of day, we find that they perhaps were a smaller fish than we might have previously given them credit for and their absence is unlikely to be noted by the mainstream press journalists who gaze into the huge pond we all swim about in.

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For what it's worth, this is the team I hastily cobbled together.
Team name - Funeral Furore
1) Bob Dole (JOKER)
2) Bill Turnbull
3) George Alagiah
4) David Butler 
5) Clive James
6) Andrew Romanov (was a reserve for Simon Ricketts, who obviously died before the deadline)
7) Tom Clarke 
8) John Hume
9) Nobby Stiles
10) Stirling Moss
11) Gerd Muller
12) Katherine Jackson
13) Pope Benedict
14) Jack Charlton
15) John Madden
16) Michael Lonsdale
17) Ron Saunders
18) Terry Jones
19) Nexhmije Hoxha 
20) Herman Wouk

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6 hours ago, msc said:


Well, you make considerably more dough than I do but I see no harm in a small donation (in the region of £5) to charity if wrong.



Remember Hunt is a very local case for Willz and I - the hospital involved (which is crap) is within walking distance for me. So she's been all over our local press.


Hahaha if I made your income I could burn mine.  I believe you overestimate my earning capacity.  But sure let’s let the obits fall where they may lol.

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Teams for 2019

Heading Nowhere

1-Andrew McGahan

2-Kathleen Blanco
3-Gerard Basset
4-Johnny Clegg
5-Jean-Louis Trintignant
6-Andrew Fairlie
7-Fatima Ali
8-Fernando Ricksen
9-Tim Conway
10-Lee Kerslake
11-Noel Conway
12-Mike Willesee
13-Dewayne "Not The Rock" Johnson
14-Fred Rister
15-Leah Bracknell
16-Barry DuBois
17-John McCririck
18-John Andretti
19-Steph Nally
20-Dennis Goldberg

The One's That Won't Go Away
*Theme Team of past and main team picks trying to avoid List Of The Missed
1-Abdullah The Butcher
2-Jan Svankmajer
3-Lina Wertmuller
4-Christiane F
5-Maxon Crumb
6-Jiro Ono
7-Fidel V. Ramos
8-Pedro Morales
9-Yung Lean
10-Tammy Lynn Sytch
11-Adrian Street
12-Afa Anoa'i Sr
13-Barbara Jefford
14-Amber Siyavus
15-Rudy Boesch
16-Chasey Lain
17-Natalya Pugacheva
18-Gabe Nevins
19-Marisa Pavan
20-Anna Karina


Waiver Wire Rookie Roundup
*Notables debuting on DDP in 2019
1.Daniel Johnston

2.Adalberto Alvarez
3.Ralph Ahn
4.Jorge Ben
5.Djamila Bouhired
6.Johnny Brown(Actor from tv show Good Times)
7.Jose Estrada Sr./Conquistador Dos
8.Grouper/Liz Harris
9.Ri Myung-hun
10.Patti Kim
11.Keiko Kishi
12.Nataliya Kuznetsova
13.Andrew McGahan
14.Takashi Ono(Gold Medal Olympian)
15.Rada Rassimov
16.Uljana Semjonova
17.Norma Tanega
18.Waheeda Rehman
19.Francis Veber
20.Krzysztof Zanussi


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13 hours ago, Dr_T said:

Is there a chance that Fatima Ali won't obit?


i would have selected her as my joker if I thought the QO was certain but went with Bracknell instead.



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DDT alludes to some spotty QO choices, and if anyone is the poster child it’s SirC.  But as stated I believe I learned my lessons.  So have I?


Fatima Ali (slam dunk though I see it being questioned)

Shirley Boone (the wife of Pat Boone will obit, period end of story)

Gabrielle D'Allonches (mother in law to be of Catwoman?  I’m sorry that’s a slam dunk obit, I’m not even concerned).

Andrew McGahan (actually here’s one I’M not 100% convinced but no one mentions it, so good!)

Fred Rister (A farthing bet w @msc already lol)


In past years I’d have rolled Freehan/Parrikar etc out there without thinking it through, then whine like a bitch.  Now I’m a more mature Creep.

Now, about Mark Howard....


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Final tally, assuming no teams have fell behind the sofa:


514 teams (393 returning, 121 new)

955 new celebs to add to the system.


Gonna be a long week....

