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    Prepare yourselves for a mass outpouring of tears from coffin lodger.
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    Just when I puked my ring and thought there was nothing left. Michael Caine 'wanted for Captain Tom role' in biopic as country mourns national treasure | Films | Entertainment | Express.co.uk
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    Just a bit of appreciation for the alleged "snowflake generation" who were hit completely suddenly, same as the rest of us true, but we had bad things Thatcher happen so were not so surprised and better equipped for it. I'm absolutely amazed and encouraged by their resilience so far and the younger members here are to be applauded for their utter courage if you ask me. They really have shown so much bravery in the face of this utter shitstorm. My daughter had an entire pregnancy and birth without her mother (or any support) due to restrictions. I don't know when I will be ever able to hold the wee girl, but my loss is nothing measured against hers without her mother. I think we're totally forgetting the sacrifices made by young people. I see them though, and thank fuck. Their sense and maturity really gives me hope. Unless that's just elite DLers?
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    Prince Andrew " Hold my beer".
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    By that I think SC means he knows how to copy and paste large chunks from articles, and he wants credit for this. A big boy sticker for you.
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    Not sick enough.
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    Isn't it a bitch when posts come back to bite you on the arse?
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    Yo, Gooseberry, here's the Day by Day (from the front page, before people point out their disreprancies or the Brackers Debacle again) updated to Limbaugh for future reference re speed/time/dates...
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    " I've never wished a man dead but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure" Mark Twain.
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    Omgggggggggg shut UP JUST SHUT UP
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    Carlos Menem dead according to many Argentinian sources. No QO, but in this pool we take news from their native country. So that's a hit for (good god) OLD, TQR, CHW, SOX, DAR, ENP, MSC, CAP, LYN, BIB, GCR, ULI, SMO, TOC. Well done to @theoldlady @The Quim Reaper @chilean way @deadsox @The Daredevil @En Passant @msc @CaptainChorizo @Lynchian @Bibliogryphon @gcreptile @Ulitzer95 @Salmon Mousse AND @The Old Crem. The scores on the doors will be updating soon. Well done to all of you.
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    So you can reply to a post that was probably made before you were conceived, but you can’t reply to DMs about your participation in the cup? Fuck outta here with yo annoying ass
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    So what you’re saying is if the drive-bys don’t get them, the drive-throughs will.
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    I also think he’ll see 100. Both years old and “precautionary” hospital admissions.
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    I disappoint myself. Still look on the bright side eh? Whilst I still have the ability to act like I'm seven years old, I've not sunk to the depths of crying publicly every time somebody I half heard of dies, or posting about all the things I've not taken part in. So there's hope, there's always hope.
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    Apparently scientists have taught spinach to send emails. Who knew they would join online forums as well
