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    Trump spends millions on bombs a day to kill terrorist. All the coronavirus needs is a sneeze. #Coronavirus2020
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    How much is it to be tested in America if you don't have health insurance though? I imagine some people have it but can't afford to get tested. Meanwhile update on hoarding things at supermarkets - dad just went out shopping in Tescos and the shelves are empty of whisky, lol. Edit - Italy has quarantined 16 million people
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    Corona taking out terrorists from Iran. "Butcher of Tehran" dead.
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    If Joe Biden picks him as his running mate he could be president by 2022
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    This raises a good point re the total confirmed cases per capita nationally. Currently, the ranking is as follows: Countries ranked by cases per 1m population: 1 S Korea 137 2 Italy 97 3 Iran 69 4 China 56 5 Bahrain 50 6 Switzerland 31 7 Norway 29 8 Singapore 24 9 Sweden 16 10 Belgium 15 11 France 15 12 Hong Kong 14 ... 30 UK 3 ... 41 USA 1 Etc https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries Ineviably, of course, cases in the UK and USA have featured very strongly in the British news cycle.
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    The Unknown Man scores what looks like our final hit with Javier Perez de Cuellar, and avoids being skunked (as we say). With a mere 24 hours to go, Banana is certainly going to carry home the trophy as we 'spring ahead' in 90% of America at 2am (though we shall carry on til midnight GMT). I think it being a Yank concept, maybe we will use Washington DC as zero hour next time (if there is one), and end the game proper 2am lol. Meh, ideas to kick around. Not sure if our wee DP is worthy of Banana's entry into the DL hall of fame, I'll let minds greater than mine determine those things. In any case I'll post the final standings in 24 hours. SC
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    Khomeini is not at risk. He died in 1989.
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    Come on Bib!! I was just teasing you!
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    Extensive information from himself: https://slippedisc.com/2020/03/brett-dean-coronavrus-is-like-living-in-a-kafka-novel/
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    Apparently infected by Zingaretti himself four days ago. Asymptomatic.
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    President of Piedmont, Alberto Cirio, tests positive. In recent weeks he had been very critical of plans to play Juventus/Inter behind closed doors or even cancel it altogether.
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    If any of the Who fans on here are also on Twitter Check out #DoctorWhoRankings A series of polls to rank all the TV series in order by doing head to head polls Everyone can guess that Genesis of the Daleks, Caves of Androzani and Blink will be near to top but what about those middling adventures is Nightmare of Eden better than Gridlock?
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    I did not. Most of my news comes from the radio so I hear the word and it just makes me think of this. I do not like her politics in the same way I disagree with Jacob Rees-Mogg, Michael Gove or Andrea Leadsom but this was not a comparison. However I appreciate your warning and will not try the same gag on Facebook or Twitter. Here the audience is, for the most part, more nuanced
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    Second death in UK took place in Milton Keynes Hospital... 7 minutes away from where I live.... Well its been nice meeting you all.
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    i laughed... but this is honestly true
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    Shoot me down in flames, I voted RLB .
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    I can now work at home as I have just had a remote desktop installed. It is actually as good as working in the office but without the 90 min commute each way with the Northern Rail/replacement performing. I could regain a big proportion of my life, get some sleep and save my work colleagues from my daily wit and repartee. A win win situation for everyone. I'm not sure that my wife would agree though. I would feel a lot safer not on public transport suffering from diabetes, sarcoidosis and having had a minor stroke. Statistically I'm probably knackered anyway. I am however quite strong and suffer well, I used to be fit at one stage. I have started to track the spread of the on this site, it seems quite objective. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
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    There was plenty of paracetamol when I was round the shops on Thursday. But no ibu-pro-fen. Guess the failed ibu-pro-fen buyers have snapped it all up. I always have plenty of both because of the stupid restrictions that stop you buying a 100 tab bottle, which is what I used to do. So I tend to toss a couple of packs in the basket whenever I think of it so as not to run out.
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    Too much salt prolly why he has a heart condition.
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    Considering he is such a genetic freak 98.2% he is fully recovered and back on the tv and autograph circuit in a few weeks.
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    Indeed, and imho, the UK testing rate is also likely to not be high enough
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    I love dogs who become internet celebrities by being ugly as shit. Marnie started out looking bad and just kept getting worse and worse. Barely even recognisable as a single discrete object in her last days, let alone a dog. To clarify, she's not the dog on the left, but the pile of discarded dog parts on the right. Bitch looked like SHIT. What an icon. Rest in pieces ❤️
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    He looks pretty good! Whenever I think about him, I think about how his final role was in this montrosity.
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    I always loved the Canadiens. Richard was great. RIP
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