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On 27/12/2021 at 14:21, Famous6Eva said:

Chasey Lain

Courtney Love-joker

Danica d'Hondt

Debbie Harry

Dolly Fox-adult model born 1988

Doyle Brunson-card player

Gudrun Ure

Judi Dench

Hazel Beard

Ingrid Arvidsson

Joanna Jedryka

June Brown

Maggie Smith

Marilyn Manson

Norma O. Walker


Sandra Milo

Sinead O"Connor

Susan Boyle

Suzanne Lloyd-actress born 1934

Toni Basil

Queen Elizabeth

Virgina Patton-it's a wonderful life

 Zdenka Dietchova 



Brian Blessed

Gwyneth Paltrow

Duchess Of Kent

Fergie Ferg

Elisabeth Dole


Hazel Beard (Wikidead on December at 92

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Before we put this pool out of its misery for once and for all, lets do a final piece of housekeeping. A final trawl through the names has found a few sleeper deaths. This is the final list of deaths of the year:

October 15th: Thomas Sleeper

November 27th: Maurice Norman

December 26th: Hazel Beard

December 29th: Pele

December 30th: Barbara Walters

December 31st: Pope Benedict XVI


Three players @ImNotHades, @LizLemonand @The Old Cremall had the Pele/Walters/Benny trifecta giving them a huge late scoring boost. In fact, he  popularity of Pele and Il Papa has lead to some major grade inflation all round. But what does it all mean? Lat update will be coming a little later today.


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Even later than last year, we can finally begin the awards ceremony to crown our 2022 champion.


The year started with much general mirth at the fools who had picked Deathrace favourites Frank Field and Gary Burgess in this pool which above all rewards stickability. The mirth was well justified as neither pick scored any points,: Burgess by inconveniently dying on January 1st and Field by managing to survive the entire year! Go figure - sometimes this deadpooling just makes no sense.


After 2021’s low scoring year, the low hanging fruit left behind proved rich pickings in ’22, with a number of records being broken this year:

Highest number of Hares entries : 46

Highest total number of picks: 593

Most Popular January 1st Hit: Gary Burgess – 9 picks

Deadest pick selected: Nguyen Dich Dung. Selected by WEP. Died 26th October 1993 (!)

Highest Scoring Pick: Pele (Joker) 724 points (Old Crem, Torva Messor)

Most Popular 31st December Hit: Pope Benedict XVI – 11 Betty Bonus Winners


The most important record however, is that of the highest individual score. That record of 3083 points previously held by jiromeonkiruma was well and truly smashed this year. Three players managed to surpass it, but the top dog and official winner of the Hares Deadpool 2022 is .…DEATH IMPENDS.:clap::clap::clap::clap:



Death Impends (3460 points) 16 hits

[Antonio Inoki, Art Rupe, Bill Pitman, Carleton Carpenter, Charley Trippi, George Perez, Harry Yee, Joe Krush, Kane Tanaka, Larry Storch*, Leslie Phillips, Marsha Hunt, Monty Norman, Nehemiah Persoff, Pele, Robert Clary]


A dead-pooler so good that she can win without really trying, the 2018 champion becomes the first person to win this pool twice. With a relentless performance, @Death Impends took the lead for the first time on 11th July with a Monty Norman hit. Despite losing the lead on a couple of occasions, the hits kept coming:  2 in July, 1 in August and September, and 2 in October, November and December. 10 hits in the 2nd half of the year were enough to smash the previous record total, and Harry Yee’s demise on 7th December gave her a final lead that she was not to relinquish. Pele was the icing on the cake.


I therefore award the Deathray memorial cup for 2022 to Death Impends







Wormfarmer (3270 points) 16 hits

[Art Rupe, Boris Pahor, Charley Trippi, Everett Lee, Francis Jackson, Gail Halvorsen, Gary Burgess, Guy Lafleur, James Lovelock, Leslie Phillips*, Luis Echeverria, Marsha Hunt, Pope Benedict Queen Elizabeth II, Susie Steiner, Tom Weiskopf]


The third-place finisher from 2021 goes one better in 2021, becoming our very unlucky runner-up.

@Wormfarmer took the lead on 7th November with the unlikely Joker hit of Leslie Philips. However, that accolade was short-lived, with Wormfarmer the leader for a mere 9 days. That is the same length of time as Lady Jane Gray, 36 days shorter than Liz Truss, and a mere 25,773 days shorter than Queen Elizabeth II, another 2022 casualty. Despite the hosts overexcitement at the 31st December Pope Benedict hit, it wasn’t quite enough, with the lack of Pele on the team ultimately proving their downfall.



