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    Happy 103rd birthday Still going strong.
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    Good afternoon, ABC poolers! I know I have left you hanging on the possibility of a 3rd year for this pool. I do like running it and I think it is a good format. However, I have a big vacation coming up and I will be out for most of July. My plan was to have it run for 11 months, from Aug 1,2019 until June 30, 2020, thus giving people the whole month of July to submit teams. Now I see that recently Sir Creep has proposed just that exact thing, and he has also volunteered to take over running it. I think I would like that, just being able to play this year. I have a couple of other pools going, so I am starting to find it hard to juggle them all in a timely manner. So if Sir Creep is willing to do it I will hand over the reigns for ABC DP III. I will definitely be submitting a team via PM. My first year team was quite good, but I sure slipped in year 2. Today is the last day for new hits in the current pool. The master standings list for this year is still up to date as far as I know, but there are a lot of names involved so please check your own list and inform me of any mistakes/misses by July 5th for proper credit. I will post final standings after that. Good luck to Sir Creep, who can PM me if you have any questions!!
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    A is for August. Sir Creep seems to be the only person around here what doesn’t run a DP, and he has plenty of time ta do! So if’n you want I can oversee this for a year, but no sense in pinching teams last second. Just start 1 August 2019. Same rules etc. I’m not re-inventing the wheel, just getting it upright and rolling. If that works for everyone.... SirC
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    It would be ironic if this was the truck.
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    Okay, here's a quick update. Mainly to remind you of the substitution period on July 1st. Post up to 5 replacements here in this thread on July 1st, UK time zone. If your replacement dies on July 1st, they only count if you posted here before their time of death. If your replacement died before, even if it was only found to be the case after, they don't count. If it is unclear whether they died before you placed them into your team, I will tend towards being lenient. Fame requirements are the same as half a year ago: I allow any name if it is more than just a sob story. Terminally ill fan who gets into the news because of his illness = no. Terminally ill fan who was a household name before his illness = yes Terminally ill fan who gets into the news, founds a cancer awareness charity, becomes an MBE, changes laws, plays a role in society, etc... = yes By the way... any "Oldest person of/in XYZ" is allowed. Not much harm done, I suppose. But sometimes, 5 points is better than 0. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, so since last update we only had three hits: Helen Legh, Beth Chapman and Maria Robucci (MASSIVE 3 points to Pedro!). So the half-time standings is this: 1 GCReptile 866 2 Death Impends 843 3 Cpt Chorizo 831 4 Clorox Bleachman 767 5 Devon Death Trip 739 6 Phantom of the Midway 738 7 msc 690 8 Banana 688 9 Joey Russ 687 10 drol 638 11 Grim Up North 587 12 Skinny Kiltrunner 578 12 Sir Creep 578 14 YoungWillz 297 15 Book 245 16 Yorkshire Banker 230 17 Prophet 209 18 The mad hatter 177 19 John Key 175 20 markb4 172 21 Gooseberry Crumble 157 22 Fixed Business 151 23 Grave Danger 145 24 Pedro 67 140 25 theoldlady 134 26 The Unknown Man 115 27 Deathray 110 28 The old crem 93 29 Bibliogryphon 41 30 The Quim Reaper 33 I scored with both Legh and Chapman and get the lead. And with me not using the replacements - I think it was good while it lasted! DI missed the Chapman hit, but among his close competitors only Cpt Chorizo had her.
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    The last line of your post is the only sensible one. 1)Who the fuck is Hilda Hansen and why was she notable? 2)I'm not referring to a QO, which he won't probably get, but to any kind of obit the Internet could give. Legacy would be enough! 3)This guy contributed to Fantasia and Dumbo. And you define him a nobody when you spend most of your time here reporting deaths of very non notable people. Contrarian to the last, but you risk to look like a dork, you know.
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    Maybe he doesn’t remember having it diagnosed....
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    Yes, you should go if you can and if you are on speaking-terms with your son and his family. You will be there to support your daughter-in-law. Just by being there is usually enough. Play it by ear. No expections. Just be there.
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    Happy birthday, Dame Olivia. Keep proving these death-obsessed deadpooling wankers wrong, and may you have many more years to come.
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    Upon hearing the whistle for the final of the Deathlist Cup, the doors are slammed shut and the teams entered are locked in. Masterlist appears on the first page of this thread. Please take your seats for 6 months of cardsharping! And best of luck to you all. (Damn lot of Australian picks, damn lot of overlapping!)
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    It would seem that I survived, the surgery was more extensive than first thought then add in a couple of complication and keyhole surgery rapidly turned into sledgehammer surgery. Home now and mending slowly. Thanks for all of your kind wishes.
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    Queue at the door is getting shorter as is entry time. With a little over 12 hours to go the confirmed entrants are as follows: 1. YoungWillz 2. Bibliogryphon 3. msc 4. theoldlady 5. JiroemonKimura 6. Great Uncle Bulgaria 7. Torva Messor 8. Yorkshire Banker 9. Gooseberry Crumble 10. DeathByArsenic 11. Fixed Business 12. Toast 13. RadGuy 14. Grim Up North 15. The Old Crem 16. gcreptile 17. Joey Russ 18. Death Impends 19. Skinny Kiltrunner 20. Clorox Bleachman 21. Banana 22. Sir Creep 23. Sean 24. Captain Chorizo @Banana has to come back to me on certain queries on that team. (Edit - team now validated!) If your name does not appear above, you have not submitted and had validated a team. No late entries! Come one, come all, before I pay off the performing juggler and the unicyclist at the door. Closer to the deadline I will begin to make assumptions about your picks if you have not clearly indicated who the people are - do not assume the game runner knows who you are talking about! It might be you who stops Death Impends gaining a third title - a complimentary feather and cap are on standby in my office for the player who can do just that! Otherwise, if DI does win, he will gain the mop and bucket from the janitor's cupboard for again wiping the floor with the competition!
