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    Bloody hell. Not only are we heading to that time of year again, but we are also on our 5th year of doing this list. Time really does fly by fast. Anyways, welcome again to the Crowdsource List, which our goal is to try to outdo our friends on the deathlist committee. A total of 14 hits as of now. Will 2020 do better than 2019? Time will tell. Anyways, let's go onto the rules... THE RULES Rules 1. Please send a list of celebrities you wish to vote for to Joey Russ, during the time period of 22nd November to the 31st December 2019. The list must have a minimum of 20 names on it, and a maximum of 50. Please send them by either PM or the Shadow List thread, not by email, semaphore, Morse code, Deathlist live chat, animated corpses, text messages, or any other means of communication you can think of. And you may only submit via 1 of those two methods above, NOT BOTH METHODS! 2. Your 1st choice will gain 50 points, 2nd 49, etc etc to 50th which will gain 1 point. 3. When the deadline passes, all of the points that an individual celebrity gain will be added together, and the top fifty celebrities with the most points overall will go on the Utterly Unofficial Forum List. 4. Feel free to add substitutes at the bottom of the list, which will only be counted if one of your fifty die before January 1st 2020. If for example your number one pick is such a smart one they die before January 1st, then I will give 50 points to your 2nd pick, and so on until 1 point is given to the first substitute. 5. Do try to make the picks as "Deathlisty" as possible. More Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and less Dewayne "Monsanto Man" Johnson, if you know what I mean. Someone likely to score an obit with one of the major English language news outlets. 6. The deadline for sending in entries is 31st December 2019 at 9 pm GMT. That's 4pm New York Time (31st December) and 8am (1st Jan) Melbourne time to help out non-Brits. This earlier dead line is so there's enough time to complete the list before the new year as well as enjoying some extra time off as well. 7. This is essentially a forum game without a winner. It does however put the long held notion by some that the combined minds of the forum know better than the Committee to the test. 8. Who picked whom will remain anonymous. Unless the person announces it of course. 9. The paranoid probably shouldn't send in their DDP unique hopefuls. Whilst I do not intend to steal them away, it would make no sense: if the person then showed up on the list, their chances of being unique would be very slim indeed! 10. To keep to the Deathlist spirit, only the top 25 ranked celebrites from the current list of Crowdsourced Deathlist 2019 survivors will be used: Kirk Douglas, Jean Louis-Trintignant, Vera Lynn, Nobby Stiles, Clive James, Olivia Newton-John, Olivia de Havilland, Prince Philip, Dilip Kumar, Bob Dole, Pope Benedict, Bob Barker, George Alagiah, Leslie Phillips, Jimmy Carter, Glynis Johns, Stirling Moss, Jill Gascoine, Sidney Poitier, Javier Perez de Cuellar, Mikhail Gorbachev, Violet Chamorro, Bill Turnbull, Terry Jones, Lee Kerslake, Loretta Lynn, John Hume, Roberta McCain, Gina Lollabrigida, Betty White, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John Andretti, Rosalynn Carter, Pierre Cardin, Sheila Mercier, Beverly Cleary Some names there I don’t think anyone expected to be in contention for 2020, but there’s still time in 2019 yet. 10a) Our actual collated list will stick to the "25 from the previous year" rule. 10b) As a result, if our top fifty, after all votes have been counted, has more than twenty-five of the 2019 survivors (named for ease in Rule 10), then the lowest ranked excess survivors will be axed from the list in favour of The Fifty-First ranked celebrity and so on... 10c) Since we don't know if that'll be an issue until I actually do the counting, voters don't need to worry about limiting their personal lists to 25 survivors. It'd be nice if they did, but that's life. 11) Please pick living people. Folk do die before 1st January, but there were a few cases of people dead for a number of years chosen last time. Please do not pick animals, or ISIS prisoners, or kids, or any of the usual no go areas. Anyhow, enjoy. Or not.