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    Not really sure where to put this, but thought it was worth dumping on DL somewhere as there are a few "oh yeah, him/her" or "never heard of them before but they'd get a QO for sure" types on this... Here are the oldest living people with profile entries on the prestigious website Who's Who. In other words, anybody who is anybody in British "high society", plus a few global figures who have had some kind of official link with the UK at the same level. I've linked Wiki pages for those who have them: Alexander Henry Hermann b. 1917 / Diplomat Francis Jackson CBE b. 1917 / Organist and Master of the Music, York Minster, 1946–1982 Karl-Günther von Hase b. 1917 / German Ambassador to the UK, 1970–1977 Dame Frances Campbell-Preston b. 1918 / Lady-in-waiting to the Queen Mother, 1965–2002 Sir Lloyd Geering CBE b. 1918 / New Zealand theologian His Honour John David Hayman BEM b. 1918 / Circuit judge Prof. Brenda Milner b. 1918 / Neuropsychologist / 2021 DDP unique pick Joyce Reynolds b. 1918 / Classicist / 2021 DDP unique pick Stanley James Clayton b. 1919 / Town Clerk of the City of London, 1974–1982 Emmanuel Evans-Anfom b. 1919 / Commissioner for Education and Culture in Ghana, 1978–1988 9th Viscount Falmouth b. 1919 / Hereditary peer and landowner, Member of the House of Lords, 1962–1999 Captain Alwyne Farquharson MC b. 1919 / Chief of Clan Farquharson and Scotland's oldest clan chief Prof. James Lovelock CBE b. 1919 / Independent scientist known for coining the Gaia hypothesis / 2021 DDP pick Sir Humphrey Moon, 7th Baronet b. 1919 / Aristocrat Leslie Reid b. 1919 / Diplomat William Good Robinson b. 1919 / Deputy Secretary, Department of the Civil Service, Northern Ireland, 1978–1980 Victor Ross b. 1919 / Chairman of Reader's Digest, 1978–1984 George Girdwood Stewart MC b. 1919 / Decorated veteran and Cairngorms conservationist Diana Armfield b. 1920 / Artist / 2021 DDP unique pick Colin Hinton Curtis b. 1920 / Chairman of the Metropolitan Public Abattoir Board, 1971–1981 John Cruickshank VC b. 1920 / Last living VC recipient from World War II / 2021 DDP pick Prof. James Dannatt b. 1920 / Architect Sir Patrick Duffy b. 1920 / MP, 1963–1966, 1970–1992 Edmond H. Fischer b. 1920 / American biochemist, Nobel laureate (1992) Martin Philip Lam b. 1920 / Government official Prof. Ian MacGillivray b. 1920 / Doctor, Dean of Medical Faculty, University of Aberdeen, 1976–1979 Sir Gerrard Charles Peat b. 1920 / Chartered accountant, Partner, Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co. Prof. C. R. Rao b. 1920 / Indian-American mathematician and statistician / 2021 DDP unique pick 21st Lord Saye and Sele b. 1920 / Hereditary peer and British Army officer, Member of the House of Lords, 1968–1999 George Shultz b. 1920 / U.S. Secretary of State, 1982–1989, of the Treasury, 1972–1974 and of Labor, 1969–1970 / 2021 DDP pick Dr. Louis Siminovitch b. 1920 / Canadian molecular biologist Robert Steel b. 1920 / Secretary General, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, 1968–1985 Edward Toms b. 1920 / SAS veteran turned arts proprietor Kenneth Barnett b. 1921 / Deputy Secretary, Department of the Environment, 1976–1980 Jens Christensen b. 1921 / Danish diplomat Prof. Desmond Donovan b. 1921 / Head of Department of Geology, University College London, 1966–1982 Sir Michael A. Epstein CBE b. 1921 / Pathologist, co-discoverer of the Epstein–Barr virus / 2021 DDP unique pick Prof. Herbert Gutfreund b. 1921 / Biochemist Rev. Bernard Hall b. 1921 / Director, Society of Jesus, 2001–2004 Sir Archie Lamb b. 1921 / British Ambassador to Norway, 1978–1980 and Kuwait, 1974–1977 Amadou-Mahtar M'Bow b. 1921 / Senegalese educator, Director-General of UNESCO, 1974–1987 Wallace John Mackenzie OBE b. 1921 / Director, Slough Estates, 1972–1991 Dennis Moorcraft b. 1921 / Under-Secretary, Inland Revenue, 1975–1981 Prof. Walter Murgatroyd b. 1921 / Professor of Thermal Power Norman Thomas b. 1921 / HM Chief Inspector of Schools, 1973–1981 Geoffrey Graydon Tibbs OBE b. 1921 / Secretary of the Royal College of Physicians, 1968–1986 Sir Simon Towneley b. 1921 / Author and Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire, 1976–1997 Albert Frederick Wallace CBE b. 1921 / Controller of Manpower, Greater London Council, 1978–1982 Not the most interesting list of people, granted, but worth posting. 90% of the people on Who's Who seem to get QOs between the Telegraph, the Guardian and the Times, even when there's next to zero info available online about them before their death.
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    RIP. Has anyone checked on CoffinLodger? He'll be weeping uncontrollably whilst watching the Sound of Music and tucking into a big tub of Ben and Jerry's no doubt.
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