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    When I started this thread, I would never have thought I'd be mentioning Adam Schlesinger, whose death is reported elsewhere, but who I hope you don't me adding here, as songwriting was his true talent. I'd call him more an acquaintance than a friend, but two memories stand out. The first was when he and Chris stayed at my flat as members of The Wallflowers, a name they gave up to Jacob Dylan soon after, before forming FoW. They had the misfortune to be there while a 'party' was going on, and spent half the night sequestered in a bedroom playing Scrabble with my flatmate Nic. The other was getting me a pass to see them play Stacy's Mom on Top of the Pops, as a besotted teenager of... 36! I stayed well out of camera shot and made my way to the legendary TVC bar after their slot. Thanks for reading, and look after yourselves and your loved ones in these strange days. Should I link a YouTube, if i can remember how?
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    The Hollywood Reporter has checked up on him and he's doing fine during this coronavirus situation. It's also interesting to note that Norman Lloyd lived through the 1918 flu epidemic. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/rambling-reporter/norman-lloyd-is-surviving-his-second-global-epidemic-1286735
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    American jazz legend and multi-instrumentalist Bucky Pizzarelli, known for his work as a guitarist and a banjo player, died at 94 years: https://syncopatedtimes.com/guitarist-bucky-pizzarelli-has-died-at-94/ He was also a member of Johnny Carsons Tonight Show Band.
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    I hate to be the possible bearer of bad news, but would this be your Dale Tramp?: http://funeralinnovations.com/obituary/376545/Dale-Tramp/ If so, he didn't make it to the starting line. Date of death March 30th. (And if it's not him, it's one hell of a coincidence.)
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    As also noted in the Death by Jazz thread, Ellis Marsalis Jr., patriarch of the legendary music-making Marsalis family, has died from the coronavirus. He was 85. https://www.cnn.com/videos/entertainment/2020/04/02/ellis-marsalis-jr-new-orleans-jazz-legend-dies-coronavirus-ctn-vpx.cnn
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    And sure enough it has now come ! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2020/04/01/james-ramsden-last-secretary-war-took-john-profumo-torrid-sex/
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    Could be the mathematician Tony Lewis, who is responsible for the Lewis-Duckworth rule in cricket along with Frank Duckworth ! Then again maybe not ... https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/28983084/tony-lewis-duckworth-lewis-rain-rules-fame-dies-aged-78
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    A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller. For when it is all over and the world starts to try to rebuild. Post-apocalyptic science fiction to cheer the soul.
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    He is the person on DL most likely to make it to 105. Committee could have held off on him imo until he was closer to Centenarian status
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    Ellis Marsalis dead of COVID-19.
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    Greenspan apparently knows how to run the internet...
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    Looks like Biblio had Freeman Dyson
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    Fucking hell. “Utopia Parkway” was a massive album for me as a 16-year-old. On a side note though, with this coming just a year after Nipsey Hussle’s death, do we get a “Curse of Crazy Ex Girlfriend” thread going?
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    Fixed. There's a theme with corona deaths emerging
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    England 888 Wales 38 Scotchyland 11 NI Hopefully the fucking lot
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    William Helmreich, a prominent sociologist perhaps best known for walking nearly every block of New York City, died Saturday morning of coronavirus (NO SHIT?). He was 74. Helmreich wrote nearly 20 books, including "The New York Nobody Knows: Walking 6,000 Miles in the City," which chronicled his walks through New York City talking to and learning about its residents. SC EDIT: oh and for those bitching at SC for keeping it real around here. "After testing positive for coronavirus, Helmreich's symptoms appeared to be improving when he died suddenly on Saturday." It's what this thing does over and over. So when someone thinks they're feeling better....it's the most dangerous of times. They need to double down on whatever precautions or remedies they are doing. I wasn't put on earth to make friends and I surely ain't on a website -- about death -- sugar-coating reality. This thing is a killer. Know the symptoms and course that it takes.
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    I have heard that this virus is causing people to mysteriously transform into other creatures..... ....or I am getting confused with OVID 19?
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    Don't fret, I'm sure work will pick up for you soon
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    US could’ve had less deaths if the government hadn’t fucked up this entire thing. Now they’re expecting the death toll to be at least 100k, and I think that’s a lowball estimate tbh...
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    868 US deaths today. Man, a lot of people are going to die worldwide the coming weeks.
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    Another good reason to watch The Faceless Ones, albeit a sadder one ..
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    Here's your Acadiana (southern Louisiana) update: As of noon on March 31, the Louisiana Department of Health reported 1,212 additional cases since Monday, bringing the total to 5,237 positive cases. So far, 239 people have died.
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    We only had 7 Corona deaths back than. Now (not even a month later) we have 682 and 15 deaths in my home town.
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