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54 minutes ago, Sir Creep said:


n past years I’d have rolled Freehan/Parrikar etc out there without thinking it through, then whine like a bitch.  Now I’m a more mature Creep.

Now, about Mark Howard....



Genuinely thought he'd be on your team after picking him in the 5-4-etc.


Was on my shortlist till a number of similar types died without a QO.

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Ah damn. Just realized i missed it.
Life hasn't been treating me well as of late, so maybe it's for the best. Good luck to everyone else.

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14 minutes ago, Bend said:

Ah damn. Just realized i missed it.
Life hasn't been treating me well as of late, so maybe it's for the best. Good luck to everyone else.

Sorry to hear that man. Hope things get better. :) 

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Here are my three teams in the DDP 2019 .Three crumbles which I hope have been baked well enough to improve my standing!:lol:;)


Team Apricot Crumble


Christina Crawford (author of Mommie Dearest) {JOKER}

Michael Barratt {Former Nationwide presenter}

Mohammed Al Fayed

Douglas Hurd

Cindy Adams {New York Gossip columnist}

Elizabeth Kelly {Aunt Nellie actress in EastEnders}

Little Richard

Martin Peters

The Dowager Duchess of Grafton

James D Watson {joint discoverer of Double helix}

Joan Kennedy {Socialite and Ted's ex}

Mark Eden {Alan Bradley Coronation Street villain}

Jacques Chirac

Mary Higgins Clark {US crime novelist}

Alan Greenspan

Jacqueline White (golden era Hollywood actress}

Sumner Redstone

Vera Miles

Duggie Brown {British entertainer and brother of Corrie Legend Lynne Perrier}

Stirling Moss





Team Blueberry Crumble


George P Shultz (Former US Secretary of State)

Rosamunde Pilcher {British novelist)

Elaine Lordan (Es EastEnders actress)

Peter Hordern (ex Tory MP)

Barbara Windsor

Poul Schuter (Former Prime Minister of Denmark) {JOKER}

Jane Powell (golden era of Hollywood actress}

Vera Lynn

Alan Moss (Former England Test Cricketer)

Baron Higgins (UK politician)

Tony Drewitt Barlow

Edgar Pearce (Mardi Gra Bomber)

April Ashley (Pioneering one of UKs earliest male to female sex change transition patients)

Lord Hutton (The one who investigated Blair over death of Dr David Kelley)

Sandy Ratcliffe (Original EastEnders cast member who played Sue Osman)

Sheila Mercier

Hans Blix (UN weapons inspector who warned Blair was wrong)

Winnie Ewing

Sylvia Miles (US actress and Oscar winner)

Rex Garrod ( Picked after I was persuaded by reading @Sean posts on his state of health!)



Team Gooseberry Crumble



Joanna Woodward

Loretta Lynn

Mikhail Gorbachev

Earl of Airlie{JOKER}

Dick Savitt (Us tennis player)

Kathleen Blanco

Robert Fyfe

Stella Stevens

Julie Goodyear

Clarissa Eden

Sidney Poitier

Rhonda Fleming

Ramsey Clark (Former US Attorney General)

Ronnie Knight (Famous british ex convict)

James Lovelock

Johnny Briggs (AKA MIke Balwin in Coronation Street)

Sirikit Thai Queen Mother

Jane Withers (US actress)

Pope Benedict

Prince Philip



May the best crumble Win!:D;)





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DDP Tofoa


1. Fernando Ricksen (Joker)
2. Shivakumara Swami 
3. Marieke Vervoort 
4. Leah Bracknell 
5. Lee Kerslake 
6. John McCririck 
7. Jean-Louis Trintignant 
8. Bill Turnbull 
9. Bob Hawke
10. John Hume 
11. George Alagiah 
12. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 
13. Linda Nolan 
14. Nobby Stiles 
15. Stirling Moss 
16. Jacques Chirac
17. Bart Starr 
18. Noel Conway
19. Tim Conway
20. Clive James 

21. Larry Langford
22. Valerie Harper 
23. Gay Byrne  

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My main team:

1)Steffan Lewis (Joker)

