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    Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter just became the longest-married presidential couple, more than 75 years and counting. https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/18/politics/jimmy-rosalynn-carter-longest-married-presidential-couple-trnd/index.html
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    No of course it is totally genuine. He was competing with Kirk Douglas and Vera Lynn on yesterday's episode but he was the only one to manage to actually kick the bucket. The other two had a few swings at it but couldn't get the leverage from their wheelchairs to get a good contact. They also showed a special repeat show from September 17th where Leah Bracknell surprised everybody by beating Jacques Chirac and Ginger Baker after a slow motion action replay because in real time it looked like both Chirac and Baker had kicked the bucket before her.
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    Genuinely hope things are on the mend or doing better.
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    Please kindly put or shut up. I'm back. My game will be updated - probably tomorrow or the day after depending on a few factors. Yes that would my game, that I am committed to running when I'm around. The infrequency of updates as been slower recently admittedly due to a) an ongoing medical issue and b) being banned (not a medical issue, a being a see you next Tuesday issue, but frankly anyone who's entered this after 5 years of me being on the forum knows it's liable to prolonged interludes due to me being a see you next Tuesday. I'm more suprised that anyone is suprised that it is the case that I have unsuprisingly been requested to vacate them room for interludes during the course of this game). The game is not to be resuscitated as it did not die, it merely went on holiday. Normal service (think South Western trains not Japanese bullet) will resume with my reappearance.
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    The backlash against Coronation Street's male rape storyline has led ITV bosses to consider whether it ought to drop the soap.
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    Update time - only three hits, but Leah Bracknell and Marieke Vervoort are massive ones. Third hit was Scotty Bowers. Julie Gibson, sadly, does not seem to have received a QO for this pool. Plus, I forgot to give Grim Up North joker points for Fernando Ricksen - so he gets a big push here, that should have happened the last time: Rank Team name Points 1 Death Impends 1439 2 Clorox Bleachman 1425 3 Joey Russ 1277 4 Banana 1233 5 GCReptile 1229 6 Phantom of the Midway 1205 7 Cpt Chorizo 1152 8 Grim Up North 1147 9 Skinny Kiltrunner 1044 10 Devon Death Trip 990 11 drol 975 12 msc 925 13 Sir Creep 867 14 Book 771 15 John Key 665 16 The Unknown Man 640 17 The Quim Reaper 567 18 Prophet 566 19 YoungWillz 542 20 Grave Danger 532 21 Yorkshire Banker 450 22 The mad hatter 405 23 Fixed Business 401 24 theoldlady 386 25 The old crem 334 26 Deathray 314 27 Pedro 67 295 28 markb4 280 29 Gooseberry Crumble 279 30 Bibliogryphon 260 Some had both Leah and Marieke, some had only one, some had none. DI only had one, Clorox had both, and so the race is suddenly VERY close now. I was thinking about waiting some for John Andretti's expected demise, but both DI and Clorox have him. It does look like the race is now definitely down to those two.
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    Okay now, hefty update ahead... Leah Bracknell never got her date of death sorted out, so as promised I'm treating her as the last September death. I will revise if we ever do get an exact date of death and it turns out to be earlier than any scoring September hits. She becomes the most popular hit of the year, and also carries a pantomime bonus for the 15 who went with her: Pedro, The Old Crem, and WidowsPeak get 45 + 18 = 63 points. The Unknown Man and theoldlady 40 + 16 = 56. John Key, The Mad Hatter, and the_engineer 35 + 14 = 49. FixedBusiness and Wormfarmer 30 + 12 = 42. markb4 25 + 10 = 35. Sean 20 + 8 = 28. and Exu and Prophet both get their first sub hit for 25 points, while Book lands his second sub for 50. Walter faltered... only RadGuy benefits from the death of Mr. Maude, Bill Macy. 30 base points but because he was unique and on Hollywood Squares, another 36 bonus points net him 66 total. Marieke Vervoort plummeted from 12 teams last year to just 1 this. John Key kept the faith, and is duly rewarded with 35 base points plus 28 bonus points for the combined unique and suicide bonuses, for 63 total. Geriatric German Gustav Gerneth got a Die Zeit obit, which counts for the purposes of this pool. time benefits with 45 base points and 18 bonus points for the uniqueness, giving him his second 63-point hit this year. And now for the latest scoreboard, with theoldlady positioning herself as the favorite with a little more than two months left... 1. theoldlady 363 2. John Key 277 3. RadGuy 264.5 4. msc 262 5. CaptainChorizo 240 6. drol 222.5 7. the_engineer 218.5 8. Lord Fellatio Nelson 217 9. Sir Creep 216 10. maryportfuncity 209 11. gcreptile 202 12. Wormfarmer 201 13. FixedBusiness 177 14. Book 169 15. markb4 161.05 16. Prophet 148.58 =17. Pedro67 147 =17. Sean 147 19. The Unknown Man 143 20. The Old Crem 138 21. Toast 137 22. Skinny kiltrunner 132 23. time 126 24. Clorox Bleachman 125 25. YorkshireBanker 118.12 26. The Mad Hatter 106 27. Exu 105 28. WidowsPeak 83 29. JoeMoneypenny 48 30. YoungWillz 45 31. nantonian2013 35 32. Torva Messor 12 =33. Bibliogryphon 0 =33. Death Impends 0 =33. Deathray 0 =33. DevonDeathTrip 0 =33. Joey Russ 0
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    Jimmy Carter is someone who is going to be in good spirits even on his deathbed.
