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    Maybe now some people will realise that this list is a very useful one for DDP (or whatever death pool) purposes than just trashing the idea.
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    Grammy winning songwriter, Geoff Stephens, aged 86. There's currently no citation for his death. Geoff Stephens - Wikipedia
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    List: 8/15 1. Clarissa Eden 2. Anne Buydens Douglas 3. Norman Lloyd 4. (Prince Philip ) please replace with: June Spencer 5. George Shultz 6. Ruthie Tompson 7. Eileen Ash 8. Marsha Hunt 9. Lawrence Ferlinghetti 10. Kane Tanaka 11. Wayne Thiebaud 12. Kenneth Mayhew 13. Song Ping 14. (Ronald Atkins passed away 30. December 2020) Please replace with Walter Bernstein. 15. Sir Tom Moore
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    Apparently AEW Star Brodie Lee formerly known as Luke Harper in WWE reported dead at 41 years old
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    It was a picture of Prince Philip, not Charles.
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    I thought I would revive this topic and confess that I have recently reverted to a secret vice ..... jigsaw puzzles. Currently doing a version of this painting, a lovely scene of Victorian Londoners having some wintry fun. Sadly the reproduction is overexposed, so the buildings in the background are barely visible, which means doing the sky is going to be a bastard. A Winter’s Day in St James's Park by John Ritchie
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    Hello Everyone, as the 2020 season is coming to a close and we are all terribly excited to see who is going to win that close race at the top of the 2020 competition, here is the thread for the next round of this all-encompassing, difficult to manage deadpool. The general rules: Send me 50 main team names by pm or just post them in this thread, if you want, from now on until Dec 31st 2020, 23:59 GMT. You can choose one joker with double points - and you can also submit up to five substitutes in case one of your 50 dies before the end of the submission window. You may also choose new subs before the game starts if they die. Submission form: Just give them in the normal "First name", "Last name" format You don't need to number them before! No need to give birthdays! And only note their claim to fame if there might be confusion, for example: Kamala Harris (wrestler) - Update 2020: Well, this one is dead. Kamala Harris (US senator) - Update 2020: Well, this one is soon president. The scoring is [year of birth] - 1900 = score. So someone born in 2001 will get 101 points in case of death You may submit the following people: living, not having set a precise date of death (by execution, dignitas, or whatever), at least 18 years old on the beginning of January 1st, 2021, and being somewhat notable. "Somewhat notable" means: they should at least be notable for something else aside from being terminally ill. "Something else" being something that has an effect on society. Terminally ill activists are okay if they've done at least something generally beneficial, a campaign, a book, or a winning court case. If they're only in the news because of their tragedy or because they need our sympathy I will not accept them. So no "cancer mums with cancer kids", no "terminally ill fans", no "ordinary person in a coma because of a car crash". This also counts for brothers/sisters/children of notable people - unless they are so notable that every relative is also notable by default, like the House of Windsor, or maybe the Bush family. Unfortunately, it is me who will decide if the person is famous enough. Previous BBC coverage will usually convince me. More details: Notability is getting ever more diffuse nowadays, it is a difficult thing to judge. Some more guidelines: Media personalities and such will be accepted in any case if they have a social media account with more than 100.000 followers. So, as a contrast to last year, Criscilla Anderson is now a valid pick! A person that gets rejected in the DDP will also be rejected here - no exceptions. Family/friends of people, i.e. reality TV appendages like Litsa Menounos: Yes, they will be allowed if they actually play a meaningful part in these shows, as Litsa Menounos did. No, they will not be allowed if they only accidentally get an imdb entry because of an accidental appearance, or because they say a few sentences in a documentary. Also: "Oldest Person of XYZ" will always be allowed - even a completely irrelevant person (in the grand scheme of things) will be accepted if they are the oldest person of their country, or last survivor of World War II, Korean War, etc... Usually those people do not give many points, but maybe 5 pts is better than zero? And they are of a certain "historic relevance", you know President Tyler's grandson, and such. Anyway, I will allow them. Substitution phase: On the 1st of July 2021 GMT you may switch 5 old people still alive for 5 new ones for whom all the above rules also apply. When is a hit a hit: If the person permanently dies in 2021 (GMT!) and their death