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    I've usually done this by now, but first thoughts: Kirk Douglas - Boring top pick. May or may not die. Herman Wouk - Somehow still alive. Olivia de Havilland - Healthiest centenarian the list has ever seen? Prince Philip - On the downward slope, but slowly imo. Leah Bracknell - Terminal lung cancer is terminal lung cancer, I think she'll be gone this year. Vera Lynn - Quieter than she used to be, could be one of the obligatory "random old folk on the list for year who die". Robert Mugabe - Hospital for several months last year, time is nearly up. Jimmy Carter - Should beat Bush's record, but reaching the Expiry Date for former Presidents and cancer survivor. Doris Day - She got hit by a train over 80 years ago, and still breathes. Will take a lot to take down Doris Pierre Cardin - Just really old? Bob Dole - Looked like fucking shite at Bush's funeral, has to be a good bet for 2019. Henry Kissinger - 96 must be close to 200 for his weight. Didn't similar heavy built Al Molinaro go at 96? Hmm. Jerry Stiller - No idea about his health. Interesting newcomer. Javier Perez de Cuellar - Zzzzzzzz. Death hoax in late 2018, maybe he's doing a Bill Pertwee. Bob Barker - Lots of hooha about him on here end of last year. Think hes on mend though. Murray Walker - Old, still chats apparently, smashed cancer to bits in his 90s - surely a few laps left in his tank. Akihito - Frail for years, surprisingly still around. Betty White - Looked frailer last year but not to the point I'd get worried. Gordon Banks - DL Cmme loves old footballers, clearly. Has Banks been quieter than usual of late or did I tune out all the Engerlund stuff last summer? Hosni Mubarak - Not convinced he's close to the end. June Brown - Clearly going downhill on Eastenders. Not got too long left. Stirling Moss - Shocked he made it this far. OoO says wont see 90, I believe him. Bob Hawke - Says he wont see May, hospital in and out in 2018, and his wife was crying talking on TV about his health few days ago. Think his goose is cooked. Alan Greenspan - Really old, and random death hoax last year. Jacques Chirac - Increasingly frail, likely a top pick. Dick van Dyke - Super healthy? Trying to do a repeat Aznavour imo. Nobby Stiles - Great pick. Barbara Walters - Quiet and demented, sleeper smart pick. Honor Blackman - Very old. Guessing Cmme has Avengers fans. Harry Belafonte - Good pick, A lister looking old. Desmond Tutu - In and out of hospital, in and out of the list d'Estaing - Just old Ed Asner - This years surprise comeback. Vanessa Redgrave - COPD so time limited but looked OK in recent public. Jimmy Greaves - Looks like shit, cant have long left. Sidney Poitier - About time this frail permanent A lister got on the list. Valerie Harper - Quiet dying? Quiet putting feet up and chilling? Who knows. Cleo Laine - Dunno much about this pick. Loretta Lynn - In lot of ill health, likely a big pick in 2019. Gorbachev - Finally! Frail, increasingly poorly, might be here in nick of time. Tony Britton - Really old actor. Thought his window of opportunity had long passed! John McCririck - Looks fucked tbh Clive James - Looked fucked tbh. Didn't I say that in every year since 2011? Prunella Scales - Rallied enough to do another TV series. Gone mentally, OK physically, could go downhill rapidly within 12 months though. Think Timothy might got within 6 months of her tbh. Little Richard - frail A-lister with health issues, good pick. Larry King - Just old? Tina Turner - Seems to be on the mend from rotten health. Shane McGowan - Fuck yer Gazza and Mark E Smiths, this is the one that'll gut me if he goes. Getting married suddenly end of 2018 after 30-40 years cohabiting is a huge warning bell. Ginger Baker - How is he still alive? COPD, for yonks. Johnny Clegg - He got pancreatic cancer in 2015, got remission, it came back, so he got the full Whipple Surgery in 2017, only for his pancreatic cancer to come back when he no longer had most of his pancreas etc and spread to his lungs. You don't need me or A Google Dr to tell you he is fucked. So saying that, and adding 2 to the score for the inevitable long time oldies who just don't wake up one morning, I think a reasonable target for this list is 16. In fact, IF enough of the long termers go in 2019, the record might be under threat. There's enough ill, frail and generally ancient picks to go around.