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    Since Charles Lane died in July 2007 the number 4 slot on the Death List has been a very safe place to be, at least for the next twelve months, with not a single hit. Prince Phil currently keeping the sequence going. For a place so high up on the list that is quite surprising however it is not the safest place to find yourself. That would be at number 32 where no-one has died whilst holding the slot since Lionel Hampton on 30th August 2002. This year (and last year) Valery Giscard D'Estaing has responsibility of keeping the sequence going.
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    That’s a long name
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    My view is to reinstate all of them, although I accept I may be in a minority on that one. The barring of these sources was done with the best of intentions, but I do think it has resulted in the odd quirky, stylish or interesting person missing out on points. Variety is the spice of life (and death?) and while we can eternally debate the notion of 'celebrity', I can't say I'm a huge fan of the drift towards the Drop 40 mentality of deciding to pick someone because you think everyone else will as well. IMO this significantly impacts on the chances of those who don't want to follow the herd and that seems wrong to me. I would add that none of the above should be seen as a criticism of @themaninblack, who had the impossible task of trying to please everybody and didn't always get the appreciation he deserved. In fact I would go as far to say that, at times, he got a rough deal on here both as a poster and as a deadpool organiser. As a mod, there were a couple of occasions where I now regret not intervening to support him and his continued absence from these forums bothers me. TMIB was one of us, going right back to the early days, ultimately sacrificing huge amounts of his time to keep the rest of us entertained. I miss him and I want him to come back. Hopefully he will reappear some day.
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    Ivan Milat is dead: https://www.news.com.au/national/australias-worst-serial-killer-ivan-milat-has-died-aged-74/news-story/c0ec9be649b146fc3919ce05387b475d
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    If only that were true of Rosie O’Donnell
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    Maybe wait until he has lasted 9 years and 11 months.
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    22 teams - around half of the entrants - had Bracknell. It leaves things as stands: All teams up to date (excluding Leah Bracknell). Wildcard hit for drol and An Fear Beg, shooting them up leaderboard. New leader in John Key. John Key (13 hits) - 2184 points [Andrew McGahon, Beth Chapman, Bishop Frances Quinn, Fernando Ricksen, Herman Wouk, John McCririck, Johnny Clegg, Jose Jose, Kathleen Blanco, Lee Duc Anh, Robert Mugabe, Shivakumari Swami, Leah Bracknell] the_engineer (10 hits) - 2172 points [Fernando Ricksen, I.M Pie, Herman Wouk, John McCririck, Johnny Clegg, Jose Jose, Kieth Cass, Robert Mugabe, Tim Conway, Leah Bracknell] FixedBussiness (10 hits) - 2089 points [Fernando