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    Award-winning French actor Michel Piccoli, who has appeared in films for six decades, including You Haven't Seen Anything Yet (2012) died at 94 years: https://www.repubblica.it/spettacoli/cinema/2020/05/18/news/e_morto_michel_piccoli-256987863/
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    Clorox, mate, the actual shite posters don't even have that self-doubt, they just infest.
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    I wouldn’t worry about your posting if I were you. You’ve been here 2 years, nearly 1,000 posts and rep points really not far behind which definitely says something. And in any case, not a single person here is immune to occasionally posting shit. Don’t worry too much, just be you!
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    American actress Priscilla Pointer, best known to me as the mother of Cliff Barnes in Dallas, turns 96 today! Many happy returns !
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    Car crash answer before LFN comes on and tells you to fuck off you pathetic piece of shit. In all life you get cocky people who say what they want, know they are great and love themselves and presume everyone else does too and are generally perfectly happy in that knowledge and at the other end of the spectrum there are reserved people who are scared to say anything for fear of being ridiculed and who doubt themselves and everything they do every day and those people are generally unhappy. Most of us are somewhere in the range between and move up and down the range depending on what's happening in our lives, what we're eating, biorhythms, moon cycles, menstrual cycles or some other shit that no one of us understand. I think sometimes the people towards the introverted end of the range sometimes think they are more different to other people than they actually are and there is room for all of us in the world. These life characteristics probably invade how we approach the internet too. I probably actually post about half of what I write (yes LFN still 50% improvement to be had), I also edit some of the stuff I do write. I don't see this as a problem just good practice learned from using the same discipline when sending emails. As Quim says your rep points suggest that your posts are appreciated and perhaps one of the reasons for that is all those posts you are not posting - I think whilst I've been writing this Quim has said it all much better than me (bastard) but in the spirit of your post I'll post it anyway.
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    - Aye, I'll go along with that. Even if he went in the current crisis he'd be news and they'd discuss him in national treasure terms
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    His surname is spelt Kroesen and he should be on the List of the Missed, since I picked him on the DDP in both 2016 and 2017.
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    American blues legend Lucky Peterson has died. He was 55. https://www.rockandbluesmuse.com/2020/05/17/american-blues-legend-lucky-peterson-dies-at-55/
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    Yes, yes it is. Happy to help.
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    Most of us ladies are.
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    An excuse to bring out the possibly apocryphal story about his mum. When CdeG retired, a British journalist asked Mme de Gaulle what she was most looking forward to in retirement. She replied, "A penis". Her husband leaned across and said, "I think, chérie, zat ze English pronounce it 'appiness."
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    Summon The Queen! Spoke the child of eye... So many excellent quirky songs on this amazing Ween album. This may be the excellentest and quirkiest. And that’s saying something for an album with a song called I’m Waving My Dick in the Wind on it.
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    from a statistical point of view she cant die next year, because no one ever died at age 118
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    When is the best time to break up with your significant other during the lockdown? Thursday at 8pm. That way while you're throwing their stuff on the driveway the entire neighbourhood comes outside clapping. xD
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    Before you ask, no this is not a dirty piece of card. This is a picture of my great x3 grandfather. This was taken in the 1890s (not sure which year exactly). I don't know a lot about him but he was said to have been a poultry merchant. He was my mum's dad's dad's mum's dad. (The picture of my great x4 grandmother that I posted earlier was his mother). As you can tell I was not the first person to handle this photograph, my great grandfather was really careless with everything he owned.
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    I did know what you meant.
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    MMMDP Form Guide #11 Balbir Singh Sr. In the past three years, the Indian Olympic hockey legend has been hospitalised 36 times for 12 cardiac arrests, 8 strokes, 4 different cancers, 5 occurences of triple pneumonia, kidney failure, dangerous falls, knife attacks and the aftermath of an alien abduction. None of which could seriously threaten his eternally stable condition. When will he just give up?
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    Still mourning, but this is picking up my spirits
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    I used Tesco home delivery a couple of times a few years ago when I had an arm in a sling post-op, but not since. The only problems I had were my own fault for not reading product descriptions properly (barbecue sauce on pizza? ) Since the lockdown began I'm getting all my beer home-delivered. I may never go out again!
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    Alright, let us update... even though Hutton Gibson (and Balbir Singh?) might soon become a hit: The new hits are Steve Blackmore, Sam Lloyd, Little Richard, and Jerry Stiller. Rank Team Points 1 Death Impends 641 2 gcreptile 592 3 RadGuy 574 4 Banana 566 5 Joey Russ 529 6 Cpt. Chorizo 522 7 Deadsox 512 8 msc 509 9 Book 469 10 John Key 458 11 The Quim Reaper 457 12 JiroemonKimura 437 13 Clorox Bleachman 427 14 Skinny Kiltrunner 419 15 Grave Danger 403 16 drol 398 17 The Unknown Man 396 18 The Mad Hatter 379 19 DevonDeathTrip 378 20 Sean 370 21 Torva Messor 368 22 theoldlady 358 23 Sir Creep 300 24 The Old Crem 294 25 Toast 280 26 YoungWillz 269 27 Etushispushingupdaisies 268 28 Chilean Way 262 29 Kenny 248 30 Bibliogryphon 192 31 Great Uncle Bulgaria 162 32 markb4 153 33 Gooseberry Crumble 150 34 ThePrematureBurial 100 35 Pedro67 57 The top remains unchanged, but Rad and Banana continue to kick each other off the podium.
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    I wonder if he won Tun Tin's Tontine.
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    To put this in perspective, someone born on the day that this topic was created can now possess a driver's license and work a job part-time. Shouldn't have too long to wait indeed.
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