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    I've done this as a separate topic from the Time Added thread, because the Time Added thread is very catch-all, as a football thread will be. I can only go by the English Football League, as I don't have access to the Scottish records, but hopefully someone can copy and paste the Scottish only players for reference here. There are a number of people definitely alive and they come in the first set of information. Of those that I'm not certain of, there will definitely be some alive but there's no report recently on them to confirm that, or no general "oldest player" posts or snippets on the web. Barry Hugman's Footballers was the backup source for the list and basically it's been going through Google, BHF, UK and Ireland Family Records, Scottish Death Indexes and Probate searches to eliminate other possibilities. Some footballers I couldn't find death records for but when some clubs have gone "such and such is our oldest player" then it's made life easier. Hopefully having this will actually help confirm some others off the list. The likelihood is that the top four are indeed the oldest four, but you never know... So here, you go; DEFINITELY (OR ALMOST CERTAINLY BELIEVED TO BE) ALIVE: First Name Surname DoB Clubs Arthur Smith 08/05/1915 Bury, Leicester City William Simpson 02/10/1919 Carlisle, Tottenham wrexham, Rochdale, Blackpool Alf Patrick 25/09/1921 York Jack Vitty 19/01/1923 Workington, Brighton, Charlton, Boldon Villa Reg Harrison 22/05/1923 Derby County, Boston U Bob Gray 14/12/1923 Gateshead, Newcastle Albert Bateman 13/06/1924 Huddersfield, Yorkshire Iron and Steel Eric Dale 06/07/1924 Shrewsbury, Irlam Daniel Flanagan 24/11/1924 Manchester City, Bradford, Notts County Walter Jones 04/04/1925 Blackpool, York, Grimsby, Doncaster John Watling 11/05/1925 Bristol Rovers Jock Aird 18/02/1926 Burnley, Scotland Tony Collins 19/03/1926 Crystal P, Watford, Rochdale, Torquay, Norwich, York, Sheff W Trevor Hitchen 25/09/1926 Southport, Wigan, Oldham, Notts Cty, Wellington, Halifax Bill Holmes 29/10/1926 Southport, Morecambe, Bradford C, Blackburn, Wolves, Doncaster Sam Burton 10/11/1926 Swindon George Derek Holt Hawksworth 28/02/1927 16/07/1927 Halifax Bradford, Lincoln, Huddersfield, Sheffield United Charlie Heffron 13/08/1927 Bradford PA, Belfast Celtic Gordon Astall 22/09/1927 Birmingham, Torquay, Plymouth, Southampton Frank O'Farrell 09/10/1927 Preston, West Ham Sid Watson 12/12/1927 Mansfield Town Jimmy Billy Elder Murphy 05/03/1928 22/03/1928 Portsmouth, Colchester, Yeovil Bristol Rovers, Exeter, Stirling Albion Derek Ufton 31/05/1928 Charlton, England Dick Taylor 21/08/1928 Southport, Everton Con Sullivan 22/08/1928 Arsenal, Bristol City, Horfield Tommy Docherty 24/08/1928 Arsenal, Chelsea, Scotland Harry Jarvis 08/10/1928 Notts County, Worksop Cecil Steeds 11/01/1929 Bristol City, Bristol Rovers Joe Boyden 12/02/1929 Walsall John Core 29/03/1929 Halifax Len Fletcher 28/04/1929 Ipswich, RAF Didcot Don Gibson 12/05/1929 Leyton O, Sheff W, Man U Ron Baynham 10/06/1929 Luton, England Polly Ward 15/06/1929 Bradford PA, Bradford C, Kings Lynn Roy Killin 18/07/1929 Lincoln, Man U Eddie McLaren 08/09/1929 Reading, Blackpool Terry Robinson 08/11/1929 Brentford, Northampton, England Amateur Maurice Leather 09/11/1929 Portsmouth Tommy Banks 10/11/1929 