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    Wait a second, it's that time of year already? Man, time does fly by fast. So here we are, another year of the annual Advent Avalanche, with the following objective and rules: 25 entrants (24 quickest off the mark plus your host Joey Russ). Competition opens on 1 December with the aim of getting a winner by Christmas Day. And those Rules in Full: 1 - The object of the AVALDP is to WIN. 2 - To enter the AVALDP a contestant must have: A candidate not selected by another other entrant. A candidate in this context means a living person aged 18 or over not being executed within that month who remains alive at midnight on November 30th and is considered likely to cease living soon after and also be capable of gaining a qualifying obit see rule 9 below upon death. 3 - Entries open at 7:00am EST (that's 12:00 PM GMT for the brits) on 30th November and close at midnight (GMT) on 30 November. Entry can only be made by posting the name of a candidate on the AVALDP thread on the Deathlist. 4 The competition is deemed to be open at 00-01 GMT hrs on 1 December 2019. 5 Competition ceases on the death of the first nominated pick on the list of candidates and the winner is the dead pooler who has selected said candidate. 6 Entry is limited to 25 players (24 who are obliged to post entries on the AvalancheDP thread and Joey Russ, who reserves a right of entry as the master of ceremonies for this endeavor). Presumably the artistic intent is obvious but in case you missed it the idea is to get 25 players to compete for a death within 25 days thereby giving us a victory by Christmas Day at the latest. If you're snoozin you're losing. 6a Because he has forced his own entry Joey Russ guarantees to respect the first 24 qualifying picks and only enter a candidate unselected by the others. Thereby ensuring the really hot selections go to others. 7 - In the event that two players select the same candidate the allocation of the pick will go to the player who first posted an entry for that candidate even if the entry times are within the same minute. 8 In the event that two players tie for victory on the basis of picks expiring on the same day all efforts will be made to ascertain a winner on the basis of the actual time of death. For these purposes local time of death will be translated to GMT if required. 9 - An "obit" in the context of the AVALDP is any news report in English from a reliable source. Such sources include - but are not limited to - UK national press, UK national broadcast organizations, foreign press and broadcast organizations with an English language thread to their communication, trade press in English, local news organizations reporting in English and coverage in specialist online sites, such as those monitoring the well-being of super-centenarians. Where dispute arises over the qualifying nature of a news source for obit purposes Joey Russ's decision is final. But he wants fast and furious competition and is generally very amenable to low hanging dead pool fruit of all varieties. 10 The Raymond Hewlett Memorial Award applies to the AVALDP. In honor of everybody's favourite Maddie-implicated paedo scum a candidate widely believed to be alive when the winner is declared and subsequently proven to have died previously will be awarded victory in the event that a AVALDP qualifying obit subsequently appears for said candidate. In the event that a AVALDP qualifying obit for the candidate is subsequently proven to have existed prior to commencement of the AVALDP all points will be voided. RHME points are only available during competition and in the event that a winner has been declared before discovery of a qualifying RHME candidate no revision of the final result will occur. Similarly, if some lucky candidate is awarded RHME victory and this victory once declared is proven to be spurious by late discovery of a qualifying obit; the lucky winner will be allowed to keep his/her lucky win. 10a To ensure smooth operation of rule 10 the period for discovery of result altering obits is deemed to be 48 hours plus the remainder of the calendar day in which victory is first claimed. In other words two days and a part of another day. 11 - If an obited death occurs during play of the AVALDP and is missed despite Joey Russ's best efforts to stay in touch and/or the spirited efforts of AVALDP participants and said death is missed in totting up points, after which a winner is declared, then this death will not count for competition purposes. The same is true in the case of a known death gathering a late obit and therefore allowing some other competitor to be declared a winner. All disputes relating to rule 11 will be resolved by the astute judgement of Joey Russ and there is no appeals procedure (though all sides of opinion are warmly invited to liven up the AVALDP thread by venting their fury). 12 - In the event that Deathlist editing options or other online trickery is discovered to have been employed in the editing of entries, those duly fingered for such cheating will be removed from the AVALDP and banned for life from subsequent entry into AVALDPs. 13 In the unlikely event that a pick selected on 30 November fails to mark the start line the entrant selecting said pick will still be deemed to have entered the competition and will have until midnight 1 December to select a new pick (unselected by other entrants). Should the entrant fail to do so no other entrant will be allowed in as a replacement. AND FINALLY... On completion of AVALDP activities the thread will get lively for a short while as losing contestants and spectators offer well-deserved congratulations to the skillful and highly talented new champion, after which time it is expected that the cooling corpse of the thread will be allowed to gently sink into oblivion. Now you know the rules, here is the list of competitors and their choice of candidates: Banana - Jean Pagé Sean - Genesis P-orridge Drol - Ajoy Roy Quim Reaper - Henry Gray Oldlady - Larry King Maryportfuncity - Nobby Stiles CaptainChorizo - David Gulpilil Bibliogryphon - Vera Lynn gcreptile - Karl Kiefer Death Impends - Ed Battle msc - DJ Richard Mills Great Uncle Bulgaria - Stirling Moss Toast - Jimmy Greaves Gooseberry Crumble - Leslie Phillips The Old Crem - Prince Philip Chilean way - Javier Pérez de Cuellar Book - Frankie Banali DeathByArsenic - Juliette Greco JiroemonKimura - Ron Boswell markb4 - Ruthie Thompson dean1991 - Peter Higgs Torva Messor - John Franzese Sr Skinny Kiltrunner - Susan Bayh Clorox Bleachman - Everton Weekes Joey Russ - Willie Nelson Let's look at the past and current winners of this dead pool now 2016  Death Impends  2017 Sean 2018 Banana Good luck everyone.