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    Even Joan of Arc left a carbon footprint.
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    Oh dear, I'm getting old... missed her 87th birthday yesterday! Congratulations, Prunella!
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    That's right, Gob, it's... Over to John Anderson. "Boudicca, you will go on my first whistle. Spade, you will also go on my first whistle. Also there's no whistles..." 1. Sam Bass – Spade 2. Andrea Camilleri – Bou 3. Holly Clegg – Bou, Spade 4. Doug De Roo (DJ) - Spade 5. HM Ershad – Bou 6. Derrick King - Spade 7. Tom Long – Bou 8. Jared Lorenzen - Spade 9. Ivan Milat – Bou, Spade 10. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho – Spade 11. Archbishop Jaime Lucas Ortega y Alamino - Spade 12. Rebekah Recker – Bou 13. Fernando Ricksen – Bou 14. Gavin Robertson - Bou 15. Randy Romero – Bou* 16. Kevin Roster (“incredibly famous poker player”) – Bou, Spade 17. Slim 400 – Bo 18. Gigi Simoni - Spade 19. Blair Vining (rugby) – Spade* Boudicca (Clegg, roster, Recker, Milat, Camilleri, Long, Romero*, Ershad, 400, Robertson, Ricksen) Vs spade (Vining*, Bass, Clegg, De Roo, King, Lorenze, Milat, LoyA, Roster, Simoni, Nugroho) Best of luck, as we aim to crown our 3rd Deathlist Cup winner.
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    Beth, what can I do? See myself fall down the scoreboard, that's what. Indeed, nearly half of the participants are affected by Beth Chapman going tits up, and even those that doggedly hung on to zero points for nearly half the year have been afflicted, causing drol to become the new leader. 1. drol 1 2. Phantom of the Midway 2 3. JoeMoneypenny 3 =4. Bibliogryphon 4 =4. CaptainChorizo 4 =4. markb4 4 =4. Mercarte 4 8. Sir Creep 12 9. Banana 14 =10. An Fear Beag 15 =10. BuffaloPhil 15 =10. gcreptile 15 =10. machotrouts 15 =10. paddyfool 15 =15. FixedBusiness 16 =15. GraveDanger 16 =17. Clorox Bleachman 17 =17. QTips 17 =17. Spade_Cooley 17 =20. manuel 19 =20. The Quim Reaper 19 =22. Dr_T 21 =22. Great Uncle Bulgaria 21 =22. Pedro67 21 =22. Wormfarmer 21 =26. Toast 22 =26. Torva Messor 22 =28. charon 23 =28. Death Impends 23 =28. The Unknown Man 23 31. deadsox 24 =32. Skinny kiltrunner 25 =32. The Old Crem 25 34. Master Tech 26 =35. Book 27 =35. The Mad Hatter 27 37. Newjack 28 =38. Grim Up North 31 =38. Joey Russ 31 40. YoungWillz 32 41. En Passant 33 42. theoldlady 34 43. Philip 44 44. nantonian2013 46 45. Bentrovato 55 46. Neobrakeon 59 47. msc 61 48. Team Wean 64
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    So it boils down to Boris Johnston or Jeremy Hunt. Putting it politely, it's like choosing between Kate McCann or Jimmy Saville to watch your children.
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    I've known since very young that vigorously rubbing your weapon will make it go off in your hand.
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    Deaths So Far: Christopher Booker - 3 July Jared Lorenzen - 3 July John McCririck - 5 July Captain Chorizo: 200 Points (Lorenzen; McCririck) Cards Played: Grim Up North: 150 Points (McCririck) Cards Played: msc: 150 Points (Booker) Cards Played: YoungWillz: 150 Points (Booker) Cards Played: Banana: 100 Points (Booker) Cards Played: gcreptile: 100 Points (Booker) Cards Played: Joey Russ: 100 Points (Booker) Cards Played: Sean: 100 Points (McCririck) Cards Played: Sir Creep: 100 Points (Lorenzen) Cards Played: The Old Crem: 100 Points (McCririck) Cards Played: theoldlady: 100 Points (McCririck) Cards Played: Toast: 100 Points (McCririck) Cards Played: Torva Messor: 100 Points (McCririck) Cards Played: Everyone Else: 0 Points.
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    Yeah, it's cup time early and casino time later. I kinda canvassed a 12 month run, then thought, acht, complements the Cup, why not?
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    Guessing he'll soon be as fit as a fiddle?
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    It's actually "Wombling through, I'll tune into you, you tune into me." It's a reference to some old CB radios that Bungo found on the common and Tobermory mended, thereby enabling me to communicate with Madam Cholet at the other end of the burrow whenever I want a nice horlicks before bedtime. (And that's not a euphemism btw)
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    I'm still hopeful that Hunt will snatch it in the last ballot. Historically, the front-runner stumbles in the final ballot and Boris is very stumble-able. Crikey. For Jeremy Hunt to be the hopeful option for our next PM is a desperately sorry indictment for this country, isn't it?
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    fyi, frontpage updates are gonna be a few days behind for the next few days as I've got some pretty big stuff going on elsewhere.
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