Bolton, England Ron Harbertson 23/12/1929 Lincoln, Darlington, Wrexham, Grimsby, Bradford, Brighton, Newcastle Ron Phoenix 30/06/1929 Rochdale, Man City PROBABLY ALIVE First Name John Graham Surname Lavery Bailey DoB 24/11/1919 22/03/1920 Clubs Halifax, Bradford City Huddersfield, Sheffield United Google alive 2016? alive 2019? Maurice Leslie 19/08/1923 Swindon, India, 53rd infantry division alive 2011 Tom Docherty 15/04/1924 Norwich, Lincoln, Reading, Newport County alive in 2010 Peter Joe Greenwood Lancaster 11/09/1924 28/4/1926 Chester, Burnley, Todmorden Accrington, Manchester United alive in 2009 alive in 2016 Terry Regan 26/06/1926 Bradford City Alive in 2012 Russell Crossley 25/06/1927 Shrewsbury, Liverpool Alive in 2012 John Scott 18/07/1928 Leeds, Workington alive in 2011 Bobby Bruce 14/10/1928 Leicester, Leyton O Alive in 2012 Keith Francis 22/07/1929 Leyton O, Yeovil Alive in 2012 George Price 02/12/1929 Crewe Alive in 2017 CANNOT CONFIRM IF ALIVE OR NOT: First Name Surname DoB Clubs Jerry Jones 28/09/1918 Hartlepool, Belle Vue Congs Billy O'Neill 29/01/1919 Walsall, Burnley, Chelmsford Dewis Brown 04/06/1919 Stockport, Rotherham Jim Smith 01/01/1920 Leyton O, Burnley William Reid 13/01/1920 Newport, Cumnock Juniors Mike Kelly 30/11/1920 Crewe, Wolves Eddie Martin 30/03/1921 Accrington, Alloa Alec Jackson 02/10/1921 York, Huddersfield Eric Hampson 11/11/1921 Stoke, Stafford Rangers Reg Hipkin 31/12/1921 Brighton, Charlton, Wolves, Norwich John McCarthy 22/01/1922 Cork United, Bristol City Ken White 15/03/1922 Hull, Selby Town Herbert Robinson 30/04/1922 Accrington, Barnoldswick John O'Sullivan 30/05/1922 Swansea, Aldershot, Waterford, Lovells David Lindsay 29/06/1922 Southend, Sunderland, Blantyre Victoria Roy Moody 12/03/1923 Lincoln, Workshop David Gray 13/04/1923 Bradford City Andrew Jack 30/06/1923 Tranmere, Wishaw Frank Winters 30/10/1923 Torquay, Clyde Trevor Churchill 20/11/1923 Reading, Swindon, Rochdale, Leicester, Sheff U Syd Ward 26/11/1923 Bradford, Upton Colliery John McBride 31/12/1923 Third Lanark, Reading, Shrewsbury Fred Sharpe 26/01/1924 Wrexham Sam Parker 05/04/1924 Crewe, Accrington, Barnsley Tommy Moran 31/05/1924 Accrington, Ayr John Taylor 24/06/1924 Bradford, Kilmarnock Ray Ruffett 20/07/1924 Luton Ernie Butler 28/08/1924 Darlington, Southend, Stockton Johnny Jones 31/10/1924 Milwall, Larne, Fulham Henry Potts 23/01/1925 Northampton, Pegasus James Kelly 16/02/1925 Carlisle, Tottenham, Glenavon Tommy Carpenter 11/03/1925 Watford, Harrow John Ollerenshaw 03/04/1925 Oldham, Hartelpool, Arsenal Ted Harding 05/04/1925 Crystal P, Coalville James Taylor 07/04/1925 Crewe, Man City Ron Mitchell 27/05/1925 Celtic, Exeter Bert Williams 19/06/1925 Newport, Wales Amateur Bill Mellor 29/06/1925 Accrington, Droyslden Eric Searle 20/07/1925 Aldershot Bill Parker 15/08/1925 Reading, Swindon, Exeter Eryk Kubicki 18/08/1925 York, Polish Army Ambrose Wilson 10/10/1925 Swansea, Glenavon Arnold Jackson 10/11/1925 Shrewsbury, Stockport Jimmy Kirk 12/11/1925 Aldershot, Torquaym, Colchester, St Mirren, Bury Johnny Williams 21/11/1925 Blackburn, Southport Eddie Lewis 21/01/1926 Leyton O Jim Jowett 27/01/1926 York, Sheffield United Joe Houston 27/02/1926 Aldershot, Dunfermline Fred Smith 07/05/1926 Bradford, Grimsby, Man City, Sheff U, Derby C, Draycott Joe Slattery 03/06/1926 Accrington, Hexham