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    Have a very happy Julie Gibson QO: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2019/11/01/julie-gibson-actress-singer-foil-three-stooges-played-helen/
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    Election announced - people register to vote shocker! Even more shocking 65% of them are under 25 - what you mean the people who need to register to vote for the first time because they are not already registered?
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    White squirrel spotted on Deeside. BBC story
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    Bang on the button Quimy. Unlucky Bib.
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    Jean Heywood reportedly died back in September: IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0382402/ Few more recent Twitterati seem to confirm this more recently.
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    Boris Pahor lee kerslake earl Cameron sumner redstone norman Lloyd why not ?
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    Q. Two Tory girls jump off a cliff. Who wins? A. Society.
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    Final observation: There is one circumstance that would produce an instant winner and give theoldlady the trophy - - -if Prince Philip is the only name to go in November. Anyone want to take those odds??
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    Nov teams: Round 13 theoldlady cap'n chorizo bibliogryphon pope ben xvi s lloyd scales ferlinghetti nolan kerslake shultz rogers de Havilland deCuellar frates pope ben xvi - s rogers - s trintignant lear flair prince p prince p prince p - s alagiah mercier gilbert cardin mccain newton-john k johnson philips eden escheverria tanaka
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    Here we are - - - just hrs away from the close of round 12 and what a crazy round it was! No matter how I slice it, we are saying goodbye to msc who leaves with either 12 or 2 points with two or one hits for the month. Leah Bracknell has been the difficult one to score, I am just thankful that somehow no one had her on a list last month or the controversy would have been magnified. So after polling the two survivors who were unaffected by the Bracknell imbroglio, there seems to be enough kindness left in this game that theoldlady will slide into the final three with no residual points and thus no disadvantage for making it to the finals. For this next round, a few notes: Of 30 possible, 26 different names were chosen. theoldlady seems to have the strategic edge as her list has two sheltered names (she will not be eliminated in those cases should that be the only hit of the month) while biblio has one sheltered name, and Capn Cho will be eliminated with all 10 of his choices dying. Residual points will again apply, so if you survive the round, but scored points, your points will follow you into the final. I will cut and paste the rosters in my following post - - - -
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    He’s 6 feet nearer.
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    I mean the Lib Dems (campaigning on a Revoke Brexit position) and Labour (campaigning on a 2nd Referendum with Remain as an option and most of the Shadow Cabinet supporting staying) specifically in the marginals I was referring to. But the Greens and other smaller parties are running on anti-Brexit platforms too.
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    @Paul Bearer I think TPB means when posting on a thread, you get all the options: However, when you go to enter a signature, you get fewer options: @ThePrematureBurial If you use something like Microsoft Word or the reply to this topic on any thread, you can copy and paste it into your signature. Obviously, if you use the latter, don't click on Submit Reply, just erase what you've written and exit the thread.
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    Also needs to be a QO, so here you go: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-50254785
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    ♪ If a man with tattoo ♪ ♪ Chants a Haka at you ♪ ♪ That’s a Maori ♪
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    I can name more Montreal Alouettes from the 1970s/80s than I can players who've been with them the past decade. Somehow, the league isn't what it once was.
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    Carl Reiner Hal Holbrook Christopher Plummer Marsha Hunt Rhonda Fleming Michael Schumacher Jean Kennedy Smith
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    Somebody has copied my default online dating site search.
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    J. Bob Traxler, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives for nearly 20 years and a former Michigan House of Representatives member for 12 years prior to that, has died. He was 88. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2019/10/31/bob-traxler-death-michigan-congress/4108247002/
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    Hurricane Lorenzo now has sustained winds of 160 mph (260 km/h), making it the second Category 5 of the season. Lorenzo is now the easternmost Category 5 on record (beating Hugo in 1989). Current NHC forecast cone takes it through the Azores, then has it making landfall in Ireland as an extratropical storm.
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