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    "Can't believe the world's most eminent authority on lobsters didn't make the list. This year will be a stinker." "This pick's great-grandfather rose from the dead last night to tell me that the pick's cancer is in remission, I'm sorry I couldn't have shared this with you beforehand!"
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    she will die of pancreatic cancer next september. sorry i meant to say the duke of edinb will. i know someone who works at the hospital he was in this summer! Really? That's weird because I know someone who once walked their dog in Hyde Park, and their dog nicked a frisbee off this bloke who once sold a car to Danny Dyer, who once teabagged a girl who went to the same school as Princess Katie. And he said you're a massive twat! So it must be true.
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    Good point (for a guest). Were Gough Whitlam to die right now, where it is already 2014 in his country of residence but still 2013 in the UK, would his demise be considered a hit for the 2013 list? Yes! I always thought time and date of death is taken as local time. It's in the unwritten rules, rule 48 section h sub section 2d under the section Ken Dodds dads dogs dead
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    All of the numbers are the same from last year. I was hoping we'd get an appearance from "72" this year, as I suggested in the Ideas thread, but it seems the committee have gone for the numbers one to fifty yet again.
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    Team's in. No Schumacher. Also dropped Jim Bamber, even though I partly think that might be a OoO double (treble?) cross to keep him for himself. No Clive James. A wrestler for my main team, because I know how much TMIB loves writing entries for them. Even picked someone over the age of 100. Let's see how this all works out.
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    Of all the F1 drivers I never thought Schumi would be the one who would meet his end by being off his head on the white stuff.
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    And not before time, too!
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    Might as well, seeing as it's already New Year's Day down under...
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    Presenter Geoffrey Wheeler of Songs of Praise and Top of The Form fame has died aged 83. Didn't realise he was still alive! Its a 'Wheeler-Fortune' day!
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    Eiichi Ohtaki of Japanese rock legends Happy End meets not such a happy end.. Choked to death on a piece of apple, aged 65.
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    I reckon he'll be numero uno...
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    The old racist greek nuisance might be a good one for 2015, he's definitely starting to show his age. I
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    *Person(s) with ALS/Breast Cancer who are 50/50 gambit picks for 2014 who survive the year *To be determined celebs who will be diagnosed with fatal illnesses in 2014 *Pope who was in Hitler Youth not the other one *Youth oriented demo celeb no one will pick who dies shockingly ala Paul Walker
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    Skied the Meribel area for a week in 1999, well marked pistes and I'm sorry to say if you go off piste then your chances of having a bad fall increase 10 fold. The piste markers are there for good reason, being an experienced skier, he has only himself to blame. The arrow in the above photo looks to have been placed too far up the slope with regard to the placement of crossed skis I've seen in video of the medical helicopter taking off. From what I understand, the accident was some way into the middle of this rocky area. Go through there with speed, and you are asking for trouble. Nevertheless, although I was never a fan of his, I wish him well for a full recovery.
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    I'm in. Rev. Billy Graham Queen Fabiola Tony Benn Robbie Coltrane Jacques Chirac Diana Athill Denis Norden Dora Bryan Maureen O'Hara Peter Maxwell Davies Subs: Richard Attenborough Liz Smith
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    Bob Godfrey of course! Throw in Richard Briers as well while we're at it...
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    Spade, you are a legend, all the more so for the modesty and realism of the above post. Then again, it could be a woman who breaks 120 pts and 16 hits!
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    Ron - as many of you may know - always enjoyed the Death List and those here who play it in the right spirit. He also made me promise that when he died I would post this message. His death was sudden, and he was in contact with Paul Bearer only a few days ago and was about to send Christmas Greetings to the site. So over to Ron: "You always did warn me that you would win in the end, so congratulations and thanks for your patience over these many years. I was honoured to be your ambassador and will miss you probably more than you will miss me. And if you ask, yes it was a life worth living, even with the regrets. i hope you all get as much out of life as I have. See you on the other side."
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    I saw her on an elevator the other day and she looked real well. Could see her living another 5-10 years at least.
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    This is a big one. Both literally and by merit. Sad news coming from The Netherlands. Dressage horse Bonfire died today at the ripe old age of 30. He was a five time medal winner at three Olympic events. four times silver and one gold medal. Bonfire (left)
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    I'm not gay enough to watch the enitre Tony awards, however I watched a snipet and Ang seems to be fit as a fiddle.
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