Rickensen, Bart Starr, Dave Bartholomew, Herman Wouk, I.M Pie, Jacques Chirac, Jim Leavelle, John Cocks, Johnny Clogg, Valerie Harper] The Unknown Man (8 hits) - 1962 points [Fernando Ricksen, Herman Wouk, Jacques Chirac, John McCririck, Johnny Clegg, Valerie Harper, Leah Bracknell] Drol (12 hits) 1797 points [Leah Bracknell, Andrew Fairlie, Beth Chapman, Bill Heine, Bob Hawke, Ferando Ricksen, Gerard Bassett, John Cocks, John McCririck, Johnny Clegg, Lee Duc Anh, Manohar Parrikar, Steffan Lewis,] Joey Russ (10 hits) - 1760 points [Tim Conway, Bart Starr, Fernando Ricksen, Hal Blaine, Herman Wouk, I.M Pie, Masoa Nonaka, Robert Mugabe, T Boone Pickens, Valerie Harper) The Mad Hatter (10 hits) - 1759 [Bart Starr, Herman Wouk, Jacques Chirac, John McCririck, Jose Jose, Lee Duc Anh, Robert Mugabe, Shivakumari Swami, Tim Conway, Leah Bracknell] GraveDanger (7 hits) 1742 points [Ferando Ricksen, Bob Hawke, John McCririck, Jose Jose, Judith Kerr, Robert Mugabe, Leah Bracknell] Torva Messor (9 hits) - 1737 points [Paul Dewar, Fernando Ricksen, Jacques Chirac, John McCririck, Julie Gibson, Peter Tork, Steffan Lewis, Tim Conway, Valerie Harper] Grim Up North - (10 hits) 1736 points [ Andrew Fairlie, Bill Heine, Fernando Ricksen, Fred Rister, Herman Wouk, John McCririck, Johnny Clegg, Kathleen Blanco, Steffan Lewis, Tommy Donbavond, Leah Bracknell] Capatain Chorizo - (12 hits) - 1586 points [Lessie Brown, Andrew Fairlie, Fatima Ali, Fernando Ricksen, Fred Rister, Herman Wouk, John McCririck, Kathleen Blanco, Leonard Casley, Richard Erdman, Tim Conway, Leah Bracknell] Sir Creep (11 hits) - 1536 points [Fred Rister, Andrew McGahon, Beth Chapman, David Powlinson, Fatima Ali, Jean Price, Jeff Blackshear, Kathleen Blanco, Manohar Parika, Masao Nonaka, Paul Dewar] charon (10 hits) - 1513 [Andrew Fairlie, Beth Chapman, Bob Hawke, Fernando Ricksen, John McCririck, Jose Jose, Kathleen Blanco, Peter Tork, Robin Herd, Steffan Lewis] An Fear Bag (7 hits) 1238 points [Bob Hawke, Grace Catherine-Jones, Kathleen Blanco, Kevin Roche, Philomena Lynott, Steffan Lewis, Leah Bracknell] ebless - (6 hits) 1184 points - [Harley Race, Jacques Chirac, John McCririck, Rosamunde Pilcher, Valerie Harper. Leah Bracknell] markb4 (6 hits) 1146 points [Grand Duke Jean, Herman Wouk, Julie Gibson, Robert Mugabe, Tim Conway, Leah Bracknell] Prophet (8 hits) 1134 points [Ferando Ricksen, Herman Wouk, Johnny Clegg, Lee Duc Anh, Paul Dewar, Shivakumari Swami, Tim Conway, Leah Bracknell] theoldlady - (8 hits) - 1110 points [Tim Conway, Herman Wouk, I.M Pie, Lee Duc Anh, Peter Tork, Robert Mugabe, Shivakumari Swami, Leah Bracknell] Toast (5 hits) 1014 points [Fernando Ricksen, Herman Wouk, Irene Sutcliffe, John McCririck, Peter Tork] Clorox Bleachman (8 hits) 974 points [Bob Hawke, Fatima Ali, Gerard Bassett, Herman Wouk, Kathleen Blanco, Mario Guiseppe, Masazo Nonaka, Robert Mugabe] gcrepritile (10 hits) 967 points [Andy Anderson, Barbara Hammer, David Powlinson, Dennis Richardson, Fatima Ali, Manohar Parrika, Max Van Weezel, Paul Dewar, Robert Mugabe, Caroline Robinson] Wormfarmer (8 hits) - 965 points [Beth Chapman. Col Richard Cole, Fatima Ali, Herman Wouk, I.M Pie, Shivakumari Swami, Tim Conway, Leah