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    Quite the eventful day for deadpooling, with the deaths of demented footballers, pioneering wrestlers, and flamboyantly corrupt Louisiana guvnas still able to win election by running against Klansmen. The task of chronicling these fascinating lives (well, those picked on the DDP anyway) falls upon msc, but he had made clear he would pass the baton next year. I can now publicly announce that I shall be taking over his front page duty segment of the DDP committee for 2022. I admit it was in the works for some time, which was partially why I picked Art Rupe and Shintaro Tsuji this year, to start adapting to playing a somewhat more "host-ly" team. I am mindful that the front page duties are typically a Briton's job, but the committee has full faith in me. It's possible I'll have guest obits for the really institutional UK figures who are unknown in the US - say, Murray Walker or Denis Norden for past examples - but the vast vast majority of obits shall be my doing. Otherwise, the time-honed tradition of the DDP host using old pop lyrics as obit headlines and pretending they know everything about whoever won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 25 years ago shall remain exactly the same! Still plenty of details to work out over the coming months as I figure out how I want to handle the front page. When I first discovered the DDP in the mid-aughts as a tween, I never would have thought I'd eventually co-host. Or, tbh, if I had known what the Internet would be like in general by now, that the DDP or DL would still be going on at all. Bit of a surreal feeling!
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    Where do we go now? The King of Kings, the Shadow of Immortality has left us. A king has his reign, then he dies. That's how things go. But after the death of a king, a new one should be sworn in. Who will it be? The decrepit Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, fellow Indian immortal SAS Geelani, obese ogre-looking composer Mikis Theodorakis? sorry for them, they'll have to wait. As the new king is none other than.... VMAR Ri Yong-Mu! Ok, now you can drop that gun, Kim. Come on, did you really believe this guy has the stuff to be the king? Not in a million year. So let's introduce our real king... King Bob I! King Bob survived everything during the last ten years, he practically lives at Walter Reed and is giving stage IV lung cancer a very hard time. Long Live the King!
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    Welcome on board DI. I have no doubts you'll soon far surpass my efforts. Death Impends was my top choice as a potential DDP co-host so I am delighted she has accepted the honour. As for me, you'll still be getting my crap jokes on the front page for another 6 months or so while changeover plans continue behind the scenes.
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    Am I alone in my belief that Natalie Wood probably wasn't murdered? I assumed from the evidence that Wood and Wagner probably had a big domestic (wouldn't have been their first) and both stomped off in a huff, but because booze was involved, Wood managed to fall off the boat. Hence Wagner's "guilt" is more about having the fight which led to her death, not through murdering her. And Walken doesn't say more because he doesn't know it, through dozing off or being blind drink or whatever. Seems more likely to me than the perfect murder script...
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    Iris Apfel could turn 100 this August. She still looks amazing for her age and she posts a lot in her instagram account.
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    Get the fuck away from my window
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    Also at this point, due to changes in his real life circumstances, DDP 2022 will be the final DDP Grim Up North can work the Excel sheets for teams entering. I can't tell you how many standing ovations that man needs, but anyhow, the call is now on for anyone who can use Excel to volunteer to take Grim (and Reptiles) role in the 2023 DDP. With my Cmme hat on, the more people involved in that, the merrier.
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    Well done Wee Jum. as for the tournament itself, England did better than I expected (which was to get knocked out in the first knockout game); some players I’d previously disparaged changed my opinion of them; Saka has lived up to expectations, but there’s no way he should have been put in that position Re the shootout (nor should Rashford or Sancho). Still not convinced by Southgates coaching, but on a different day who knows. And (as if we didn’t already know) our government are a bunch of hypocrites.
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    Richard Donner (wiki), director of The Goonies, Superman, The Omen, Scrooged, Ladyhawke, Lethal Weapon etc. etc. dead at 91. Picked by 3 teams in the DDP and suggested by @RolandDeschain in the Ideas and Possibilities for 2021 thread.
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    Too upset to post much at the moment. I've adored and worshipped Raffaella since I was 5. Not felt this distraught about a death since Victoria Wood
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    God this thing takes up all my free time, for fuck sake. 1 Rumsfeld coming up. You might join me in not being upset in the slightest at the loss of this old twat. SCOREBOARD! En Passant - 1 gcreptile - 1 Every other fucker - 0
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    Well, the clock has ticked round and the game is live. Masterlist is up on page 1. Check your teams! Two fewer entries than last year, only to be expected in a pandemic. Good luck everybody!
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    Dilip Kumar (1922-2021) You're dead, Dilip (Sam Wheat to Dilip after his passing) Hail to the King! (Dilip to Saira Banu after being discharged for the 5000th time in a year) This thing won't die! (EVERYONE on Dilip Kumar) Age at death: 98 Known health issues: On his identity card Dilip had "death dodger" reported as occupation. He had been a Nosferatur for at least 10 years before his actual death. In 2017 it was a continuous hospitalization. But he would always always come back. Cause of death: metastatic prostate cancer, kidney and respiratory failure. But he was improving a day before his death. Alignment: The greatest Bollywood actor ever, probably almost all his movies suck. To us he was the Lord of Darkness, Image of the Greatest Power of the World or simply that Immortal indian Geezer. We'll miss you Dilip.
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    Don’t judge a book by its cover! Views (from Zillow, virtual tours, etc) of penthouses in Miami, pre-collapse. Move-in ready! Lovely, innit. SC
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    German right-wing MP Martin Hebner dead of brain cancer (undisclosed) at 61: https://www.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/martin-hebner-ist-tot-a-1b7b33c2-363c-4d09-85d3-85e51604f62e
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    Underground filmmaker Robert Downey Sr., known for writing and directing the films Hugo Pool, Putney Swope, and Greaser's Palace, died at 86 years: https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/3236911/robert-downey-sr-dead-iconic-filmmaker/ He is also the father of actor Robert Downey Jr.
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    Russian chess grandmaster Yury Dokhoian, who is best known for his career as a trainer and coach, died at 56 years: https://www.newsru.co.il/sport/01jul2021/yury917.html (only this russian source at the moment) He earned second place at the 1986 Soviet Chess Championship and has served for many years as the coach for the Russian Women's Chess Team.
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    John Ascuaga, known for have been owner of the Nugget Casino Resort for five decades has died at 96 https://mynews4.com/news/local/prominent-nevada-businessman-john-ascuaga-dies-at-age-96
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