2)Deborah James

3)Jordan Dawes 

4)Eugenia Cooney

5)Bill Turnbull

6)Fernando Ricksen

7)George Alagiah

8)Pete Frates

9)Jeanne Little

10)Nanci Ryder

11)Bob Hawke

12)Amy Price

13)Rex Garrod 

14)Noel Conway 

15)Denis Goldberg

16)Jean Louis Trintignant 

17)Nobby Stiles 

18)Olivia Newton John

19)Kathleen Blanco

20)Colin Baddiel


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1 minute ago, Sean said:

My main team:

1)Steffan Lewis (Joker)

2)Deborah James

3)Jordan Dawes 

4)Eugenia Cooney

5)Bill Turnbull

6)Fernando Ricksen

7)George Alagiah

8)Pete Frates

9)Jeanne Little

10)Nanci Ryder

11)Bob Hawke

12)Amy Price

13)Rex Garrod 

14)Noel Conway 

15)Denis Goldberg

16)Jean Louis Trintingant 

17)Nobby Stiles 

18)Olivia Newton John




Only 18 names? Did you submit that in January too?

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Edited. have done a night shift so mind is winding down.

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GUN Fishing (Main Team) - took a chance on Vervoort as joker as didn't think my team good enough to win (the omission of Fatima Ali confirms my suspicions!)


Pick 1 Joker Marieke Vervoort
Pick 2 Fernando Ricksen
Pick 3 Nobby Stiles
Pick 4 Leah Bracknell
Pick 5 Johnny Clegg
Pick 6 John Hume
Pick 7 John Andretti
Pick 8 Bill Heine
Pick 9 Fred Rister
Pick 10 Bruce Anstey
Pick 11 Jean Louis Trintignant
Pick 12 Andrew McGahan
Pick 13 Dewayne Lee Johnson
Pick 14 Andrew Fairlie
Pick 15 Denis Goldberg
Pick 16 George Alagiah
Pick 17 John McCririck
Pick 18 Kathleen Blanco
Pick 19 Lee Kerslake
Pick 20

Barry du Bois


Gun Away (B Team) - made up of people who didn't quite make the main team, people who I wanted to keep an eye on to see if they get a QO or not and some extras to make up the numbers.


Pick 1 Joker Tyler Trent
Pick 2 Kaylea Callacher
Pick 3 Ernie Moss
Pick 4 Gabe Grunewald
Pick 5 Shirley Boone
Pick 6 Peter Tork
Pick 7 Saccheen Littlefeather
Pick 8 Tommy Donbavand
Pick 9 Genesis P-Orridge
Pick 10 Steffan Lewis
Pick 11 Olivia Newton John
Pick 12 Pat Smullen
Pick 13 Pete Frates
Pick 14 Irrfan Khan
Pick 15 Sonali Bendre Behl 
Pick 16 Roman Reigns
Pick 17 Christy Dignam
Pick 18 Julie Brougham
Pick 19 Clive James
Pick 20

Beth Chapman



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Alright, here's the only team I could be arsed to enter this year, and half-arsed at that. I'd be content with a finish in the top 100.


Still Life


1. Fernando Ricksen (joker)
2. Lee Kerslake
3. Sacheen Littlefeather
4. Leah Bracknell
5. Bill Heine
6. Steffan Lewis
7. Genesis P-Orridge
8. Barry Du Bois
9. Andrew Fairlie
10. Andrew Mcgahan
11. Noel Conway
12. Marieke Vervoort
13. Bill Turnbull
14. Kathleen Blanco
15. Peter Lorimer
16. Katherine Jackson
17. Clive James
18. George Alagiah
19. Gerard Basset
20. John Cocksy Cocks
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15 hours ago, Sir Creep said:



Hi Sir Creep - I was going to send you a Private Message but it says you don't accept them? Inbox full or do you just not accept private messages?


Cheers, GUN

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On 01/01/2019 at 19:34, msc said:

Nugroho I thought would be potentially unique till mentioned on forum!


I have him as my joker, and I also hoped he would be a unique. The problem is we are getting so many disasters here that the adrenaline will probably keep him going until 2020.


On an unrelated point, can't believe I've been on this site over 13 years!

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As is my tradition on January 2nd, some self-analysis.


Fatima Ali: Year to live as of September, Mail QO cert, no-brainer. There is a chance she could outlive that prognosis due to young age, but that would have to be by over 3 months for her to not score in 2019...

John Andretti: Scan results were supposed to come in around Christmas, but he never tweeted them. I took this to mean it was bad news and he was trying to think of the best way to announce it, but just yesterday he tweeted that 2019 will be the year he has surgery to remove the cancer. Well, good for him.

