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    The List for 2017 was great! Congratulations to the Committee!
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    Maradonna had a coke habit and heart trouble so don't be fooled by him looking mobile and lively. He may go with a sudden heart attack. I'd give Pele a passable chance of seeing him into the grave.
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    Bread was by Carla Lane. So naturally every single episode should be incinerated immediately, and anyone who saw an episode vaccinated to be on the safe side.
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    I never watched Bread and haven't watched an advert since the invention of the remote control.
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    Ooh. Last minute twist potentially...
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    Some possiblies: Cancer: John McCain Charlotte Rae Tessa Jowell Olivia Newton-John Aretha Franklin Clive James Stefan Karl Stefansson Rayya Elias Morgan Tsvangirai Nick Boles Val Kilmer Scott Hamilton Liam Miller Kathleen Blanco Devin Lima Linda Nolan Bernard Tapie Denis Goldberg Jose Jose Carmen Franco Greg Gilbert Dean Francis Patrick Cryne Catherine Nevin Simon Ricketts Tommy Chong Bill Wyman Oliver Dragojevic Ryan O'Neal ALS: Fernando Ricksen Stephen Hillenburg Stephen Hawking Steve Gleason Kerry Goode Alzheimer/Dementia: Jeanne Little Prunella Scales Monica Vitti John Hume Terry Jones Prince Henrik Martin Peters Ray Wilson Gerd Müller Stan Bowles Billy McNeil Neil Simon Zell Miller Daniel arap Moi COPD: Grace Anne Koppel Stroke: Chris Rea Joni Mitchell Tim Curry Parkinson: Michael J. Fox Roger Bannister Johnny Isakson Ray Kennedy HIV: Magic Johnson Charlie Sheen Alcoholism: Shane McGowan Paul Gascoigne Jimmy Greaves David Hasselhoff Charlie Sheen Drug problems: Lindsay Lohan Macaulay Culkin Courtney Love Diabetes: Wilford Brimley
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    Agree. They are both candidates for 2018
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    Well, instead of Christie or Downie the committee could alternatively pick really famous people like Helmut Kohl or Chuck Berry, right? I had neither downie, nor christie or bracknell on my list, no matter how death-cert they are, if these people are not representative enough on a worldwide perspective and I never heard of them outside this page, why should I include them on the list? but of course everyone has the free choice to make their own decision, the committee too..... Wish all of you a happy and healthy Christmas
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    If there was an award for post of the year. This would be in the mix
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    Dolly Parton is an American national treasure.
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    Maybe the Committee for 2018 should put both: Babs and George Sr. as a pair since when one goes the other will not be far Behind.
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    Behold. I have done some random research because I was bored and got together the list of true bonafide deathlist misses by age, ie. anyone who appeared on before but died afterwards. I know some of the smartalecs will probably go like "oh, De Cesaris died of a car crash so he shouldn't count" or "Fergie Fredreikssen didn't obit so he isn't a miss", but for the purposes of this list, they are considered a miss. I have excluded Wilfred Bramble, William Hartnell, and Arthur Marshall due to the fact that they died before their first appearance, while Bette Davis is included since she was alive at the time of her first appearance, but her later appearances were post mortem. I have also excluded George Harrison even though he was part of any one Beatle the first year it was on, since I don't think it should count. So without a further of due, here are the people who were on the list but died off it and their ages: 103 - Ruby Muhammad 97 - John Kenneth Galbraith 96 - Jack Jones, Dom Mintoff, Nicholas Parsons 95 - Ernest Borgnine, Benny Carter, Buddy Ebsen, Doris Speed 94 - Doug Ellis, Les Paul, Pete Seeger 93 - Frankie Laine, Fred Pontin 92 - John Forsythe, Ravi Shankar, Frank Thornton 91 - Victor Borge, Baroness Castle, Geoffrey Dickens, Tom Finney, Bob Godfrey, Oral Roberts 90 - Chuck Berry, General Jaruzelski, Jack Klugman, Shaw Taylor, Stanley Unwin, Mary Wesley, Jane Wyman, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 89 - Red Auerbach, Stephane Grappelli, Harper Lee, Bill Maynard, Arthur Miller, Patrick Moore, Elaine Stritch 88 - Perry Como, Alfredo di Stefano, John Lee Hooker, Kenneth Kendall, Bert Millichip, Robert, M Pirsig, Dame Muriel Spark, King Taufa'ahau Tupou 87 - Thor Heyerdahl, Helmut Kohl, Malcolm Muggeridge, Jack Palance, Little Richard 86 - Robert Dougall, James Garner, Alec Guinness, Ayatollah Khomeini, Anthony Quinn, Gore Vidal 85 - Don Ameche, Gay Byrne, Tony Curtis, Arthur Mullard, Fred Perry, Jeremy Thorpe 84 - Fred Davis, Harlan Ellison, King Fahd, Jimmy Savile 83 - Jill Gascoine, Ken Kercheval, Jack Kevorkian, Manuel Noriega, Magnus Pyke, Peter West 82 - George Chisholm, Jack Hargreaves, Yehudi Menuhin, Johnny Morris, Laurence Olivier 81 - Peter Cushing, Bette Davis, Larry Hagman, Wilf Mannion, Lord Len Murray, Prince Rainier, Willie