Ray McKee 16/06/1926 Northampton, Finchley Alf Horne 06/09/1926 Northampton Alec Montgomery 16/09/1926 Walsall, Baddesley Bill Anderson 06/11/1926 Southend, Hibs Les Dicker 20/12/1926 Southend, Tottenham Ken Williams 07/01/1927 York, Doncaster Phil Turner 20/02/1927 Chester, Accrington, Scunthorpe, Bradford PA, Carlisle George Davies 01/03/1927 Chester, Sheff W, Oswestry John Brooks 08/03/1927 Stoke Jack Ritchie 31/03/1927 Accrington, Crossgates Prmirose Henry Wood 08/04/1927 Chesterfield, South Liverpool Norman Lewis 28/05/1927 Gravesend, Newport, Shrewsbury, Oakengates Chris Leonard 11/07/1927 Darlington, South Sheilds Robert Slade 15/07/1927 Millwall, Acton Town Harry Simpson 02/08/1927 Accrington, Lytham Graham Miller 25/08/1927 Aldershot, Workington Gordon Revel 19/09/1927 Mansfield Bryan Williams 04/10/1927 Liverpool, South Liverpool, Crewe Robert Williams 25/10/1927 Liverpool, Shrewsbury, Wrexham Tom McGairy 25/11/1927 Walsall, Dumbarton Albert Capstick 02/01/1928 Accrington, Fleetwood Robert Godwin 03/02/1928 Swindon, Old Headlandians Ken Maxwell 11/02/1928 Bradford PA, Northampton, East Stirling, Kilmarnock Charles Campbell 27/02/1928 Oldham, Rutherglen Glencairn Jack Street 30/05/1928 Barrow, Bootle, Southport, Tranmere Geoff Steiner 08/06/1928 Watford, Barnet Reg Chapman 14/06/1928 Crewe, Hereford Chris Conway 23/07/1928 Bury, Ayr Utd Andy Mullen 28/07/1928 South Sheilds, Aston Villa, Scunthorpe, Workington, Brighton Bernard Kelly 21/08/1928 Brentford, Bath City Denis Howe 14/09/1928 Aldershot, Southend, Darlington, West Ham Alan Layton 27/11/1928 Barrow, Bolton Ronnie Codd 03/12/1928 Barrow, Sheff W, Bolton, Meynell Herbert Jones 20/01/1929 Wrexham, Colwyn Bay Willie O'Brien 26/01/1929 Darlington Ron Evans 21/02/1929 Stockport, Bolton Harry Williams 24/02/1929 Swindon, Bury, West Ham, Man U Kenny McDevitt 04/03/1929 Tranmere, Unity BC Arthur Bramley 25/03/1929 Mansfield, Bentick Collery Welfare Joe Harris 08/04/1929 Oldham, Blackburn Ernie Bond 04/05/1929 Carlisle, Man Utd Louis Bimpson 14/05/1929 Rochdale, Bournemouth, Blackburn, Liverpool, Burscough Roy Martin 16/05/1929 Chesterfield, Derby, Birmingham Ron Steel 03/06/1929 Darlington, Bishop Auckland John Cook 26/06/1929 Bristol Rovers Keith Thomas 28/07/1929 Cardiff, Plymouth, Exeter, Oswestry, Sheff W Billy Molloy 28/08/1929 Newport, Southampton, Lockheed, Ludgershall Geoff Hill 31/08/1929 Carlisle Bernard Shaw 04/09/1929 Goole, Lincoln, Hull Tom McGoldrick 20/09/1929 Chesterfield, Rotherham Roy Evans 07/10/1929 Watford, Millwall David Proctor 10/10/1929 Barrow, Blackpool, Portadown, Wrexham, Norwich, Northwich Ray Ratcliffe 03/11/1929 Stockport John Clowes 05/11/1929 Stoke, Wellington, Crewe, Shrewsbury Johnny Langland 09/11/1929 hartlepool, Blyth, Chesterfield, Sunderland, Silksworth Jimmy Forrest 14/11/1929 Accrington, Leeds, Musselburgh John Yates 18/11/1929 Chester, Sheff Utd John Babes 20/11/1929 Scunthorpe, Arsenal, Glentoran Johnny Simm 24/11/1929 Bolton, Bradford C, Bury Frank Varney 27/11/1929 Lincoln, Hull, Oxford Liam Coll 16/12/1929 Accrington Johnny Moffatt 22/12/1929 Brighton, Bellshill Jim Storey 30/12/1929 Darlington, Rochdale, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Exeter
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    Whoever did the tag, thanks for making me spit Gin all over my phone.