Bracknell] Phantom of the Midway - (6 hits) - 930 points [Johnny Clegg, Andrew Fairlie, John Cocks, John McCrick, Jordan Dawes, Kevin J McIntyre, Leah Bracknell] The Old Crem (5 hits) - 855 points [Doris Day, John McCririck, Paul Flynn, Robert Mugabe, Leah Bracknell] Banana (9 hits) - 755 points [Fatima Ali, Andrew McGahon, Bill Heine, Gerard Bassett, Jimmy Spicer, Lee Duc Anh, Paul Dewar, Shivakumari Swami, Spencer Bohren] msc (6 hits) - 749 points [Diana Athil, Franco Zeffereli, Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, Ivor Broadis, Judith Kerr, Robert Mugabe] QTips (5 hits) - 732 points [Bob Hawkes, Doris Day, Herman Wouk, John McCririck, Rosamund Pilcher, Leah Bracknell] Skinny KiltRunner (3 hits) - 679 points [Beth Chapman, Fernando Ricksen, Leah Bracknell] WidowsPeak (4 hits) - 638 points [Diana Athil, Doris Day, Valerie Harper, Leah Bracknell] Great Uncle Bulgaria (3 hits) 566 points [Herman Wouk, Peter Tork, Leah Bracknell] Predictor (3 hits) - 551 points [Edwin Kosik, Leon Redbone, Nicolas Leoz] JoeMoneyPenny (3 hits) - 540 points [Bob Hawke, Fernando Ricksen, Prem Tinsulandola] Death Impends (3 hits) - 539 points [Lee Duc Anh, Milton Quon, Shivakumari Swami, Jim Leavelle] Pedro67 (4 hits) - 500 points [Babiker Awadalla, Granville Coggs, Johnny Clegg, Philomena Lynott] YoungWillz (3 hits) - 478 points [Glynn Houston, Paul Darrow, Stephen Thorne] YorkshireBanker (5 hits) - 433 points [Fernando Ricksen, Gerard Bassett, Lessie Brown, Muriel Pavlov, Tim Conway] nantonian2019 (3 hits) - 390 hits [Steffan Lewis, Doris Day, Robert Mugabe] Whoaml (3 hits) - 285 points [Bob Hawke, Carol Channing, Herman Wouk] Doulton (3 hits) - 282 points [Carol Channing, Doris Day, Herman Wouk] Deathray (1 hit) - 136 points [Herman Wouk] Bibliogryphon (1 hit) - 34 points [Sylvia Kay] Book (1 hit) - 144 points [Claus Von Bulow] mysteriousmummy 0 points
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    Updating some of the out of date DL stats... Number of hits by month 1. March 39 2. June 30 3. July and September and December 27 4. August 26 5. May 25 6. January 23 7. October 22 8. February 21 9. April 20 10. November 16 (to Brackers) List of Hits (to date) Hits Per Month in Names/Years 1. January – Salvador Dali (1989), Terry Thomas (1990), Rudolph Nureyev (1993), Audrey Hepburn (1993), Brian Johnston (1994), Telly Savalas (1994), Rose Kennedy (1995), Francois Mitterand (1996), Helen Mills Moody (1998), EW Swanton (2000), Donald Budge (2000), Lou Rawls (2006), Edmund Hillary (2008), Suharto (2008), Dai Llewellyn (2009), JD Salinger (2010), Gerry Rafferty (2011), Etta James (2012), Michael Winner (2013), Patty Andrews (2013), Abe Vigoda (2016), Mary Tyler Moore (2017), Mark E Smith (2018) 2. February – Arthur Ashe (1993), Derek Jarman (1994), Deng Xiao Ping (1997), King Hussein (1999), Charlie Schulz (2000), Stanley Matthews (2000), Stanley Kramer (2001), Don Bradman (2001), Chuck Jones (2002), Spike Milligan (2002), Max Schmeling (2005), Sister Lucia (2005), Al Lewis (2006), Wendy Richard (2009), Reg Presley (2013), Sid Caesar (2014), Leonard Nimoy (2015), Boutros Boutros Ghali (2016), Joost van der Westhuizen (2017), Rev Billy Graham (2018), Gordon