Whitelaw, Norman Willis 80 - Marlon Brando, Basil D'Oliveira, Joe Fagan, Stewart Granger, George Steinbrenner 79 - Tariq Aziz, Johnny Carson, Lord Goodman, Claire Rayner, Lord Harold Wilson 78 - Denis Compton, Eddie Large, Peter Wright 77 - John Arlott, Bob Paisley, Frank Muir, Beryl Reid, Peter Tork 76 - Corazon Aquino, Ronnie Barker, Aretha Franklin, Bernard Manning, Jon Pertwee, Boris Yeltsin 75 - Yasser Arafat, Kenneth Connor, Vaclav Havel 73 - Charles Bukowski 71 - Princess Margaret, Joan Sims 70 - Alexander Dubcek, John Paul Getty Jr 69 - Captain Beefheart, Brian Clough, Julian Critchley, Saddam Hussein, Evel Knievel 68 - Anne Haddy, Geoffrey Hughes 67 - Hunter S Thompson 66 - Terry Pratchett 63 - Stan Flashman, Leighton Rees 62 - Fergie Frederiksen 61 - Elizabeth Edwards, Alex Higgins, Rowdy Roddy Piper 60 - Anne Kirkbride 55 - Andrea de Cesaris, John Smith 54 - Seve Ballesteros, Osama bin Laden 53 - Jerry Garcia 50 - Marti Caine 30 - Red Rum A couple things to note: 1. Excluding Ruby Muhammad (who was an outlier in so many ways), there were only three people 96 and older who were on the list but became a miss, meaning the likes of Javier Perez de Cuellar and Betty White will probably stay on till they die and Doris Day will probably return 2. A lot of people who are misses are those who were in the age range of 88 - 91, meaning that if they were on the list but they reach this age range, it might be a good idea to put them back on again... 3. Another age range that has a lot of people being missed is the 79 - 82 range. I know many of them were on the list in the early days, but I still found a certain amount of people who debut post 2000 that died in that age range Anyways, I kind of thought it was interesting to do, so enjoy it, Or not...
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    It’s because it’s fake news! We all know your cock is like a hamsters cotton bud
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    You never saw Gadaffi and Tarantino in the same room did you??????? No wonder the Hateful 8 wasn't up to much....
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    Brimley is a dead ringer for Jimmy Greaves.
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    People take the oft used quote on the main page seriously, I guess. That said, while LFN is right, there were a few picks this year which did look suspiciously like someone had read *some* of the forum. That, or the Cmme has big Canadian rock fans.
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    Bumping this thead to attempt to remind the committee to pick her. I'm not seeing many people mention her in the other threads, but she's definitely deathlisty, her sister made the list before.
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    James Corden/Piers Morgan. Just in hope. No supporting medical reason. Sorry.
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    Ok, so you can say 'fuck' 'cunt' 'wanker' etc etc. You can also post up shite like 'share if you agree that muslims should go to church instead of Mosques if the live in the UK..' You can also post up stuff that could constitute paedophilia to the average person. You can also post up crap to phish, con and cheat the gullible. But the moment you post up a pic of a wine bottle......oh no!! The FB Nazis are on you!!
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    Sometimes, life is only 2/3 fair.
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    That doesn't reflect well on the Mirror. I'll get me coat......
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    No the DeathList is not dying.Business has never been better.Record number of hits and an ever increasing forum and deadpool section for members as well as the media attention focusing on this year's list and even my fantasy football thread.Decent year for the Dl that will be referenced back to in years to come.
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    my list is ready : 1 John McCain, 2 Bernard Tapie, 3 Jean-Louis Trintignant, 4 Prince Philip, 5 George H. Bush, 6 Jacques Chirac, 7 Nobby Stiles, 8 Kirk Douglas, 9 Olivia de Havilland, 10 Joanne Woodward, 11 Jean de Luxembourg, 12 Javier Perez de Cuellar, 13 Henry Kissinger, 14 George Soros, 15 Jiang Zemin, 16 Jacques Higelin, 17 Aretha Franklin, 18 Giampiero Boniperti, 19 Jean-Marie Le Pen, 20 Mario Zagallo, 21 Albert Uderzo, 22 Stan Lee, 23 Hosni Mubarrak, 24 Val Kilmer, 25 Charles Aznavour, 26 Olivia Newton-John, 27 Bob Cousy, 28 Jimmy Carter, 29 Stirling Moss, 30 Pope Benedict XVI, 31 Ennio Morricone, 32 Mikhail Gorbachev, 33 Sean Connery, 34 Queen Elisabeth II, 35 Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, 36 Jean-Luc Godart, 37 Warren Buffet, 38 Pierre Cardin, 39 Ali Khamenei, 40 Don Schula, 41 Desmond Tutu, 42 Yoko Ono, 43 Bernie Ecclestone, 44 Raul Castro, 45 Billy Connolly, 46 Annie Cordy, 47 Noam Chomsky, 48 Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 49 Jean-Paul Belmondo, 50 Sidney Poitier
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    And TQR's SDL 2018 is now open for business (a tad early because I reckon my class of '17 is exhausted of any more hits. Only 13, how pants.) I tried to make the bunch as renown as possible, so considering this was my no.1 priority I think it's alright!
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