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    I can't find the "That's Yer Lot" option
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    It's not that simple. First, you need to obtain a 'Deathlist Doctorate'. This is an intensive course partaken over 5 years, which involves plenty of tasks, starting at the bottom with accurately estimating the prognosis of 3 cancer sufferers, via successfully making Peter Falk jokes and lambasting the official DL for not picking someone who, mid-year, very suddenly fell ill and died, working your way up to the dizzying heights of reviewing lists as if you are in possession of a crystal ball. Once obtained, this doctorate will be delivered via carrier pigeon to your home address. It normally manifests as a gold medal. As soon as you receive it, give it a name, charter a popemobile style vehicle, and parade it around your home town until you're arrested. On being released on bail, you must wear this medal and pay a visit to a shamanic settlement. Leah Bracknell will greet you with a spliff and a glass of kale champagne. She'll teach you yoga, followed by meditation. Once you have mastered her meditation course, she will light a giant joint and softly give you blowback, until you have an epiphany. You will wake up from a transient state back in your bed. The next 72 hours are crucial. You must sprint to your letterbox and await delivery of a silvery scroll, embossed with a letterhead with the Deathlist.net logo. Do not let this sit in your postbox or on your floor for any more than 10 seconds, or it will evaporate and you will need to go back to stage 1. On reception of this magical parchment, pray to the great Lord and Saviour, Sir Kirk of Douglas, with your Deathlist Doctorate medal in your hand. Wrap it in lambswool, and have it delivered by camel to the Himalayas to be blessed by a Tibetan monk. He will WhatsApp you a voice note of said blessing, and lo and behold, a special quill will appear. This quill is very fragile. With extreme care, and with no mistakes or corrections, you must write out your list of 50 names to perish in the forthcoming year. Do it carefully, else the quill will lose confidence in you and will write itself out, before poking you in the eye. You have just 5 minutes to write this list, before the Deathlist gods visit you, ask you to link up to a scanner, scan this parchment and upload it to the cloud. Once you have successfully scanned your parchment in, and on the first correct use of a upon a forum newbie, your list will appear in your signature, and the Deathlist Gods will wish you the best of luck, whilst tickling your chin with the parchment you wrote with. Only then can you say you've made it as a Deathlister.
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    Just over a year to go... Better start preparing your tastebuds, because that's an intense gustatory assault the likes of which the world has not seen before
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    Some banal trivia about the 2018 DDP: All 366 days of the year were represented in the birthdays of this year's picks. The most popular birthday was December 7th (17 picks, including hit Oliver Dragojevic). Least popular birthdays, with one celeb a piece, were November 16th (Frank Bruno) and January 25th (Robinho). The three most-picked jokers (Bracknell, Vervoort, Douglas) have all made it to December 25th at least. John McCain was the only person selected by more than 10 teams as a joker to die (so far). Jessica Falkholt was the most popular joker pick who didn't make the Drop 40.
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    Announcement: I'd like to reassure the anxious hordes that the Hartlepool DP will be going ahead in 2019. Due to a scarcity of updates this year, we may have to take action to protect this important part of our deadpooling heritage, which I'm sure our absent host, the great Rotten Ali would understand. Stand by for further news... DDT
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    Updating the stats tables as well this month, which has revealed that, following Devin Lima's death, Deceased Hose becomes only the second team in DDP history to pass 1,000 points in total.
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    Thank you. This isn't the first pool where I've picked a bunch of people who didn't die, but I'm glad that this time it was on purpose.
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    God, you really desire that ban.
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    A shocking miss from the DL! I've been saying since 2005 that she was on the way out.
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    Many thanks to Rotten Ali for his years of hosting the Hartlepool Deadlypool. He kept a deadpooling staple ticking along years beyond Notapotato's tenure, and while understandable that real life duties supersede deadpooling matters, his presence is nevertheless missed. The HPDP shall live on, though, and after some consulting with DDT, I have decided to take over hosting duties. Ali is a tough act to follow, but I'm up to the task. As Ali noted in another thread that he intends on completing the scoring for this year, I'll leave that duty to him, but 2019 henceforth is mine to handle. Will open entries on Christmas. Be sure to prepare your Morris dancing war criminals (unless they play baseball)!
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    No I'm not here, not even lurking, not watching and not recording. Seriously, I got a new hobby that takes too much time. Too much back and fourth for work - but just been let go off for Cristmas, that's very kind of them. (blighters expected me to clear 35 project jobs but I only managed 27) So with the prompt from DDT I promise to tie up the loose ends of the Hartlepool Deadlypool in the remainder of the year and if anyone wants to take it off my hands there is no chance they could do a worse job. Catch you round in a bit...
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    Final tally, assuming no teams have fell behind the sofa: 514 teams (393 returning, 121 new) 955 new celebs to add to the system. Gonna be a long week....
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    And with the year concluded, I can now proclaim @machotrouts the winner! Despite picking the most expected hit in the pool in John McCain, he only selected two other fatalities - Denis Norden and Stephen Hawking, with all 3 in the bottom 9 spots. And despite picking Hawking, he also steered clear of the other two of the three most popular hits (Aretha Franklin and Stan Lee). I also feel it merits mention that @paddyfool 's randomly generated team - despite finishing only above five other teams - managed to be the only team to correctly call Leah Bracknell and Marieke Vervoort surviving the year! The thread for Inverse 2019 will open sometime in the next few days, after Hartlepool matters are sorted.
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    Yep - everybody who's got you in their deadpool teams, dear.
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    60+ years as a top level entertainer (and most of that as a kids entertainer, which has a very short lifespan usually). Let's hope the only updates in this thread remain birthdays for a while yet.
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    The only thing that stabilized after Egypt's revolution was Mubarak's health.
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    And he certainly answered: "Who are you talking about?"
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    WTF is wrong with having an annual thread for each pool? So much simpler to follow.
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    It was wrong for Corbyn to call her a stupid woman. Fucking Idiot would have been more appropriate.