An Fear Beag (3120points) 13 hits

[Bill Turnbull*, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jiang Zemin, Kane Tanaka, Leslie Phillips, Michael O’Connor, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mollie Walker, Olivia Newton-John, Pele, Tom Smith, Tom Weiskopf, Vicky Phelan]


A valiant effort to retain the title, I’m sure you will agree, but ultimately it fell just a little short, despite also beating the previous record score. I took the lead on 1st August and held it for a month, until losing it (inevitably) to Death Impends). The death of Jiang Zemin put me in the unlikely position of a tie for 1st, until Harry Yee proved to be my ultimate undoing on 7th December. A Pele hit was not enough, with the lack of a decisive December hit proving fatal.

At the end of the day, 13 hits was just not enough.



Boasting scores that would have been enough to win the competition in 2021, @The Old Crem and @Joey Russ can count themselves unlucky to end the year in 4th and 5th place respectively.

Showing the nature of this game, The Old Crem was in last place on 5 points as late as 7th August. Olivia Newton-John’s death the following day kicked of a remarkable turnaround and the late trio of Pele, Walters and Pope Benny lifted them up into 4th by years end.


The Old Crem (3002 points) 9 hits

[Barbara Walters, Leslie Phillips, Loretta Lynn, Mikhail Gorbachev, Olivia Newton-John, Pele*, Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth II, Sidney Poitier]


Joey Russ (2911 points) 13 hits

[Doddie Weir, George Perez*, James Lovelock, Jana Bennett, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jerry Lee Lewis, Kane Tanaka, Mikhail Gorbachev, Olivia Newton-John, Pele, Pope Benedict, Saturnino de la Fuente Garcia, Tom Parker]



THE CHASING PACK : over 2000

Last year, this was the over 1500 group, and had everyone from 4th place down. This year 2411 was only good for 6th place, an indication of the madness that was the last week of 2022.


LizLemon (2411 points) 8 hits

[Barbara Walters, George Perez, Loretta Lynn, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nichelle Nichols, Pele, Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth II)]


WhoamI (2173 points) 8 hits

[Frank Prihoda, Irene Papas, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Marsha Hunt, Mikhail Gorbachev*, Nehemiah Persoff, Pele, Queen Elizabeth II]


Nantonian (2117 points) 8 hits

[Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jill Knight, Leslie Phillips, Marsha Hunt, Pele, Pope Benedict, Tom Parker, Tom Weiskopf]


Great Uncle Bulgaria (2110 points) 7 hits

[Frank Williams, Josefine Ollman, Kane Tanaka, Leslie Phillips*, Marian Fuks, Pope Benedict, Tom Smith]


MSC (2109 points) 8 hits

[Angela Lansbury, David Butler, James Lovelock, Jill Knight, Leslie Phillips, Nehemiah Persoff, Peter Tobin*, Queen Elizabeth II]


Drol (2001 points) 12 hits

[Antonio Inoki, Christos Sartzetakis, Gary Burgess, George Perez, Jerry Lee Lewis, Kaikala Satyanarayana, Pele, Susie Steiner, Thick Nhat Hanh, Tom Parker, Tom Smith* Vic Elford]




Dying Probably (1967 points) 6 hits

[Jiang Zemin, Leslie Phillips, Mikhail Gorbachev, Olivia Newton-John, Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth II]


MariNisia (1905 points) 9 hits

[Bill Turnbull, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jimmy Lyson, Larry Storch, Leslie Phillips, Mikhail Gorbachev, Pope Benedict, Sidney Poitier, Vic Elford]


Im Not Hades (1888 points) 6 hits

[Barbara Walters, Loretta Lynn, Mikhail Gorbachev, Monica Vitti, Pele, Pope Benedict]


Deathray (1879 points) 9 hits

[Bill Turnbull, Billy Bingham, David Butler, Jiang Zemin, Maurice Norman, Queen Elizabeth II, Tom Parker, Tom Smith, Vic Elford]


Wannamaker (1802 points) 10 hits

[Bill Turnbull, George Perez*, James Lovelock, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pele, Russell Bishop, Tom Parker, Tom Smith, Vic Elford]


Gcreptile (1792 points) 10 hits

[David West, Jason Di Tulio, Jonathon Atherton, Julie Reichert*, Kane Tanaka, Pastelle Le Blanc, Pau Riba, Paul Dear, Silas Alexander, Tom Weiskopf]


