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    No need to worry about crowds there. Who's house is it at this year?
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    He's over 60 in the dangerous age range. Wonder if this will end like Philadelphia did? If it does I think I might start questioning reality.
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    I'm having an educated guess that Biblio's on Ethiopian Airlines flight ET700 bound for Blighty. https://www.flightradar24.com/ETH700/2427a4e3
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    Is channelling Theresa May a symptom of Coronavirus now?
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    The Collins Complete UK Hit Singles book says she was born in New York City in 1936. Couldn't find anything more online. Yeah, it's consuming a lot of my free time! D has been quite successful. Just two "total blanks" – Charles Dickens (aka David Anthony) and Kenny Damon. E is proving to be a nightmare though... loads of obscure "low hit" wonders!
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    Chelsea Manning hospitalized after a suicide attempt https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1156111
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    Deadline reporting Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have tested positive. And Trump has just banned all travel from Europe (minus UK) to the US for a month!
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    This is brilliant, all three! Just shows how much you can uncover if you keep digging. I wonder how many sleeves of that era were this detailed? I don't think any of my LPs have detailed bios on them!
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    The reason I didn’t allow that entry was because he went missing. Had there been evidence that he was found I would’ve let him through. Sorry, but those are the rules...
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    Yea my thoughts exactly.
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    Possible birth date for David (Dave) Kelsey of The Countrymen: https://rateyourmusic.com/artist/dave_kelsey Sleeve notes on this pic helpfully gives dates of birth for the boys though: Maybe a good springboard for an ancestry/GRO search?
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    Nobody’s perfect.
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    Won't be a major issue. Philip afaik has already instructed that he doesn't want a big funeral anyway. Presumably similar to Margaret's to some extent maybe a bit even a bit more lower key given the current circumstances
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    Dry cough, sore throat, fever. If you have respiratory problems, it's time to call the paramedics.
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    I've heard they're holding it on the 12 th July this year.
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    Will we ever see a budget that cuts the basic rate of income tax in addition to the personal allowance threshold going up.... Fuck Richi Shunak At least I get a few quid a month ni cut. (Although this is going to have the adverse effect of reducing the number of contributory years for many part time workers)
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    Well they could delay it, Toastie. I'm sure there are plenty of deep freezers in Sandringham to store him in for a week or two.
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    There would be no reason not to announce his death.
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    It is real and you better prepare yourselves! Governments should take early measures, before it's too fucking late! You realize it's like fucking hell here? I assure I'm not paid by the media to do alarmism. This is not a common flu and if you other European countries underestimate it you will have hundreds or thousands of deaths too.
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    Maybe he's just avoiding crowds because of Covid-19 and his weakened immune system?
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    Ok. That would replace well Serie A. It does not change she did not die of coronavirus.
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    Uh, um...Apollo 13.
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