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    Shocking. You will now be ridiculed for the next 24 hours.
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    By popular demand we move to a new yearly thread system. Supposedly it flows more easily for many people to have boxed off yearly threads, and at 47 pages the old one was getting a tad long. Welcome to the 6th annual Hares Death Pool. Sick of your Deathrace team living a few months too long, they (topped up with a few friends) might do okay here.... The Rules (Last updated 6 March 2016) All teams must contain 25 picks. A maximum 5 subs are allowed. All picks must be humans aged over 18 on January 1st of the game year.. Death row prisoners only score if they die of other causes, those still on trial will still score points if sentenced to execution after 0000 on January 1st. Celebrities qualify if they achieve an obituary or article about their death in a local, national or even specialist newspaper - the article does not need to specifically relate to their death, instead just mention it and date it. or website/magazine/paper. If in doubt cite your death note for approval. There is absolutely no requirement for obits to be in the English language, however translations should be provided if they are not. Entries must be posted between 0001 on the 1st December and 2359 on December 31st, if a pick dies before 2359 but it's not known until January 1st they may be replaced until 2359 GMT on January 1st provided the replacement hasn't died between 0000 and their addition to the team on January 1st (with the sub system your sub will be promoted). The Game runner is permitted to enter a team on the express understanding that team is visible prior to the entries opening. Changes are permitted to teams up until the deadline. However these must be made clear to the game runner via new PM or post, not an edit to your original submission long after I've copied them over to the database - it just won't be seen. For the 2018 competition late entries are not permitted. This varies year by year on the benevolence of the game-runners benevolence. Murdering your chosen "celebrities" is both against the rules and illegal regardless of willing participation. Keeping alive another persons pick against the picks will to benefit in this game is also against the rules. If assisted euthanasia becomes legal in the future, contestants in this dead pool are forbidden from encouraging/discouraging/or actively taking part in their or another contestants picks decision regarding this or being an active participant in their euthanasia. This rules apply to assisted euthanasia in other countries of picks. Celebrities are disqualified if they are a celebrity because of their impending death. For clarification Tom Attwater - fundraiser dying of cancer was an eligible pick for his fundraising. This man who became critically ill after being hit by a trolley in M&S would not be an eligible pick if his identity were known for a game held in 2013, if the man were to recover, his extremely dubious claim to fame as the man hit by a trolley in M&S would be sufficient to see him eligible as a pick if he garnered the required obit. [[Some picks have really tested the limits of this rule and the game-runners patience this year).] All entries must be posted in this thread or PMed to me, they'll then be posted in this thread as one post for each game year. The onus is always on the player to check that the person in question is alive at the start of the competition and replace them within the 24 hour leeway allotted, if this is not something you are willing to do please provide up to 5 substitutes. Even if you're convinced all you're players are breathing you may wish to provide substitutes just to be safe (a player who shall remain nameless provided a pick who died in 2005 in their team, we are all capable of making mistakes - better safe than sorry) Blatant plagiarism of another persons team, in the eye of the game runner, is punishable by expulsion and a 5 year ban on entering the competition. Entries submitted on the 31st December may suffer abuse from a stressed host via PM response. Scoring System (Last Updated 6 March 2016) 1 Point for each day of the year that passes before your celebs death (if they die on the 10th of January you are awarded 9 points for example) up until the games close at midnight on the 31st December. 250 point bonus if one of your "celebrities" dies on 31st December in that game year (i.e a 31st death will score 614 points in a normal year or 615 points in a leap year rather than the 364 or 365 points it would normally accrue) Pick 1 of your celebrities as a wild card to double the points for that pick upon their death. (i.e if they die on the 9th January you'll get 16 points). Wildcards are calculated before the 250 point bonus, meaning are 31st December wildcard will score 976 points not 1228. 500 point bonus if your entire list perish of this mortal coil in the game year. So let the games begin who do you think will very nearly make it to next year but alas lose out? 2014 Champion - Rotten Ali 12 Teams - Final Scoreboard 2015 Champion - Toast 16 Teams - Final Scoreboard 2016 Champion - Gcreptile 17 Teams - Final Scoreboard 2017 Champion - Grim Up North 24 Teams - Final Scoreboard 2018 Champion - ?????? 30 Teams - Latest Scoreboard 2019 Champion - ??????? 43 Teams - Latest Scoreboard (TBA) All-Time Records Lowest Scoring Hit - maryportfuncity with 0 points for Dorothy Baldwin (2014) [1 was awarded in consolation] [1st January 2014] Highest Scoring Hit - Sir Creep - 666 points (George H.W Bush on 30 Nov 2018 with WC points). Time Without a Hit - YoungWillz - 274 daysin 2018 Most Hits: - msc 16 in 2018 All Time Leaderboard - Points Tally (up to 2017 - 2018 will be added after it closes.) Best of luck.
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    I thnk it's a bit harsh to class Laura Barry in with the "cancer mums". She was a jockey and she had ridden a bunch of winners, so would have had her name in the papers regularly outside of her illness. She would have been known to a fair number of the general public.
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    Christmas is the only time of the year where you can shout "Don't come in here" and people won't assume your having a wank.
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