gets noticed in written form by qualifying media outlets within 2021 or the first seven days of 2022. The QO rules are: Everything accepted by the Derby Dead Pool 2021 plus The New York Times. Your host: I will also submit a team and will do so two posts below by December 15th at latest and hide the names with "XXXXX XXXXX" and reveal them on January 1st. Main reason for not already submitting right now is that I want to avoid the situation of 2019, when I ran out of subs and then filled the gaps with "new" names, especially Edmund Capon, who revealed his illness mid-December. So I hope I will not run out of subs if I submit a little later. As in last year, I will also make use of the substitution window, but only use 2 names. After all, there's always a pretty broad consensus of a couple of names (example 2019: Ivan Milat, Michael Sleggs, Tom Long), so I wouldn't steal anyone's names by picking those who are universally known anyway. Also, I will substitute on the 30th of June, so you can see my two names. I will not read your submission emails until January 1st (I think you can check that) to prevent the impression that I might take a name from your posts for other deadpools. This also means that I might discuss borderline acceptable picks with you on January 1st or 2nd. We will have to talk then. If you're unavailable, I will replace a disqualified name with one of your substitutions. Remember, the disqualification in some cases might come only after the DDP committee has decided, so maybe not before the 2nd week of January. If you post your team right in this thread, you save me some work but also give away names. If you pm me, please make sure that I know what the mail is about in the header "Death By Numbers", "Team submission" or something like that. If you have other questions, you can also ask in this thread!
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    My team The_engineer (ENG) 1) Bob Dole 2) abdelaziz Bouteflika 3) Jiang zemin 4) general pervez musharraf 5)Jimmy carter 6) Luis Echeverría Álvarez 7) Walter mondale 8)John major 9)Joe biden 10)Kim Jong un
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    Hmm...sounds good. Given that I’m someone who’s had so much to drink he can only read with his left eye closed, you have convinced me to enhance the experience of going outside for a cigar by attempting to take in the beautiful view of the skies of Essex. It’s fucking cloudy. Bugger it.
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    Are you a 14 year old girl by any chance?
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    For the last time, the Queen’s position has ALWAYS been that she will never abdicate. Do you honestly think she’s lacing her speech with subliminal spoilers? Toilet.
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    In a week Kane could achieve the age of 118 years
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    Thanks TQR, that's great. I'll match it myself. SC is going to do the same despite you barring him
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    NI Met Office issues a warning for Lynx Africa from 7am tomorrow.
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    Best Wishes to you Cat as you deal with your illness and for your treatment to be successful, your recovery strong and your journey over the coming months to have the minimum amount of difficulty as is possible in the circumstances. Take Care Gooseberry
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    Cat! Where the devil have you been! Great to see you are still alive and kicking, and there is every reason to hope you will be remaining so. It must be a relief that you are getting this seen to in these difficult times. Stay with us in every way. Good luck and lots of love.
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    Cat! We’ve missed you round here, you delightful gentleman! I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Wishing you all the very best with the op and the treatment; though you’ve survived a knife and an axe in your head, so this should be a piece of piss Seriously though, hope all goes well, and please keep us updated.
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    Well, shit, that's terrible, very sorry to hear that Cat. If thats your current treatment, then there's clearly still a fight to go there, so genuine best wishes at this time. (Well somebody had to say something instead of us all posting sad emoticons at 9 in the morning!)
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    Added a bit of Christmas to mine.
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    I was 'inspired' by Banana's really irritating...banana.
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    Death rumours (completely false!) are circulating again after he failed to attend the PCC plenum. Mind you, both Zhu Rongji and Song Ping, who are severly ailing managed to appear, though not in person. Song looked frail and all he said was like "it's fine" after a 50 minute speech of someone else. Jiang should probably be included on next year DL.
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