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    Anne Buydens is a hit for @drol, @Joey Russ, @Perhaps, @Johnnas, @CaptainChorizo, @ThereWillBeDeaths7, @deadsox, @Book, @arghton, @theoldlady, @Lynchian, @The Old Crem, @Great Uncle Bulgaria, @Salmon Mousse, @Annami, @Yvonne and @MariNisia CONGRATULATIONS ALL!!!
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    While her husband Kirk was picked by every player last year, Anne Buydens Douglas was picked by only 4 players: Annami, Great Uncle Bulgaria, theoldlady and The Quim Reaper. Congrats!
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    Johnny Crawford, who starred alongside Chuck Connors in the The Rifleman, and also performed as a Mouseketeer, has died at the age of 75. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/johnny-crawford-young-star-of-the-rifleman-dies-at-75
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    You've tried it on just once too often!!! Don't say I haven't warned you!!!!
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    I shan’t be submitting a team for the next round. GGs to deadsox! I’ll be rooting for you in the next round and beyond.
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    Greg Gilbert has put a stop to chemo:
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    Born in Hanover as Hannelore Marx, Anne Buydens Douglas becomes our second hit as she died on April, 29th 2021 at the age of 102. https://www.promiflash.de/news/2021/04/30/mit-102-jahren-kirk-douglas-103-witwe-anne-gestorben.html
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    There's a lot of talk about the oldest state leaders alive...but what about the earliest ones alive? By continent for the ones before the 1970s: North America South America Asia Africa Europe Oceania 1940s 1943 - Simeon II (b. 1937) Tsar of Bulgaria (1943-1946) and later Prime Minister of Bulgaria (2001-2005). Earliest living former state leader. 1950s 1950 - Gyanendra (b. 1947) King of Nepal 1950-1951 and later 2001-2008 1952 - Elizabeth II (1926-2022) Queen of the United Kingdom (1952-present) Currently longest ruling state leader and monarch. Fuad II (b. 1952) King of Egypt and Sudan (1952-1953) 1954 - Mustafa Ben Halim (1921-2021) Prime Minister of Libya (1954-1957) Oldest living state leader, earliest non-royal head of a country. 1956 - Sirikit (b. 1932) Queen Regent of Thailand (1956) 1960s 1960 - César Yanes Urías (b. 1920 or 1931) and Rene Fortín Magaña (1931-2020) El Salvador junta members 1960-1961 Albert Ndele (1930-2023) Head of Government of Congo Leopoldville 1960 1963 - Jamshid bin Abdullah of Zanzibar (b. 1929) Sultan of Zanzibar (1963-1964) 1964 - Constantine II (1940-2023) King of the Hellenes (1964-1973) Trần Thiện Khiêm (1925-2021) South Vietnam Member of the Provisional Leadership Committee (1964) and Prime Minister (1969–1975) Kenneth Kaunda (1924-2021) President of Zambia (1964-1991) 1965 - Pié Masumbuko (b. 1931) Acting Prime Minister of Burundi (1965) 1966 - Yakubu Gowon (b. 1934) and Emmanuel E Ikwue (b. 1940) of the Supreme Military Council of Nigeria (1966-1979), Gowon later the Head of State of Nigeria 1966-1975 1967 - Hassanal Bolkiah (b. 1946) Sultan of Brunei (1967-present) Mohsin Ahmad al-Aini (1932-2021) Prime Minister of Yemen Arab Republic (1967, 1969, 1970-1971, 1971-1972 and 1974-1975) Ali Aref Bourhan (b. 1934) President of the Government Council of the French Territory of the Afars and the Issas (1967-1976) 1970 - Abdou Diouf (b. 1935) Prime Minister of Senegal (1970-1980), President (1981-2000) Lubomír Štrougal (1924-2023) Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia (1970-1988) Luis Echeverría (1922-2022) President of Mexico (1970-1976) 1971-1980: Youngest ones on the list/ones born in the 1950s: Jigme Singye Wangchuck (b. 1955), Oswald Skippings (b. 1953) and Fuad II (b. 1952) Earliest non-royal head of state: Trần Thiện Khiêm (1925-2021) or Kenneth Kaunda (1924-2021), 1964 Earliest non-royal head of government: Mustafa Ben Halim (1921-2021) 1954 People born after 1945 who lead a country before 1980 under the age of 30 but have already died: Ntare V (1947-1972) King of Burundi 1966 Jean-Claude Duvalier (1951-2014) President of Haiti 1971-1986 Jean-Baptiste Bagaza (1946-2016) Burundi Military Dictator/President 1976-1987 Bernard Dowiyogo (1946-2003) Seven-time President of Nauru, first 1976-1978 Samuel Doe (1951-1990) Head of State of Liberia 1980-1986
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    A reminder via Twitter that Freddie (seems to be the preferred spelling) is still going
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    Do you have an address, i can pop round in my lunch hour
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    I'm going to give you a damn good trashing
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    As posted elsewhere... Johnny Crawford dead. Hollywood Reporter obit. 24 living; 15 dead.
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    Clutching at straws, and risking being called a bad loser (i'm a very good loser, as I should be, the amount of practice I've had), but does ABD satisfy the 500-word Wikipedia entry criterion? It looks a very scant entry. @Dying Probably
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    Thought André Maranne would be No.11. But Buydens bought it first. Then Norm. Then Dilip. Then a Girl Aloud. I’m now over double what the Official DL is at, ahead of my scores at the end of ‘17 and ‘18 and tied with ‘19. QR: 15 CS: 14 DL: 9 EDIT: Updated for Harding, Greaves
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    https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/29/politics/bidens-carters-visit-georgia/index.html The Biden's visit to Carter is reminiscent of the Bush's visit to Gerald Ford in April of 2006, some eight months before his death. Despite ill health, president Ford and his wife Betty posed with a picture of the Bush's. In this case, only Mrs. Carter appeared with the Biden's in front of her home. I suspect he is not well.
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    Basically if say your top pick died before the start 2 becomes 1 ,3 becomes 2 etc etc and your first sub is your 21
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    How do substitutes work? does Ben Ferencz launch into #11 position, or does everyone at positions 12 through 21 move up, so Ben Ferencz takes 21st position?
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    https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://loudwire.com/john-hinch-judas-priest-dead-73/&ved=2ahUKEwij-crw86TwAhUPSa0KHe0lAG4QFjALegQIIxAC&usg=AOvVaw0Pd3_v67HAAo4Z5rX8JtAF John Hinch, 72 inches under now.
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    Kirk Douglas's widow, Anne Buydens, caps off a lifetime of philanthropy with her generous donation to several HPDP participants. 35 points to Annami and Great Uncle Bulgaria, 25 to markb4, and 25 sub points to Book.
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    Updated. Just two left now. Looking like Ronnie could very well be the last one... indestructible are the Stones. They must have made a pact with the devil or something. Some rather amusing stills of The Birds on this Aveleyman page for the 1966 film The Deadly Bees, in which all 5 of them appeared in.
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    Or you have driven from Torquay to get a replacement duck
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    BBC News is a strange name
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    Kate and Gerry were out by the pool having dinner when it happened.
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