Banks (2019) 3. March – Jim Joel (1992), Simon Cadell (1996), George Burns (1996), Lord Denning (1999), Joe DiMaggio (1999), Ernie Wise (1999), Ian Dury (2000), John Diamond (2001), Ninette de Valois (2001), William Hanna (2001), Milton Berle (2002), Dudley Moore (2002), Billy Wilder (2002), Queen Mother (2002), Hardy Amies (2003), Barry Sheene (2003), Thora Hird (2003), Queen Juliana (2004), Peter Ustinov (2004), Alistair Cooke (2004), Jim Callaghan (2005), John Profumo (2006), Caspar Weinberger (2006), Ernest Gallo (2007), Francis Pym (2008), Arthur C Clarke (2008), Richard Widmark (2008), Michael Foot (2010), Michael Gough (2011) Elizabeth Taylor (2011), Diana Wynne Jones (2011), John Demjanjuk (2012), Hugo Chavez (2013), Sam Simon (2015), Martin Crowe (2016), Nancy Reagan (2016), Cliff Michelmore (2016), David Rockefeller (2017), Stephen Hawking (2018) 4. April – Sugar Ray Robinson (1989), Greta Garbo (1990), Sir Michael Havers (1992), John Curry (1994), Richard Nixon (1994), Kenny Everett (1995), Ginger Rogers (1995), Pol Pot (1998), James Earl Ray (1998), Alf Ramsey (1999), Brother Theodore Gottlieb (2001), Harry Secombe (2001), Estee Lauder (2004), Pope John Paul II (2005), John Mills (2005), Charlton Heston (2008), Albert Hoffman (2008), Margaret Thatcher (2013), Mickey Rooney (2014), Barbara Bush (2018) 5. May – Jill Ireland (1990), Marlene Deitrich (1992), Erich Honecker (1994), Tim Gullikson (1996), Timothy Leary (1996), Frank Sinatra (1998), Gene Sarazen (1999), Douglas Fairbanks Jr (2000), John Geilgud (2000), Barbara Cartland (2000), Joe Bonanno (2002), Sam Snead (2002), Stanley Kunitz (2006), Sydney Pollack (2008), Dennis Hopper (2010), Al Megrahi (2012), Robin Gibb (2012), BB King (2015), John Forbes Nash (2015), Ian Brady (2017), John Noakes (2017), Tessa Jowell (2018), Doris Day (2019), Bob Hawke (2019), Herman Wouk (2019) 6. June – Andres Segovia (1987), Kitty Godfree (1992), Les Dawson (1993), Dilys Powell (1995), Glynn Worsnip (1996), Andreas Papandreou (1996), Jacques Costeau (1997), Catherine Cookson (1998), Gregory Peck (2003), Denis Thatcher (2003), Strom Thurmond (2003), Katharine Hepburn (2003), Ronald Reagan (2004), Charles Haughey (2006), Aaron Spelling (2006), Kurt Waldheim (2007), Bo Diddley (2008), Vincent O’Brien (2009), Ray Bradbury (2012), Yitzhak Shamir (2012), Henry Cecil (2013), Casey Kasem (2014), Eli Wallach (2014), Sir Christopher Lee (2015), Kirk Kerkorian (2015), Chris Woodhead (2015), Patrick Macnee (2015), Muhammad Ali (2016), Peter Sallis (2017), Errol Christie (2017) 7. July – Jim Il Sung (1994), Harold Larwood (1995), Jimmy Stewart (1997), Roy Rogers (1998), Walter Matthau (2000), Bob Hope (2003), Gretchen Franklin (2005), Ted Heath (2005), James Doohan (2005), George Melly (2007), Charles Lane (2007), Lady Bird Johnson (2007), Tammy Faye Messner (2007), Ingmar Bergman (2007), Jesse Helms (2008), Karl Malden (2009), Walter Cronkite (2009), Bobby Robson (2009), Betty Ford (2011), Eric Sykes (2012), Tony Martin (2012), Bernie Nolan (2013), Anna Wing (2013), Peter O’Sullevan (2015), Lord Carrington (2018), John McCririck (2019), Johnny Clegg (2019) 8. August – William Burroughs (1997), Victor Mature (1999), Helen