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    Yes, you should go if you can and if you are on speaking-terms with your son and his family. You will be there to support your daughter-in-law. Just by being there is usually enough. Play it by ear. No expections. Just be there.
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    Maybe he doesn’t remember having it diagnosed....
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    Oh dear, I'm getting old... missed her 87th birthday yesterday! Congratulations, Prunella!
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    They'll need a Pall Bearer!
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    Form guide last 16, a-la guardian UK. Just to show I'm not in any way hiding information in order to sneak a few points with inordinately diligent research.... Ladies, start your engines.
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    Yep, definitely the source I couldn't access.
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    When Dave Bartholomew gets his QO, he will be my fifth hit on this pool, and the third this month!
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    Interesting tweet about McCririck: McCririck himself responded on Twitter to a separate "get well soon" comment, so still able to tweet, but does seem to suggest some sort of new illness.
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    The trainer in question is Jerry Hollendorfer.
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    Daughter in Law’s father... I’d say aye. Hes the one had to pay for the wedding after all.
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    I’ve already got eight ‘100%ers’ for 2020. I got them from my 100%ers list from 2018.
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    He always looked like he was 79 even when he wasn't 79.
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    Being a dad myself and another daughter on the way it's very saddening to see a father go through that . Makes you appreciate life even the smallest things. The joy of making the kids birthday special is an incredible thing. Something they'll remember for the rest of their lives long after you're gone. I know because it was like that with my dad.
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    Not quite: the article says "A female jogger found Thalassitis' body hanging in a park near his home". Maybe it meant to say cocaine & alcohol bungee.
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    If Mother Teresa is involved, Crowe will die quicker than expected, and in terrible pain and agony.
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    Yowza, Beth Chapman in medically induced coma: https://metro.co.uk/2019/06/23/dog-bounty-hunters-wife-beth-chapman-medically-induced-coma-amid-terminal-cancer-struggle-10032805/
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    https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/harry-kane-lined-up-star-16787353 Now totally paralysed down his right side and needs a lot of care.
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    Etika's belongings found along the Manhattan Bridge - https://nypost.com/2019/06/22/missing-youtubers-personal-items-found-along-manhattan-bridge/
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    My father died at 5.44 a.m. local time this morning. He would have turned 88 in August.
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    Sorry for your loss, Biblio. My father has received his last rites yesterday.
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    Last night my Dad died. He had been poorly for a few weeks. He was 90 but despite being blind for the last five years he was not unhealthy. We celebrated his 90th birthday back in February and then he was still able to participate. Things had not been easy for him considering he was a widower aged 50 with four children aged 19 to 9. He eventually started another relationship but she succumbed to Alzheimer's about 5 years ago.
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