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    Jackie Mason dead at 93 https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/24/arts/jackie-mason-dead.html
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    Glad to know I'm not the only person who has connections to serial killer victims. My uncle lived in Seattle for a good number of years and knew family members of Green River Killer Gary Ridgway's victim Patricia Barczak(died at the age of 19 in 1986). Speaking of Gary Ridgway, he is still alive in prison and is now 72 years old and there have not been any updates on his status for years. Hopefully soon enough the grim reaper decides to strike him.
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    Wanna know what else is useless? Your comment...
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    1979 physics laureate Steven Weinberg has died aged 88: https://apnews.com/article/science-nobel-prizes-physics-fa5df3e3f8027f545d6d41c19151caeb He was not chosen in the NPDP but would have been worth 1.430 points. It seems that US-American scientists who share their prizes are very unlikely to score bonus points. Unless you are Weinberg's Co-laureate Sheldon Lee Glashow, who is now the last surviving laureate from 1979! One to put an eye on in 2022 - when he will turn 90 as well!
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    Have been waiting a long time to use this in order to celebrate the end of Rodney Alcala! Yippi! He murdered a young girl Robin Samsoe, age 12, who was from my mother`s neighborhood in Huntington Beach, California many years ago. Glad he is gone!
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    Best line from that
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    https://www.tsf.pt/portugal/sociedade/morreu-o-capitao-de-abril-otelo-saraiva-de-carvalho-13972389.html Dead. Last main commander of Portugal in it's war against liberation movements. Quite a personality, weeped at the funeral of authoritarian leader Antonio de Oliveira Salazar (1889-1970), involved in coups and allegedly worked with/for terrorist organizations, tried to seize power to become "Portugal's Fidel Castro" but didn't succeed. He was also the chief strategist of the 1974 Carnation Revolution that caused the dissolution of Americo Tomas's (1894-1987) Estado Novo.
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    Man who mocked Covid vaccines dies of Covid when God decides he isn't worth saving. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-57958358
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    There is a nice memorial plaque for Robin Samsoe at the beginning of the Huntington Beach Pier. I stop at it and say a prayer for her everytime we visit California. She was murdered in 1979 and Alcala got to live until now. Terrible. The last I heard about Ridgeway is that they think they are able to link him with several more unsolved murders. The monster is still alive.
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    https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-12032100 Carl Mesterton, Finnish tv director and actor dead at 91. One of the assistant directors in Warren Beatty's Reds (1981). In Finland he was known for directing the tv show Metsolat in 1993-1995. It depicts the early 1990s depression in Finland. Main actors were Ahti Haljala (1924-2005), Helinä Viitanen (1923-2013) and Juha Hyppönen (1947-) He had cancer in his back since 2017, in an interview from 2019 he said he was "happy to have reached 90" and said that he refused treatment for it due to his age and health.
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    Jackie Mason DDP QO: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9822287/Jackie-Mason-passes-away-93-unparalleled-career-borscht-belt-comic.html
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    Mostly for Paul, but anyone else of vague interest, BBC Scotland are doing a series all about disasters and in Episode 3 they covered the 71 Ibrox Stadium disaster. Anyhow, our Archie MacPherson showed up as a talking head interviewee and he looks and sounds a lot better than he did a few years ago. BBC iPlayer - The Disasters that Shocked Scotland - Series 1: Episode 3
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    US Serial Killer Rodney Alcala, known as the "dating game killer", died at 77 years: https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2021/07/24/infamous-dating-game-killer-rodney-alcala-dies-of-natural-causes/
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    This is really a sad one... He was a gentleman and very funny, an intellectual with knowledge and interest in pop culture. And he discovered Kate Bush for the German music market. A cook and a gay icon. We really owe him a lot. R.I.P. Bio. https://twitter.com/ARD_Presse/status/1418486403567083527?s=20
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    I can tell you didn't participate in the last Scavenger Hunt pool.
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    Clapton is a cunt in general, mind. Compare that stance to Neil Young, who won't go back touring until his audiences can be safe. His words.
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    Mary Ward is a hit for @ThereWillBeDeaths7, @Book, @Dying Probably, @Death Impends, @YorkshireBanker, @The Old Crem, @Great Uncle Bulgaria and @Salmon Mousse. Scoreboard updated. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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    Renée Simonot is a hit for @drol, @deadsox, @Book, @Kenny, @Dying Probably, @The Daredevil, @Salmon Mousse, @Annami, @The Unknown Man, @Yvonne, @MariNisia and @Daniel-San CONGRATULATIONS ALL!!!
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    Not to pile on, but I will also claim a nice score for Rick Laird. Only two months in and I already have half the hits (4) and more than half the points (1000) I got in all of last years game. (It doesn't take much to keep me happy.)
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    Congrats to Quim. I knew i was in trouble from the starting gun. I'll be bach.
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    Wait! No! I didnt lose! This election was rigged! The deaths my opponent received were bogus mail in deaths! I demand a recount! I wont go. I won this matchup! It was stolen from me!! Somebody better find me 7 points out there!!
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    9 pages of discussion and still a week before the game starts. Skinny's got to be rethinking biting off this ball of cud. Anyway, I'm not going to read all 9 pages of chat here, but I am familiar with the site and have been playing for a few years, so I am in. I go by the same name (not sure why we would want pseudonyms for our pseudonyms, some people really ARE too competitive), so if I can join just send me the invite. I will be checking the site every few days until game time. Since it is Yankcentric, maybe it's a forum where I will have a chance against some of you superstars.
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    Al Hendrix has passed away at the age of 86.
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