Rollason (1999), Bunny Austin (2000), Lord Longford (2001), Lionel Hampton (2002), Idi Amin (2003), Henri Cartier-Bresson (2004), Red Adair (2004), Fay Wray (2004), Brooke Astor (2007), Bill Deedes (2007), Alexander Solzhenitsyn (2008), Robert Novak (2009), Ted Kennedy (2009), Laurent Fignon (2010), Chapman Pincher (2014), Lauren Bacall (2014), George Cole (2015), Joao Havelange (2016), Glen Campbell (2017), Bruce Forsyth (2017), Jerry Lewis (2017), John McCain (2018), Neil Simon (2018), Valerie Harper (2019) 9. September – Roy Castle (1994), Mother Theresa (1997), Mobutu (1997), Jeffrey Bernard (1997), Burgess Meredith (1997), Clement Stone (2002), Warren Zevon (2003), Leni Riefenstahl (2003), Edward Teller (2003), Johnny Cash (2003), Elia Kazan (2003), William Rehnquist (2005), Simon Wisenthal (2005), Byron Nelson (2006), Patrick Swayze (2009), Susan Atkins (2009), Cyril Smith (2010), Herbert Lom (2012), Ian Paisley (2014), Jake LaMotta (2017), Liz Dawn (2017), Tony Booth (2017), Hugh Hefner (2017), Denis Norden (2018), Robert Mugabe (2019), Jacques Chirac (2019), Leah Bracknell (?2019) 10. October – Burt Lancaster (1994), Alec Douglas-Home (1995), Joan Hickson (1998), Deryck Guyler (1999), Lord Hailsham (2001), Rodney Dangerfield (2004), Pricness Alice (2004), Rosa Parks (2005), PW Botha (2006), Levi Stubbs (2008), Ludovic Kennedy (2009), Norman Wisdom (2010), Simon MacCorkindale (2010), Erich Priebke (2013), Gough Whitlam (2014), Denis Healey, Maureen O’Hara, Al Molinaro (2015), Bhumibol Adulyadej (2016), Gord Downie (2017), Fats Domino (2017), Charles Aznavour (2018), Ginger Baker (2019) 11. November – Bill Bixby (1993), Paul Eddington (1995), Jackie Mann (1995), Hastings Banda (1997), Quentin Crisp (1999), Mary Whitehouse (2001), Milton Freidman (2006), Ian Smith (2007), Dino De Laurentiis (2010), Clive Dunn (2012), Bill Tarmey (2012), PD James (2014), Helmut Schmidt (2015), Fidel Castro (2016), Stan Lee (2018), George Bush Sr (2018) 12. December – Ray Moore (1989), Dan Maskell (1992), Dean Martin (1995), Lew Grade (1998), Lord Scarman (2004), Artie Shaw (2004), Richard Pryor (2005), Pinochet (2006), Joseph Barbara (2006), Gerald Ford (2006), MarkFelt (2008), Harold Pinter (2008), Claude Levi-Strauss (2009), Blake Edwards (2010), Harry Morgan (2011), Kim Jong Il (2011), Oscar Niemeyer (2012), Nelson Mandela (2013), Peter O’Toole (2013), Ronnie Bigg (2013), Mikhail Kalashnikov (2013), Luise Rainer (2014), Zsa Zsa Gabor (2016), Liz Smith (2016), Richard Adams (2016), King Michael (2017) DL Years Ranked by Hits 1. 2017 (17/50) 2. 2015 (14/50), 2008 (14/50), 2003 (14/50) 3. 2013 (13/50), 2006 (13/50) 4. 2018 (12/50) 2016 (12/50), 2012 (12/50), 2009 (12/50), 2005 (12/50), 2004 (12/50) 5. 2019 (11/50) 6. 2014 (10/50), 2007 (10/50), 2002 (10/50), 2001 (10/50), 2000 (10/50), 1999 (10/50) 7. 2010 (9/50), 1997 (9/50), 1995 (9/50), 1994 (9/50) 8. 1998 (8/50), 9. 2011 (7/50), 1996 (7/50) 10. 1993 (5/56), 1992 (5/37) 11. 1990 (3/42), 1989 (3/32) 12. 1987 (1/31) 13. 1991 (0/40) Digging out the slots, numbers stats to update them too.
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    That's what he probably thought, but it was actually two steps down .....
