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    Times Person of the year is clearly Taika Waititi, and I will fight anyone that disagrees with me.
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    I'm not - do any of the stattos hereabouts know when was the last time we went all the way through December without a hit?
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    To be fair - he looks to me like a guy who's spent a life working in local radio
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    New MC is Johnny Hallyday - French Elvis, or summat
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    A hotel minibar allows you to 
see into the future and find out what a can of Pepsi will cost in 2025
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    My girlfriend and I often laugh about how competitive we are. But I laugh more.
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    I think there has to be (at least) another hit for the deathlist. I don't know how big but...
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    All of the Beatles Noel Gallagher Liam Gallagher Chris Evans (the cunty DJ) Kevin Hart James Corden Adele Matt LeBlanc & the rest of the cast of Friends. Bag of bollocks that was.
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    Prince Philip: "No, Harry, that's not what getting something for Black Friday means..."
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    There's this thing in Doctor Who fandom, you see. And other fandoms, undoubtedly, but I'm not qualified to make deadpool analogies about them! You have the stories that a majority of fans adore, then you have the stories that a majority of fans hate, and in the middle, you have this spread of about 100 stories that are neither outright adored or universally hated. Just there. Terror of the Autons, for example: enjoyably kitsch 70s Jon Pertwee stuff with a mix of great stuntwork, dodgy FX and even dodgier acting. Just there, no real feelings from the majority. This happens every year with deadpooling: you've got the "certs" or "favourites", then at the other end of the spectrum "the droppable names" or "bad picks", and in the middle, a whole bunch of "could pick 'em but easily lost in the shuffle" names. What surprises me is that we have reached over 50% of the list total from 2016 (let's smash that record, eh?) and there's a huge deadpooling/Drop 40 name threatening to be one of those lost in the shuffle. 100% certainty to qualify by December 31st imo, but the fact it's even in doubt now is shocking.
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    He certainly wasn't in the running for time's Man/Person of the Year!
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    John Leslie will still be in the Piano Bars at 3am trying it on aged 75. He will probably wear a cravat. His brother however.... Fatter. Balder. Less talented. Less successful. Always seems 'forced' humour. Now 'he' would be my pick of the pair.....
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    The last donut for Verne Winchell on this day 15 years ago, aged 87.
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    10 lists in. Total number of points anyone could possible have right now - 500 points Points gained by the current number one - 389 points. Popular!
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    DDP Team #1 - Done DDP Theme Team #2- Done DDP Theme Team #3 - Still being prepared Hare's Pool - Done - awaiting December post. Hartlepool DP - Not ready Deathrace - considering whether to bother entering Advent Avalanche - Done - ready to submit Scavenger Hunt - awaiting a deadline for entries Death By Numbers - Not ready
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    His oppo in the comedy Never the Twain, Donald Sinden, shuffled off a couple of years ago.
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    Windsor Davies is rarely heard of these days.
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    Ron Glass stopped acting on this day one year ago, aged 71.
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    I’m not sure what they’re even complaining about. Why wouldn’t they replace Lord Jesus with a sausage roll when Lord Jesus spelt backwards is susejd rol.....?!
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    So I just read multiple articles on Trump in which he defends Roy Moore, who is a sexual predator to young children and is running for the senate. So he’s basically saying that being a democrat is worse than being a child molester. I’m not trying to get the liberal vs conservative ball rolling, but I can tell you that being a democrat is definitely better than being a child molester, unless of course the democrat is a child molester, then they’re still terrible. Being a conservative that isn’t a child molester is also better than being being a conservative who is a child molester. So where am I going with this? Well, a senator who is a democrat, Al Franken, has also been accused of sexual assault as well, and Trump is calling for him to be removed from office. So hold on a second, your calling for a liberal who committed sexual assault to be removed from office, but the conservative who is running for office who has been accused of sexual assault you’re defending? I don’t care whether you’re conservative or liberal, everyone should agree that this bias merely due to political party preference on a criminal offense is completely unacceptable! I do not support either of these men for their crimes, and what I personally believe is that neither of these men should have a seat in the senate because they have committed a criminal offense I honestly consider worse than murder. This choice of preference due to politics is absolutely bullshit! I am ashamed for my country right now for what he did today, and I sincerely hope our next president will at least have the moral competence to recognizing crimes for everyone who committed them and not just their opposing party...
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    Are you asking all of us to essentially pick your new name? That's a risky strategy, Mr Pissflaps.
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    George Takei next in the frame. Personally, I'd absolve him if his chat up line involved 'to boldly go where no man has gone before'.....
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    All you guys changing your votes to King Michael now should be ashamed!! Anyway, King Michael for me.
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    Marilyn Monroe. There, I said it...
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