Samu Anoa'i: Could never find out if the operation was successful, but it's stage 4 liver cancer so I don't know how much it could help him anyway. If he's still wrestling though, definitely not a lock for the year.

Gerard Basset: Not giving up the fight, but if he was offered hospice care a couple months ago, the doctors know they can't really do a damn thing to help him.

Susan Bayh: Nearing her 60s, glioblastoma. The family does not seem very optimistic. Mail QO via AP is guaranteed, she already had two such articles post-diagnosis. Thought she has a chance be a unique, but I felt like TJS would have her - such a TJS pick! I was right. So do Joey and Predictor.

Kathleen Blanco: Cancer metastasized, did a farewell speech. Probably dead by the summer.

Johnny Clegg: His pan-can has reached stage 4, and you could tell in the latest interview he was weak. I mean, he could barely talk! OTOH, claims he has 2 years left. I don't think his doctors have been educating him well on his prognosis...

Tim Conway: In the middle of family drama, so chance his condition is being exaggerated. But if it's true he's ''barely responsive" and ''has trouble swallowing'', he's fucked. Drop 40 hopeful.

Jason DeLisle: My ''last potential unique standing''. Not mentioned on any teams in this thread yet, but somebody else had to have picked him, I guess. Anyway, stage III/IV borderline colon cancer since November 2017, so not a complete dead-cert as it's not very advanced. But I just had to choose him. Never submitted a team without a boxer, and each year they've been hits for me. Better choice than Joe Bugner.

Barry du Bois: Stats suggest he could see 2020, but I put him on defensively. Now I'm regretting that because many people don't have him anyway!

Andrew Fairlie: Well, him retiring from his beloved restaurant was a sign he was on the way out. Brain cancer now terminal and treatment won't help him, so he's on his way out.

Bill Freehan: Well, hospice w/dementia is much less ominous than hospice w/cancer, so not a cert. But it's still hard to imagine him living 12 more months.

Clive James: He's one of 3 remaining survivors from my 2016 team. Year after year, seems to be an update that has people thinking he's finally going to succumb. This time, there was photo-evidence of a physical decline. Still not a cert, though.

Lee Kerslake: I know nothing of his genre of music, so I originally thought he was one of those "Blabbermouth/Loudwire/Rolling Stone obits only'' names, but once I saw how much traction he was gaining, I knew he was more famous than I assumed. Of course, with 8 months to live, he will die this year, barring a miracle.

Larry Langford: Was supposed to be a DBN/Deathrace-only name but after Ricketts died, I said fuck it all and included him. Might be a fraud as he's been claiming terminal illness for a few years, wanting release from prison. Last rites on December 27th. Released on December 28th. Apparently he's currently in hospice care, but I wouldn't be surprised if he has a miracle recovery now that he's a free man. So yeah, bit of a punt. As for QO: surely the Mail will come through for the corrupt mayor of Alabama's biggest city.

Karen Lewis: She was my biggest unique hope, but then I saw someone play her in a couple on-forum pools in very late December, so knew she'd be on a few other teams. Household name here in Chicago, when she retired from the Teachers Union in June due to glioblastoma, I knew she was fucked. Recently tweeted something ominous too. As for an obit, the Morning Star is an option, and the Mail again... she's the woman who ruined the career of the mayor of Chicago, after all.

Sacheen Littlefeather: Meh, stage 4 breast cancer is one of the least severe of stage 4 cancers, so not a cert. But she was diagnosed with it very early 2018, and this is a recurrence iirc. Also a fascinating figure. Not a lot of people chose her, so could be a useful differential.

Fernando Ricksen (JOKER): An ALS joker is always a risk, but he looks frail, is worth 26 points as a joker, and really seems to be following Joost's timeline. The best choice I had, really.

Fred Rister: My biggest obit punt for sure, but being David Guetta's right-hand man means he could get something. He's ended treatment according to French press in November, but my French isn't great, and neither is Google Translate, so I'm not entirely confident it's as grim as it seems to be.

Jean Louis Trintignant: Certainly dying, has the lethal combo of giving up on treatment many months ago + a farewell appearance. A bit old but Drop 40 practically guaranteed, so he's worth enough points.