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    4TH UPDATE May hits Tim Conway Sprent Dabwido Tommy Donbavand Bob Hawke Roz Petterson Im Pei Jean Vanier Herman Wouk June Hits Ellen "Dolly" Gibb Franco Zefirelli Mark Waraka Helen Legh Beth Chapman Maria Giuseppi Robucci July Hits Christopher Booker Johnny Clegg Sutopo Purow Nugroho Joe Kadange John McCirrick August Hits Harley Race Alf Smith Kathleen Blanco Fred Rister Sheila Steafal Valerie Harper Septembers Hits Beloved Poster Mugabe Chris Duncan Fernando Ricksen Jose Jose Leah Bracknell?(100% certain of her passing within the calender of this game, but the exact day and month tbd though it appears most likely her passing was at some point in the previous month) In this update Sheila Steafal-Bibliogryphon Valerie Harper-TheUnknownMan,YoungWilz Robert Mugabe-Bou1,theoldlady,TorvaMessor Jose Jose-theoldlady Chris Duncan-GrimUpNorth,JoeyRuss,Msc,TorvaMessor,WormFarmer Fernando Ricksen -Banana, Book, CaptainChorizo, CloroxBleachman, DeathImpends, drol, FixedBusiness, GrimUpNorth, JiroemonKimura,markb4,RadGuy,theoldlady,TheQuimReaper,TheUnknownMan,TorvaMessor,WormFarmer,YoungWilz Jacques Chirac-GooseberryCrumble Leah Bracknell - Banana, CaptainChorizo, CloroxBleachman, DeathImpends, FixedBusiness, GrimUpNorth, JiroemonKimura, JoeyRuss,markb4,RadGuy,TheOldCrem,TheQuimReaper,TheUnknownMan,TorvaMessor,WormFarmer,YoungWilz Didn't include Julie Gibson in this update as only Obit I have seen from a Major Publication so far is The HollywoodReporter. Those who remained patient with perenial Deadpool favorite Bracknell were rewarded,including our new Leader Torva who netted 4 hits in this update. One of the largest point Bonanza updates so movement occured in all parts of the Scoreboard. Anyway if I missed any names or made point errors in this update let me know. 4th Scoreboard 1st place TorvaMessor-2360 2nd place TheOldLady-2200 3rd place GunUpNorth-2050 4th place DeathImpends-2040 5th place Wormfarmer-1980 6th place TheQuimReaper-1890 7th place CloroxBleachman-1876 8th place CaptainChorizo-1835 9th place Book-1780 10th place Banana-1745 11th place FixedBusiness-1655 12th place JoeyRuss-1556 13th place RadGuy-1536 14th place YoungWilz-1455 15th place TheOldCrem-1350 16th place Msc-1320 17th TheUnknownMan--1275 18th place Gcreptile-1255 19th place Drol-1155 20th place Jiroemon Kimura-1,111 21st place Markb4-845 22nd place Bibliogryphon-830 23rd place ebless-770 24th place GreatUncleBulgaria-750 25th place Bou1-660 26th GooseberryCrumble-470
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    Important Decision on 'Leah Bracknell' Rule (Democracy appears to be effective on Deathlist, unlike in parliament) TLDR: Leah Bracknell is worth 243 points that will be added 'soon'. Codification in the initial post of the new 'Leah Bracknell' rule, swelling the rules to an ever more substantial size. Copying the amended text here. For the purposes of determining the date of death of a celebrity the information to hand will be used to determine the points allocated to the competitors who chose the person. In the event that an exact date is available (for the avoidance of doubt journalistic nuisance phrases 'on Wednesday, or last night/yesterday' will count as dates of death, with the date being determined by the tedious process of working it out - this is how this has always operated on these rare instances) , full points will be awarded. In the event that only the month of death is in the obituary, points will be awarded to the first date of the month (i.e Sep 1st for in September) that has been given ('the Leah Bracknell' rule) if a date is subsequently given in press before the closure of the competition window the remaining points will be added to the total. In the very unfortunate event that only the year of death is provided in the qualifying obituary the poor bastard who picked them will be awarded points to the first day of the year that is given (in the unlikely event that game year is still active). For ease of identification bullets in the rules list have been replaced with numeric identifiers, to make reference for discussion easier. The above is now Rule 5. With this in mind any future additions regardless of which other rule they sub-relate to will be added to the end, i.e Rule 17, Rule 18 so rule numbers remain consistent, they may also be added as subsets such as a) b) c) but only if the entire rules list is revised to conform to that, which I have no intention of doing in the near future..
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    They do. Bunch of ‘stunts’.
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    As she had already been dead for at least a week surely this has to have a claim for the worst DL prediction of all time?
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    That was all the premium Bracknell ganja.
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