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    You mean the bitter hate you demonstrate in your celebrating RBG’s death and using the junior school favourite term ‘loser’ to describe everyone who has a different viewpoint, the bigotry you demonstrated in your brushing off BLM simply as ‘leftist riots’ that need ‘crushing’, and the sexism you demonstrated in referring to Justice Ginsburg repeatedly as “old bat”. This place is not a political rally, you delusional, impertinent little cretin. Stop treating it as such.
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    Kane Tanaka celebrates becoming the oldest Japanese person ever, seemingly in good health: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/21/woman-117-marks-becoming-japans-oldest-ever-person-with-cola-and-boardgames Also, she drinks a lot of Coca Cola, so there is hope for me yet.
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    Kenneth McAlpine, former racing driver, founder of Connaught Engineering, former High Sherrif of Kent, vintner, a WW2 fighter pilot, former chairman of McAlpine Helicopters and a director of the McAlpine construction company, as well as being a former Governor of Eastbourne College is 100 today.
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    Margaret Thatcher's nickname at University? Apologies if this is turns out to be a 29-year old joke which someone on here originated...
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    Came up with Diet Pepsi, told Nixon to bomb Chile. Difficult to work out which of these is the bigger evil, tbh.
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    Kissinger, one less globalist will do the world good.
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    From a centrist perspective, the left is very naïve and sensitive when it comes to BLM and the topic of being racist/sexist/whatever-ist to the point where it clouds their judgement and that they just go along with them without realising the real damage they are doing. George Floyd's death WAS police brutality, you dont overdose by having someone crushing your neck for 7 minutes, but BLM's response was to destroy the neighbourhood, shops and homes in the black communities - which only hurts really them. With that being said, from a moral standpoint I could never wholeheartedly endorse Trump, considering he is such a fucking dope that he has to constantly consort his advisors on every single occasion and still make dumb decisions and publicly get shit wrong. He will happily do or say anything to get the boomer vote just as much as Joe Biden/Nancy Pelosi etc with the black vote.
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    Currently on 16th position, but gaps are small. Here are my survivors: Tom Smith (Joker) - If this man doesn't go down. I don't have any chance at all. George Alagiah - Back on TV? F*ck. Noel Conway - Slowly dying, maybe too slowly... David Gulpilil - Why isn't this guy dead already? Yoo Sang-Chul - Clearly has to go at some point, but maybe not this year. Leon Spinks - I'd say it is very unlikely for him to survive this year. 90% chance that he dies before 2021. Nobby Stiles - Haven't seen any news about him. Could go this year, could go later. Alex Trebek - 50/50 chances. Jean-Louis Trintignant - According to sources should be dead already. What is going on? Bill Turnbull - Seems like not going this year... Eddie Van Halen - Nobody really knows when... So... if I get Smith, Gulpilil, Spinks and maybe 1-2 extras from the list, do I have any chance to win? I doubt it... so better luck next year!
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    They are delusional just like 2016
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    Insults and bad manners are all that These losers have left. Give the poor guy a break he Is clearly a product of our failed public schools not to mention incompetent child upbringing. This is all he has left, bitter hate, bigotry and sexism.
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    Donald Kendall, former head of PepsiCo, dead at 99.
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    Pretty much how I saw it @Joey Russ, thanks for that. From a Dem point-of-view on this, I think their key aims are to make sure they avoid a vote before Election Day and then hope that Biden and Mark Kelly both win. That would mean the Republicans were deprived of their majority before January and Biden would nominate Ginsburg's replacement in January. Mad to think if the maths add up the Republicans might still try to ram it through before January even if they were set to lose control of the Senate and the Presidency - surely not...
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    Step away from the Buckfast. Also, Fuck off.
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    The way I see it, the Democrats currently are very likely to at least gain some senate seats for the next session. In fact, a lot of Republican held seats have potential to flip this in this election. So what seats exactly are competitive this time around? I’ll go around and name the likelihood of a seat flipping from most likely to least likely (at least those who even has a slight potential of flipping. Arizona: Martha McSally has run an abysmal campaign. Last time I checked she’s less popular than Kirsten Sinema, who’s a democrat. And with all that, Mark Kelly himself has run a solid campaign. I’d be surprised if this seat doesn’t flip. Colorado: The state is definitely becoming quite solid towards the Democrats (Hillary won it in 2016), and Cory Gardner is not really liked there. And you have a former governor who was quite popular. So why do I put this seat as less likely than Arizona? Basically what puts it down is that Hickenlooper did have to deal with an ethics investigation this year, which I think hurts him slightly. Still, this seat will mostly be a dem pick up. North Carolina: After Arizona and Colorado, there aren’t any seats that seem like guarantees. However, the next closest seat has to be North Carolina. Thom Tillis is quite wishy washy, and Cal Cunningham is running a solid campaign. Besides that, Tillis only won his seat by about a percentage point in a Republican wave year. That puts Tillis in a certain amount of danger. Could Tillis hold on? I’d say yes, but I do think at this point Cunningham is the favorite Maine: Despite it’s blue lean I don’t think Maine is a guaranteed pick up. You see, Susan Collins was a very popular incumbent before the whole Kavanaugh situation, and she won by massive percentage points in the past. She won’t win by that large of a margin now, but she could very well eke out a victory ala Joe Manchin. Sarah Gideon is not a bad opponent though, which means this race is still competitive, and Gideon certainly could win Iowa: I think Iowa is the most likely tipping point state of the dems win the senate race outright. This race is definitely a toss