Overall, doesn't look like a great team. My off-forum research was terrible, as usual. I mean, I'm the biggest NFL fan on the forums, I made a fucking NFL theme team, yet I still missed the fact that Hall-of-Famer Chris Doleman has brain cancer! That one will be pissing me off all year. Otherwise, I didn't take advantage of BBC local obits returning, having missed Billy Clayton in my research as well.

In general I have too many punts, potential frauds/exaggerators, and obit risks. I'll be glad if I can make a third consecutive appearance in the top 20.

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Eh ok, here's mine - to be ridiculed in 12 months:


The Love Boat

Fernando Ricksen (joker) - Yes, you never know quite know if someone with ALS just stops declining, like Steve Gleason, seemingly. Or Hawking, or Jason Becker. Yet, it does seem like Ricksen goes all the way down.. getting worse with every picture

Paul Volcker- has cancer, and had gallbladder surgery => gallbladder cancer? A rare cancer that also killed Satoru Anzaki last year, and quite lethal. from stage II on. And he looked really bad. Will he be unique?

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho - still managing disasters from his bed. Stage IV lung cancer. Could still last a while, but definitely terminally ill.

Samula Anoa'i - stage IV liver cancer. I basically picked him because I think that wrestlers never really recover from their illnesses.

Fatima Ali - already that late-stage cancer look (on Ellen?), and not long to live. So of course, she needs to be picked

Gerard Basset - always bad when they are optimistic, but suddenly a downturn, oops, months to live. Couple more weeks I guess?

Andrew Fairlie - well, already been on my B-Team and now looking swollen and everything. Sorry, but it's over for him after years of being stable

David Smith - couldn't shake off his tumours for years, it always came back, and local articles sounded rather grim. He says he's dying from it. I believe him. Unique?

Jacci Woodcock - already a candidate for Shameless 1.0 years ago. Since then, she built quite a campaign around her illness. Her good run is now coming to an end. Living in a hospice now. Aiming for a BBC local obit

Kathleen Blanco - well, she says goodbye, I believe her

Greg Gilbert - stable on the outside, but I chose to go for him because he felt weak and ill in December. I think he can only last so long, and the delay of death through immunotherapy is already past him. Slight gamble for the latter half of the year hit

Lars Hogh - pancreatic cancer, though I don't know how severe. But then, sometimes you just have to go for it. Apparently a Danish national hero (according to Reddit) and a Schmeichel connection. So the obit should be safe.

Jean-Louis Trintignant - well, promoted from the B-team, hoping for the Drop 40 bonus. Definitely gone.

Johnny Clegg - I was just slightly hesitant to pick him. He is not looking that bad, and I do feel that there is a minuscule chance of him making it into 2020. On paper though a lock.

Andrew McGahan - Dead any day now?

Chris Doleman - glioblastoma, and not looking good. You can recover from your cancer, but not when you already look so far down the road as him

Rodion GA (Rodion Rosca) - probably the biggest gamble? Liver cancer and thinking his career might be cut short, so it's dangerous. Guardian article in spring 2018. Hopefully unique

Lloyd Klein - a lock on paper, but I've been burned with that other lock, Pauline Maroney, last year. Let's see how it goes. The Wildenstein connection is a safe obit. So far, nobody else picked him, but surely not unique.

Billy Clayton - almost every tweet, every gofundme update sounded worse than the one before, going down sadly.

Genesis P-Orridge - Well, I was so confident in him dying last year, I said it on the forum, too. But he survived. Then Spade mentioned the update, and now he's back on track (well, not a track you'd like to be on).


The B-Team

Deborah James (joker) - Adverse immune reaction, treatment changes. From Yellow alert to orange. Like Gilbert, the stage IV bowel cancer grace period eventually ends.

Edmund Capon - waving goodbye, but only 7 points, so it was the B-team

Pauline Maroney - still hoping for a quick and easy hit. But oh, what do I know..less than last year.

Bob Dole - Looks like his year. Barely holding it together

Joe Kadenge - In Ill health and even "dying" for years (aren't we all?). Let's see, my typical eccentricies I like to use in th B-team

Denis Goldberg - slightly surprising he's still alive, but looking shaky. Fairly confident, this is the year

Barbara Hammer - another B-Team speciality. She says she's dying from it and looks very frail. But another Cynthia Heimel here?