TQR (1771 points) 9 hits

[Doddie Weir, Gary Burgess, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jerry Lee Lewis, Kane Tanaka, Leslie Phillips, Peter Tobin, Susie Steiner, Tom Smith]


Pedro69 (1740 points) 6 hits

[Bill Pitman, Doddie Weir*, Estelle Harris, Jerry Lee Lewis, Olivia Newton-John, Queen Elizabeth II]


Sean (1739 points) 8 hits

[Angela Lansbury, Bill Treacher, Jerry Lee Lewis, Mikhail Gorbachev, Pele, Robert Durst, Sidney Poitier, Tom Weiskopf]


Etib80 (1728 points) 5 hits

[Angela Lansbury, Olivia Newton-John, Pele, Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth II]


Torva Messor (1692 points) 8 hits

[Bill Turnbull, Gail Halvorsen, Gary Burgess, George Perez, Marijane Meaker, Nichelle Nichols, Pele*, Thich Nhat Hanh]


Guy From Future (1642 points) 8 hits

[Abigail K.K. Kawānanakoa, James Caan, Jean-Louis Trintignant, June Brown, Norman Mineta, Pedro Ferrandiz, Pele, Susie Steiner]


Arghton (1596 points) 7 hits

[F. Sionil Jose, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jiang Zemin, Leslie Phillips, Pele, Rafiq Tarar, Vesa-Matti Loiri]


Lady Fiona (1580 points) 7 hits

[Bernard Cribbins, Carleton Carpenter, June Brown, Leslie Phillips, Ned Rorem, Pope Benedict, Sidney Poitier]


Kenny (1560 points) 10 hits

[Bill Turnbull, Chris Rimmer, Deborah James, Gary Burgess, Olivia Newton-John, Pele, Russell Bishop*, Tom Parker, Tom Smith, Tom Weiskopf]


Captain Chorizo (1556 points) 10 hits

[Christos Sartzetakis, Cliff Emmich, Jana Bennett, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jerry Lee Lewis, Julie Reichert, Leonor Oyarzun, Luis Echeverria, Michel Bouquet, Vic Elford]


The Old Lady (1553 points) 11 hits

[Gary Burgess, Jana Bennett, Jerry Lee Lewis, Kane Tanaka, Marsha Hunt, Olivia Newton-John, Susie Steiner, Tom Parker, Tom Smith, Tom Weiskopf, Vic Elford]



The “MEH” Group


 JoeMoneypenny (1499 points) 7 hits

[Abigail K.K. Kawānanakoa, Asao Sano, Chor Yuen, Jiang Zemin, Qin Yi, Paula Stafford, Tsin Ting]


Hell (1347 points) 5 hits

[Angela Lansbury, Jerry Lee Lewis, June Brown, Leslie Phillips, Pele]


Thatcher (1336 points) 7 hits

[Billy Bingham, Geoffrey Howlett, George Perez, Lester Piggott, Olivia Newton-John, Pat Carroll Pele]


John Key (1322 points) 9 hits

[Bill Turnbull, Christos Sartzetakis, Estelle Harris, Gary Burgess, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Lata Mangeshkar, Mwai Kibaki, Sacheen Littlefeather*, Tom Smith]


The Unknown Man (1320 points) 6 hits

[Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jiang Zemin, Larry Storch, Susie Steiner, Tom Parker]


Buffalo Phil (1318 points) 7 hits

[Clare Marx, Kane Tanaka*, Monica Vitti, Pele, Robert Durst, Sacheen Littlefeather, Tom Smith]


Famous4Eva (1292points) 5 hits

[Hazel Beard, June Brown, Pele, Queen Elizabeth II, Virginia Patton]


Yorkshire Banker (1263points) 6 hits

[Angela Lansbury, Frank Williams, Jerry Lee Lewis, Paula Rego, Sammy Chung, Sonny Caldinez]


Book (1247 points) 7 hits

[CW McCall, Irene Papas, Jiang Zemin, Leonard Fenton, Monica Vitti, Ralf Wolter, Rolf Eden]


Toast (1234 points) 8 hits

[Angela Lansbury, Beryl Vertue, Jet Black, June Brown, Raymond Briggs, Sidney Poitier, Susie Steiner, Vic Elford]


WEP (1210 points) 7 hits

[Bill Turnbull, Gary Burgess, George Perez, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Olivia Newton-John, Pele, Tom Smith]


