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    Not lead-induced unfortunately
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    Urgh. I'm not sure we see an adequately working brain there. That is not thoughtful silence. About that war: of course it's on. The question is: do large parts of the public see it like that? What I mean is: from 2002 to 2010 Dutch troops were getting their arses shot off in Afghanistan. In those years the Dutch were de facto at war. When I made remarks to that effect in pub discussions, I usually met blank stares: "At war? We?" I imagine western leaders prefer such an undeclared war to the declared variety, because it gives them opportunity to plod on without committing to winning it, which certainly in Afghanistan was/is neither possible nor desirable. The problem with such a war is that the public, who pay the bill, soon lose appetite for it when the body bags return home in numbers. It therefore pays to keep the war's profile as low as possible while it still keeps the Septics happy. Unfortunately that reduces its usefulness for internal politics to almost absent. ISTM mr Abbot is learning just that. regards, Hein
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    I don't need to see it to comprehend how horrific it is, no more than I need to meet you to realise you're a twat
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    Yes looking at that you might think about dating rather than carbon dating.
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    I think you're correct; I also think that Boeing and Airbus will go bankrupt when Porcine Aviation Inc. takes off big time next year.
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    Ach, fuck the satanic. They just want to be Scottish
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    Totally agree, I've been sneaking her onto the odd team over the years, but she's so old now that she's in the orbit of everyone. Speaking of Wilson, someone who might appear in the orbit of others before time is Lady Falkender, aka Marcia Williams, who is still with us. 83 this year and will be, in time, highly obitable.
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    I spoke to Canadian Paul the other day through facebook, wished him a happy birthday. He's doing well, but it's a shame he's too busy to be able to make it back on here.
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    Another "serious illness" that killed. Another PSBO. Not quite as obvious as some, though: regards, Hein
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    I try to imagine Abbott's mind at the time he made this decision. I don't think a wibbling imbecile has much chance of getting in his position, so I assume he has an adequately working brain. If he'd sat back and given the matter a few minutes of thought, he'd have realised it's a Bad Idea. I'm pretty sure he didn't think about it at all. At some moment the idea got in his mind, either his own idea or the suggestion of somebody near, and he decided he liked it. He proposed the idea, perhaps at a cabinet meeting, and more reflective minds around him questioned its wisdom. "Bugger all that, I like the idea, it's mine and I can do this. That'll also show those eggheads that I'm boss. Make it so." Next point on the agenda, failure born. Now normally there are a few checkpoints in the decision making process at this level that enable sinking bad ideas before they're put to effect: committee hearings and parliamentary approval. In this case there weren't or Abbot bypassed them, and the cat's out of the bag. The story has rush job written all over. This need not be the end of his political career. Perhaps he's lucky and something happens in which he can show better judgement about something important. Even Churchill made several Bad Decisions (e.g. Galipoli, Dieppe, Force Z, Dresden) that cost thousands of lives and should have ended his political life, but didn't. The bad news for Abbot is that there isn't a war on. regards, Hein Blinded by his own ideology, I'd say. He claims it wasn't a decision he made in consultation with anyone else but a "captain's pick" so he seems to have bypassed everyone. Even other members of his cabinet were shocked and horrified by the utter stupidity of it. By the way, for some real weirdness, watch this notorious clip where Abbott just freezes in an interview: He and his treasurer, Joe Hockey, delivered the budget from hell last year, which is where the woes began. It was a hardline neo-liberal budget from hell, introducing co-payments for visits to the doctor, raising the pension age to 70, slashing the government broadcaster's funding and deregulating universities (he still found lots of money to buy expensive new warplanes from Uncle Sam though.) Oh, and in the past, Abbott has described climate change science as "absolute crap." "The bad news for Abbot is that there isn't a war on." - There is. Australia is very much invovled in Afghanistan and Iraq still and it is also up to its next in the US' pivot to Asia in order to "contain" China.
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    I never thought that someone more stupid than George W Bush would be elected as the leader of an important developed country but Mr Abbott seems to have proven me wrong. How on earth would you even seriously consider knighting a royal prince? No wonder he is ridiculed for it, and his earlier "shirtfront" comments on Putin and now on this intra-party crisis ("stop the navel gazing and get back to work") show that he is seriously out of his depth as a prime minister. I guess he would be okay as an aussie rules football coach, that would better fit his personality.
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    You mean that we're not supposed to? What's not to like about them? They kill people, more dead people means more new posts, on this site.
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    Hadn't noticed that I'd changed to become edgier, I'll ask the missus for a reality check once her handcuffs are off and her gag is out. Before your time we used to have Monkey awards for the best posts, threads and the like, I don't recall we ever rated edginess or identified a forum leader in that dept. No I don't suppose ya did. Well, I'm not the one who brought the word into the consciousness here. And besides I wasn't after awards anyway... we all know winning Best Picture Oscar doesnt necessarily make a movie the best of that year does it. That's true, however it does virtually guarantee that the movie makes a shitload of money as being awarded the Best Picture tends to be an endorsement to pack in the audiences. To this end somebody nominating you as forum cunt of the year may well be the ringing endorsement that you most deserve.
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    Cheers for that. I've often wondered what they'd sound like. Yer welcome, when people cop for enjoying this stuff I don't feel quite so perverse. Perverse? Perhaps. It may be a defect in my esthetic sense, it may be the lure of the perverse, but I've long been attracted to Really Bad Art, be it music, art or literature. In this case they meet and my heart jumps. Do you know the Museum of Bad Art? regards, Hein Cheers for reaquainting me with that Hein, the old guy on the toilet is a particular favourite.
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    I've seen sharper edges on a fucking donut. Honestly, I'm being proper thick, because I can't work out if you are just taking the piss, or you are actually an enormously irritating cunt with his head firmly stuck up his own ass.
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    OK now I'm upset. Sympathy for Robbie and his loved ones ... Save me from this simpering shite ! Not all of us here on the deathlist make prayers. I do not wish to be associated with your chats to your imaginary friend. Keep your generalisations under control. BTW get well soon Big Guy !
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    I am the Resserection?
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    you don't think burning people alive and cutting their heads off isn't satanic? only if it's in the name of Satan.
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    What monstrous organisation employs 76-year-olds to clean their premises? regards, Hein
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    Lost for Words - a team of former countdown and scrabble champions
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    no you're wrong .It was Julia Mckenzie who played the part It doesn't take a Miss Marple to deduce that you, sir, are a twat. that's Julia Mckenzie isn't it? as I was saying... Anyone else notice a passing resemblance to Peter Falk?
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    no you're wrong .It was Julia Mckenzie who played the part It doesn't take a Miss Marple to deduce that you, sir, are a twat.
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    My preference is women for sex and men for drinking, but I've got it mixed up several times. regards, Hein
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    Is there a difference? regards, Hein Not all village idiots are rappers...
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