George Alagiah - I think I have him slightly more likely to die in 2019 than some others on this forum. 66% chance I'd say

Bill Heine - His timer would be running out this year.

Nick Philippoussis - not recovering from his stroke, the doctors said. Could be kept alive artificially, but then Shalom Ouanounou and Taquisha McKitty also eventually died.

John McCririck - trying to make up for my Wetton miss in the "Looks like dead" category, 10 point risk worth it.

Sacheen Littlefeather - cancer for years, breast cancer and lung cancer (well, as I know now) Not a fantastic pick, but a good pick

Lee Kerslake - I would be slighty annoyed if he makes the Drop 40. Otherwise he would have belonged on my main team.

Chris Wilson - Eh, there was space on my B-team and "pancreatic cancer and waiting to die" belongs there in spite of the obit risk

Dewayne Johnson - last minute cut from my main team. Didn't feel like pickig him there. Still a very likely hit

Johnny Harris - stage IV lung cancer and I think a likely obit. Hidden gem if he's unique

Keith Cass - Like Woodcock, made a whole lot out of a terrible disease and now his time is over.

Bill Freehan - hospice for two years, so he doesn't HAVE to die just because he's in hospice. Let's see...

Bob Hawke - I believe him

Tommy Donbavand - through bits here and there, it doesn't look good for him at all. This one had main team potential.


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Here's what I personally think of my team this year:

Fatima Ali - Given under a year to live in September. Small chance she sees 2020, but more likely a goner this year (plus too big of a risk to omit her)

Samu Anoa'i - Not a lock by any means, but still could be a good pick if the liver transplant he gets failed. Definitely on of the weakest pick on my team though

Gerard Basset - Cancer is terminal, and already has the option of palliative care set up when needed. Matter of when rather than if imo

Susan Bayh - Glioblastoma, wife of a previously well known senator, vice president prays for her. Had to be

Kathleen Blanco - Still somewhat active, though she looks extremely frail. Also a likely drop 40 candidate

Edmund Capon - Gravely ill and can't return him home because of his illness. When I first saw him I thought he would be slightly risky, then I discovered that he has an OBE. Cert to die, Guardian obit likely

Johnny Clegg - Says he recovering, though his interview suggests otherwise. Lasted quite long with pancreatic cancer though

Tim Conway - When I first saw his story, it gave me some Casey Kasem vibes. That, along with forum support helped him make the final cut, but really what helped him make my team in the end was some childhood nostalgia, and I wanted to continue that streak of childhood fondness on my team (Stefan Karl made it the past two years partly on that too)

Barry Du Bois - Likely to see 2020 since his cancer is likely a year's thing than month. However, this is a cancer recurrence rather than him battling it for the first time, and he had this since 2017, so not a completely bad pick like Linda Nolan was last year...

Andrew Fairlie - No treatment for over 6 month, and such a classy pick. Had to be

Bob Hawke - Similar to Conway, Hawke is largely on my team cause the lack of foreign leader on my team didn't feel right. Indeed, he was Hector Timerman's replacement after he died. However, he's not likely to see the next election in Australia. Attempt at a low point name if you guarantee them going.

Lee Kerslake - 8 months to live, and it really does sound grim. Plus, with Ozzy being my big name that I pick for shadowlist every, he kind of had to make it on

Andrew McGahan - Have weeks to live with pancreatic cancer. Have small obit worries for him, however the fact that the guardian had an article on him last month that wasn't cause of cancer makes me think he should get one no problem

Michael Murphy - Will admit I didn't think of the potential of being another Raymond Hewlett figure when I picked him. But even if it turned out he did die before the starting line before teams showed up, my first sub isn't really good anyhow as it's John Andretti. However, if it turns out he dies in 2019, could be important and crucial points

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho - Classic 50/50 case. Given 1 to 3 years to live in January, and going through some alternative treatment, so wouldn't surprise me if he sees out 2019 or 2020

Genesis P-Orridge - Another classic 50/50 case. Stable now, but said it will likely be terminal in 2019/2020. Decided to go with 2019 because "me pick"

Fernando Ricksen (joker) - He's practically bedridden at this point. Poor guy. Makes you want him to go sooner rather than later cause he seems to be in a lot of pain

Arash Sadeghi - The big high risk high reward pick for. Iran's government isn't giving him the treatment that he needs, so he will likely die in prison. But what cancer does he have? Also a slight obit risk, though I think UK press will pick up on him when he goes

Jimmy Spicer -  Another slight obit risk, though he is in a genre that almost always get the obit in the end. He certainly seems fucked. And seems like a name Spade would pick too

Jean Louis Trintignant - No treatment since July, and will likely make the drop 40. Had to be 


Still not confident on my chances of winning since I didn't consider Clayton that much even though I should've and completely forgot to put Doleman down on the shortlist despite seeing his article of glioblastoma. However, I do think I will have another solid performance overall...