Death By Arsenic (1163 points) 4 hits

[Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jerry Lee Lewis, Julie Reichert, Pele]


Salmon Mousse (1120 points) 12 hits

[Gary Burgess, George Perez, Isabel Torres, Jack Thomas, Jane Marczewski, Mustafa Kayirici, Pau Riba, Robert Durst, Russell Bishop, Sacheen Littlefeather, Silas Alexander, Susie Steiner]



 Bibliogryphon (818 points) 6 hits

[CW McCall, Frank O’Farrell, Jack Smethurst, Joan Lingard, Judith Durham, Pat Carroll]


CalebH (603 points) 4 hits

[Estelle Harris, Hedi, Fried, James Caan, Olga Szabo-Orban]


BabyBlue (537 points) 6 hits

[Dagny Carlsson, Irene Papas, Jana Bennett, Kane Tanaka, Monica Vitti, Monique Hanotte]




Doulton (88 points) 1 hit

[Tom Parker]


A performance so bad that @Doulton dare not show their face for the 2023 edition. I am supposed to say nice things about how unlucky they were, but that ain’t going to happen. A bad team did badly. ‘Nuff said.




A few more awards to be presented:





8 hits by 6th March to race into an early lead, they could only must up 4 more hits for the remainder of the year, with none after 2nd October and an unused Joker to end up in 5th last place on 1120 points, despite the 5th highest number of hits. A sign that even the best of dead-poolers can struggle in this pool. Unless you are Death Impends of course!



A remarkable competition for this category with no fewer than 6 players scoring over 300 points per hit, aided by the Betty Bonus. Top of the pile was:


ETIB80 who takes this award for the second year in a row, having scored their second December 31st hit in a row. A scarcely believable 1738 points from just 5 hits, to give @etib80an average of 345.60 points per hit.


Honourable mentions to:

@The Old Crem: 3002 points 9 hits: 333.55 points per hit

@Dying Probably: 1967 points 6 hits: 327.83 points per hit

@ImNotHades 1888 points, 6 hits: 314.66 points per hit

@Great Uncle Bulgaria: 2110 points 7 hits: 301.43 points per hit

@LizLemon 2411 points 8 hits 301.33 points per hit





DOULTON: 88 points 1 hit : 88 points per hit


Dishonourable mentions go to:


@BabyBlue 537 points 6 hits: 89.5 points per hit

@Salmon Mousse: 1120 points 12 hits: 93.33 points per hit.




And finally, I must mention the honorary winners of the 2022 Hares Deadpool. For the past couple of years, I have kept a team of the most popular picks in the pool, as a way of gauging the wisdom (or otherwise) of a crowd. This year the team managed to outperform all the individual players, with a Pele Joker and a Pope Benedict XVI hit, elevating the team to the top of the leaderboard.


ZZZ - Boring Predictable Team (3665 points) 15 hits

[Bill Turnbull, Gary Burgess, George Perez, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jerry Lee Lewis, Kane Tanaka, Leslie Phillips, Mikhail Gorbachev, Olivia Newton-John, Pele*, Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth II, Susie Steiner, Tom Parker, Tom Smith]


Which goes to show that you can select all the Turkish archeologists, Uruguayan sailors, or Hong-Kong actresses all you like. Sometimes the safe boring picks are the way to go.

So give yourselves a big pat on the back (Except @Book , @Bibliogryphon, @CalebH and @JoeMoneypenny, who picked none of the big 15 hits.)


Thanks everyone for playing in 2022 and best of luck for 2023.


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Nice feeling to still win a pool even after being retired from proper research. Goes to show that sometimes all you need is a bunch of personally-relevant oldies (Storch, Pitman, Clary etc) checking out in the second half of the year. Plus winning with a team that had Superstar Billy Graham on it gives me bragging rights for all eternity. B)

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Congratulations Death Impends and thank you An Fear Beag for running the pool as it must take a lot of dedication.

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Well done to all, and congrats Death Impends!

It dawned on me around half-time that my team was a little weak. No excuse for that.

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Well done Death Impends, and like ladyfiona, thanks to An Fear Beag for running the pool. For an Aussie from convict blood, who can't add up or read rules correctly, I am pleased that I was in the top 10 for the 1st time ever. Yeah me! Good luck to all for the new year.

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Thank you, thank you. It was an honor to play along. I always get late points for some reason. I wish the best to all, congrats to the winner and good luck in 2023. 

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