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    If I was president I would get a pet tortoise just so it could be boasted my administration still has a living link to it 100 years later
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    José Manuel Caballero Bonald, the Spanish poet and member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language, has died at the age of 94 at his home in Madrid. https://then24.com/2021/05/09/poet-jose-manuel-caballero-bonald-dies-at-94/ Caballero Bonald received the National Prize for Spanish Letters in 2005, the National Poetry Prize in 2006, the Cervantes Prize in 2012 and the Francisco Umbral Prize for his book of poetry "Unlearning" in 2016.
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    Please don't create threads for the sake of creating threads, especially when you aren't even sure if the person in question is famous enough for one. Voice actors thread is sufficient for all your Kathryn Beaumont needs.
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    Benjamin Harrison did have alligators that probably outlived if not all, most of his administration. William McKinley had a Mexican parrot that, if it lived the whole 80-year lifespan of that parrot species, would've been alive 56 (1877-1957) years after the end of McKinley's presidency and death.
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    Georgi Dimitrov, Bulgaria captain in the 1986 World Cup has died of cancer. https://www.24chasa.bg/amp/9776443 (Because we can all read Bulgarian!) Also dead is Argentina's 1962 one-off player Martin Pando who died the other day.
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    Bob Newhart appeared on Stars in the House tonight alongside his costars from The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart including Peter Bonerz, Julia Duffy, William Sanderson, Tony Papenfuss, and John Voldstad:
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    https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-helmut-jahnfamed-architect-dies-20210509-t4co2a6zd5fxzfiyon2hvcud24-story.html Notable and influential architect Helmut Jahn has been killed in Chicago in a bicycle accident aged 81.
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    If he is alive in one year from now he will join the list.
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    Rumours that Curtis Fuller (wiki) has died at 86.
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    Martinique politician Jean Maran dead at 101. EDIT: birthday death.
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    THREE POEMS BY JOSÉ MANUEL CABALLERO BONALD: WASTE OF TIME: There's a great white bird, nesting in the word time, a consecutive loss of past historic, and some surplus of fleetingness. Other words interweave in the word time, of the same stock: The slow, perpetual sea, and its fathomless wearing away, fate ever wandering, and the astronomic light gap. The one strategy best poised to defeat time is to be able to waste it, and go unpunished. I DO NOT KNOW FROM WHENCE YOU COME: Now I remember the speakable river that flowed below your name, the house in whose kingdom the bitter day walked, meandering around the clear maternal walls. I remember it all together, although, I don't know, something escapes me, like a remnant of light, like a sense of absence, something that I forget and yet understand that it is most decisive. And suddenly I no longer know anything of yours. THE DISQUIET OF THE PERFORMED DUTY: Blessed he who, one morning, suddenly turns aside from the road he used to walk each day, for years, until the irrevocable district of duty. So what made him digress: The ineffective sameness of inertia, taedium vitae repeatedly ongoing like a merciless devastation, the dampened distance between morons and their prisons? Did he unwittingly choose the least predictable, that's to say, the fairest way? Blessed he who one day decided to retrace his life until reaching one very unendorseable peace.
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    Former Delaware governor and congressman Pete DuPont, yes, the DuPont family, dead at 86: https://delawarebusinessnow.com/2021/05/former-governor-congressman-pete-dupont-passes-away/
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    I think that puts season two joint top with three? It's enough to drive Dr Drew to drink and drugs. The DL should have sponsored this show. I was getting her confused with Kitten Natividad, the Russ Meyer star. Red Shoe Diaries was more Tawny's era, though. Here she is in classic video vixen mode with ex-hubby Dave 'Bear-battler' Coverdale. Remember her this way.
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    Keith Waples, one of the greatest horsemen in the history of harness racing, has died. He was 97. He was the patriarch of the Waples family of racers. https://standardbredcanada.ca/notices/5-8-21/keith-waples-passes.html
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    Edgar Harrell, the last surviving Marine of the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, has died. He was 96. https://www.fox6now.com/news/last-surviving-marine-of-uss-indianapolis-sinking-edgar-harrell-dies
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    Is it going to kill him?
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    Literally no-one has ever heard of him, not even his own father.
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    Could I suggest Kåre Willoch(B.1928) He was the prime minister in Norway from 1981-1986. He was diagnosed woth cancer back in april 2016, and a stroke in december 2019. He lost his speech after the stroke, but seems to recover from it slowly, he also said in march 2019 that his cancer was gone. And even after this health issues and also looking frail, he still takes daily walks. Anyway just a suggestion
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    A while ago, I suspect - time caught up with Askwith and he looked a lot older and thinner when doing TV last year.
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    Aaron Neville posts this odd message. Someone wind up the Al Jarreau Retirement Death Clock, please.
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    On the plus side, it seems a few call centres are shut - I'm not getting so many idiot telesales calls from people pretending to do a 'survey.' Every cloud and all that ...
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    Reutemann is now critically ill after his condition worsened.
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    Cross-posting Lloyd Price report. Edit: Full Story: https://www.soultracks.com/story-lloyd-price-dies DDP Pick.
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