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As soon as this site's up I'm establishing a steering committee for next year's edition, because we need to come up with a better way of processing entries that doesn't send gamerunners insane.


Although of mild note: Tyler Trent was only picked on two teams, and was a joker for both. Gene Okerlund was a unique, and again a joker. So 100% of all deaths so far have been captain hits.

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Rad trying to convince me folk actually care about Pan Breed for any form of pre-show analysis


Fatima Ali - See above. Also Ewing's has a terrible prognosis, joker due to "eenie meanie..." No,  seriously.


Ricksen, Bassett, Fairlie, Blanco - You all know how fucked these folk are.


Dame Carmen Callil - Been struggling with lung cancer for a while. Sold a bunch of her belongings in 2016. Still alive so maybe on mend, and v. private about health, but given age (82 this year) and that cancer, decided to take a chance. Also, I like to raise the fame and class of my team whenever possibly. Oh, and uniques. I like those.


Denis Goldberg  - drol's mate! Hah. Anti-apartheid activist, with lung cancer, allegedly of the terminal sort now. It was him or Tim Conway, and I went for Nelson's jail buddy instead.


Jean Louis Trintignant, Johnny Clegg, Lee Kerslake - Varying degrees of fucked.


Leah Bracknell - I still believe in her. Lots of lung cancer on this team!


Andrew McGahan - Might be dead by time this goes up, weeks to live with dreaded pan can in November. I'm wary of his QO, but lots of folk  I trust on these things on here say he'll nab one easily.


Dr Bruce Reid - Surely someone else went for him? He's the Chief Medical guy at Essendon (big Aussie rules football club) who was in the news few years back for doping, when the entire team got suspended. Now, he's got mesothelioma, a much underrated cancer in deadpool circles. Almost certainly dead within 12 months, and the combo of sports, scandal and Australian surely mean Daily Mail. Now, surely he can't be worth 10 points, that'd be nuts.


Billy Clayton -  Musician from Norwich first on my radar in 2016 when he was FFBI, but he got better back then. And now he has an album out, I've heard it, not my cup of tea but still better than that XXXTenacion rubbish. Hah. Oh, and his cancer came back. Poor sod. Being championed by Charli XCX, who is apparently a massive deal right now, and had benefit gigs in his name in the US. And mostly recently, in hospital over Christmas due to intestinal blockage. Likely to be this years Thomas Fekete imo.


Deborah James - Sun journalist. A stats based pick, checking her cancer against similar cases suggested January 2020 was her optimal survival, so 2019 seemed logical to pick her. The cancer has since spread and she reacted terribly to some of the trial medication she was on (as the regular stuff stopped working). Surprised not on more teams tbh.


Vicky Phelan - Her off the news seemingly every night in the summer. I thought she'd be Drop 40! Oops. Could well survive 2019 but Stage IV cervical seems to be deadly going off past cases.


Kerri Parker - Playboy model, brain cancer, alternative medicines. Riskiest pick, but again prognosis stats suggest that than going for Alagiah or Turnbull (sorry, year too early imo...)


Sutopo Purwo Nugroho - I admit its a bit cheeky picking someone you cant even spell, but man was very noticeable in last week of the year. And is in his 40s, and has terminal cancer. A punts a punt for all that.


Barry Du Bois - Again, thought everyone else would pick him. And thought Julian Fiano wont obit. More of a late year or 2020 death but impossible to say so early in the year.


John McCririck - Not the sort of pick I pick. And then they die. Wetton, Winner, etc. So this year I am calling his bluff. Do your worst.



Naturally,  I think my team is awesome and will dominate, because its only January 2nd and I wouldn't have picked them otherwise!




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So if you would have turned in a team that included Trent Tyler, Super Dave Osborne, and Mean Gene Okerlund.... 

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