up. Joni Ernst is not really well liked as an incumbent, and Theresa Greenfield has done a decent job fundraising. Polling shows Greenfield ahead as well. The thing is, most people expect Iowa to vote for Trump in the presidential election, so the is on whether Greenfield would have enough Trump voters to put her on top. It’s certainly plausible. I think it’s too early to really know who’ll win. Montana: This race is interesting. You have Steve Bullock who is still a quite popular governor running up against Steve Daines who, unlike many of the other senate candidates mentioned, is still quite popular. But Montana was also one of the few states to re elect a red state democrat, so it’s certainly plausible that Montana gets picked up. However, I do think the advantage goes to Daines at this point. After Montana, there’s a steep drop off in chances of picking up seats from other Republicans. However, if there were seats that the dems could pick up, it’d go like this South Carolina: If you told me that South Carolina would be competitive last year, I would be laughing my ass off. However, there’s some polling that indicates the race is much tighter than it should be. Jamie Harrison is also running a good campaign, and good candidates does help your chances of winning that seat. Still, I expect Lindsey Graham will win the seat, but it definitely could be closer than expected. Georgia (regular): Tbh, I’m not really confident that this senate race is as competitive as people say, but the margins will probably be decently close. I don’t think Georgia’s quite there into being a true swing state, but hey, I’ve been surprised before. Kansas: It’s really shocking that Kansas is being seen as potentially competitive. I thought once Kobach lost the primary the chance of this race being competitive would dwindle, but there are still polls that show the race is within a couple percentage points. Given the red lean of Kansas I still expect Roger Marshall to win, but I think there’s a small chance of an upset. Alaska: Alaska is probably the most under the radar of all the races I’m mentioning, but Al Gross is running a pretty solid campaign. Also Dan Sullivan only won by about 2 percentage points last time. I still think the Republican lean will get Sullivan the win, but is the upset potential there. I’d say it’s possible Georgia (special): it’s weird to see a somewhat swing state being below some reliably red states, but that’s how I feel about the special election. Reason is that the top two polled candidates currently is Kelly Loeffler, the incumbent Republican... and Doug Collins, a Republican representative. I’d be surprised if a democrat makes the run off tbh. The one thing that gives them a chance is that Loeffler is a corrupto, which might allow dems to steal second place behind Collins. Texas: This seat should be more competitive, but MJ Hegar is not running a good campaign at all. That and Cornyn is not as unpopular as Cruz. If the Democrats nominated a better candidate, they might’ve had a better chance of picking this seat up (though I still think Cornyn would be the favorite). Definitely a wasted opportunity. Mississippi: Cindy Hyde Smith is running against Mike Espy again, who was within 7 points of beating. It’s not impossible to think that Espy could improve on his margin, but even if he improves his margin Hyde Smith has about a 99% chance of winning. Kentucky: Last, and certainly least, there’s Kentucky. Oh boy. Where to even begin with this one. Amy McGrath is such an abysmal candidate. In fact I think the only reason the dems wanted her is that she’s a good fundraiser. Plus, of all the states I’ve mentioned Kentucky is easily the most Republican leaning of them all. In fact, Charles Booker was a much better candidate than McGrath and would make that race much more competitive... and he would be struggling to defeat Mitch McConnell. Just because someone is super unpopular doesn’t mean they’ll get taken down is a solidly red state. Don’t donate your money to this race. You have a much better pick up opportunity in any of the races I mentioned above then you ever would in Kentucky. Last thing I want to mention is that the Republicans don’t have a lot of pickup opportunities. They will certainly get Alabama. But there’s definitely a second potential seat the Republicans could pick up: in Michigan. Michigan will most likely go to the Democrats this time, and the incumbent dem Gary Peters will most likely win. Keep in mind, however, that Peters opponent John James got within 7 points of Debbie Stabenow, who was more popular than Peters. And there also was some polling that showed Peters leading less comfortably than he should be. So while I think it’s likely that Gary Peters win in Michigan, definitely don’t count out the possibility of John James pulling the upset and taking the seat from Peters.
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    You’re a very balanced combination of moron and cunt.
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    David Cook (wiki), Northern Irish politician who served as Lord Mayor of Belfast (1978–1979) and Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly (1982–1986) dead from COVID-19 at 76. The first notable person to die from the disease in the UK since historian Arthur Keaveney on 23rd June.
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    Update to Bucket Kicker's stats: with 104 more days this year, and being 4 deaths short of a record 18, the required rate for a new record would now be a pretty average one death every 26 days. (The rate so far this year having been one death every 19 days). Imho, once you factor in winter mortality and the COVID effect, the odds on a new record have shifted to better than even.
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    Probably, but I'm sure I can beat it !
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    From Jazz to Judges! Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has answered the Great Sub Poena and all the evidence points to hits for me (YoungWillz), markb4; Great Uncle Bulgaria (first proper hit); and The Quim Reaper. Bonuses: markb4 hits A Diamonds - 5 Additional Points, and also makes a pair of As - 10 Additional Points - Total - 15 Additional Points. Great Uncle Bulgaria hits a Black Joker: 50 Points Bonus. Sean had RBG as a sub and draws 7 Diamonds for 7 points added. Leaderboard updated.
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    Inside info or maybe he got him confused with RBG.
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    The Deathlist should keep it like this, ngl:
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    Because EVERYTHING is racist now. Even what I just said is racist. As that as well, and that..................
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    Surely it is time to place Old Larry on the Deathlist this year?
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