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    Dutch director Paul Verhoeven (Turkish Delight, RoboCop, Total Recall and Basic Instinct) said in an interview that he had a near death experience in January when doctors just in time spotted a hole in his colon. He says that he is still recovering from that operation. Link (in Dutch) Maybe one to watch for the next couple of years
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-49864878 Ann Clwyd stepping down.
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    4 names that might be worth considering for the Deathlist 2020 next year. Larry Storch - Actor who is best known for playing Corporal Randolph Agarn on F Troop turns 97 next year. Sandra Day O'Connor - Notable Supreme Court Justice who turns 90 next year and has early stages of Alzheimer's-like Dementia. Robert Duvall - Famous actor that turns 89 next year. Dabney Coleman - Well known recognizable actor that turns 88 next year.
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    There is no such thing as a bad pick, just a pick ahead of it's time. Every pick will eventually be proven correct.
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    Here's who I would drop for 2020. Tina Turner Cleo Laine Ed Asner Shane McGowan Dick Van Dyke Alan Greenspan June Brown Vanessa Redgrave
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    I'm guessing it wasn't his arsehole then.
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    Liverpool champions Man city Spurs Leicester City top 4 Newcastle Aston Villa Brighton relegated To cut a long season short lol
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    Nicholas Amer is 96 today https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicholas_Amer
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    The attempts to talk for Harpo Marx ended on this day 55 years ago, aged 75.
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    We mark the death of Jose Jose today today. Three teams are going ole ole!: 40 points for theoldlady, 35 for the_engineer, and 30 for Sir Creep.
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    Some bona fide DL legends, for sure. There were also some monumental cock cheeses too.
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    I'd like to hear your pseudonym's story. I can't possibly imagine where it may have originated. https://forums.deathlist.net/topic/2148-members-user-names/?page=12&tab=comments#comment-218883 https://forums.deathlist.net/topic/2148-members-user-names/
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    William Safire got his last satire on this day 10 years ago, aged 79.
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    How absolutely fitting that DL’s very own Chirac’s Couple are together when the namesake leaves this mortal coil! We are forever indebted. RIP monsieur. SirC/Boudicca
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    Coco the Clown stopped being funny on this day 45 years ago, aged 73.
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    Lights out for Carl Laemmle on this day 80 years ago, aged 72.
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    Sigmund Freud got peace of mind on this day 80 years ago, aged 83.
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    So that's why Achelous has lost his moderator status!
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    Both Prince Phillip and Little Richard are on my 2019 list, but even if they survive it, i can't see them surviving 2020
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    No more guitar solos to play for Johnny Ramone after this day 15 years ago, aged 55.
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    Hurricane Lorenzo now has sustained winds of 160 mph (260 km/h), making it the second Category 5 of the season. Lorenzo is now the easternmost Category 5 on record (beating Hugo in 1989). Current NHC forecast cone takes it through the Azores, then has it making landfall in Ireland as an extratropical storm.
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    Already am thinking he’s a no hoper. Doesn’t seem to be getting notice anywhere besides the rap specialists sites. Oh well, better luck next year...
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    Thanks to Tropical Storm Imelda, my holiday to Scotland/Boudicca got a massive delay. Got it sorted, but no fun. SC
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