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    Super Porky is super dead
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    Mike Enzi dead at 77: https://k2radio.com/mike-enzi-shoe-salesman-turned-force-in-the-us-senate-dies-at-77/
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    That is good news thanks for taking this thread on
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    Alfie Scopp (wiki) dead at 101 according to numerous posts on Facebook and Twitter. Depending on how quickly the media pick up on it will likely determine if he gets a QO.
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    I thought the super enema or whatever was supposed to be stronger than last year? So far it’s just a tiny, wet fart.
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    Metal Church singer Mike Howe reported dead at 56.
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    If we don't get any input from Sir Creep by July 31, I will assume I am going to run the pool this year, and I will open a new thread with the title ABC Deadpool #5. Entries will be accepted until close of Aug 3rd and the points will start to accrue on Aug 4. Any deaths prior to that will need a substitute. So that will give us a few extra days to sort out who is running and who is playing. I will either post my list first thing (in code) or send it to an early entrant (I already have one person that PM'd me a list). I will post a master list within a week or so after that. Of course if Sir Creep has plans to continue to be poolmaster, he can jump right in and set his own timelines.
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    Former Derek Trucks Band percussionist Count M’Butu has died. The death of the musician born Harold L. Jones was confirmed on Sunday afternoon by the Tedeschi Trucks Band. https://liveforlivemusic.com/news/harold-l-jones-count-mbutu-obituary/?fbclid=IwAR3uVgt-2DfTdYkDxSym7hzK0gXLeAxAfOqxOUKRVEtpp4IhJQNjAfvu7X8
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    Wythenshawe striker Sam Jones https://fanbanter.co.uk/english-football-left-shocked-at-tragic-death-of-28-year-old-player/
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    Fernando Karadima, child rapist priest from Chile known from the Karadima case, finally dead at 90: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/former-chilean-priest-center-abuse-175722949.html
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    88 year old Portsmouth fan Joyce Tynan has died https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/people/tributes-paid-to-loyal-and-passionate-pompey-fc-supporter-joyce-tynan-known-as-supergran-who-passed-away-after-major-stroke-3324421
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    Patrica Kennealy-Morrion author of the fantasy novel The Copper Crown and almost wife of Jim Morrison dead at 74
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    Got a link yet? Or do I need to climb into my tardis to get one?
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    British actor Eric Christmas died on this day 20 years ago, aged 84.
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    Elaborate on "current immigrant situation". We don't know the extent of illegal immigration - all those landing on our shores, whether its via a first class flight or the aforementioned rubber dinghy should be afforded the same process to determine their legality. If you'd asked for opinions on the current immigration policy, I'd say its a fucking disgrace.
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    Pilar Bardem, Spanish actress and Goya winner in her own right, but of course, also the mother of Javier Bardem, dead at 82: https://www.heraldo.es/noticias/ocio-y-cultura/2021/07/17/muere-pilar-bardem-a-los-82-anos-de-edad-1507025.html
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    Or would anybody else volunteer to take it on??
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    @Sir Creep Is this game going to be renewed for the 2021-2022 season?
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    I just find there's far too many unnecessary threads. Like Romeo Beckham and Ariana Grande are gonna snuff it tomorrow
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    The rest of your fruitcakery aside, you’re probably right about them being racist, after all, racism is rife within the royal family.
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    Neither is Keir Starmer IMO
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    A healthy man in his 50s has his own thread now because knocked down a cyclist. Okay then.
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    As much as I love this man and if something happened to him I would cry my eyes out, but death is still waiting for him. Saw The Story of God and he looks good for 79. But not that good. He's old and it shows. He's slow and a bit confused. I read something about him having Fibromyalgia. I had no idea what that was but apparently it literally drives you insane. This is a part from some article about Fibromyalgia: The main findings of this study of 1,269 Dansih female patients were the increased risks of death due to suicide, liver disease, and cerebrovascular disease. Disturbingly, the suicide risk among fibromyalgia patients was ten times that of the general population. However, none of the fibromyalgia patients who did commit suicide had a medical history of depression or other psychiatric illness at the time of diagnosis. This is of interest in that previous studies have found increased rates of depression, anxiety, pain, fatigue and other psychiatric disorders. I think he won't live to see late 80's. Even If he does, by that time I won't be around this page anymore to prove myself wrong. Ok, you have the permission to hate me now for his thread. This time try something original and not those "Useless thread", "Too early for his thread" and "Another thread" comments. Peace out. P.S. Just found out his staring in the new version of Ben-Hur.
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