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    December 1st again? Seems each year goes by faster and faster, doesn't it? Now time is flying so fast that a DDP co-host was born late enough to make SpongeBob references, but I digress... But yes, fear not, the North Star of the deadpooling world that we call the Derby Dead Pool continues to light up this morbid little pocket of our lives and has opened its doors for its 27th edition. As we enjoy @msc 's final month of DDP obits, I will be taking over the front page role starting next year, joining @Grim Up North and @gcreptile on the committee. THE RULES are unchanged from this year's ie the FFBI disqualifications, wider net of QOs, etc all remain instituted. IMPORTANT REMINDER: The spreadsheet method of entry that began last year remains in service. The 2022 spreadsheet, identical to the last one in all but filename, can be found here. It is heavily recommended to use the spreadsheet as means of entry to reduce Grim Up North's workload as much as possible. If you are absolutely unable to work with the Excel spreadsheet, still make sure to recheck GUN's DDP entry guide thread from last year to make the formatting of your email as smooth as possible.
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    Eva Marie Saint was bestowed a special award last night along with Pat Boone.
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    As last year, the scoring will appear on a four digit base. The first digit will represent the category, sorted from least living laureates to most: Literature (19): 6.000 points Peace (32): 5.000 points Economic Scienes (44): 4.000 points Chemistry (63): 3.000 points Medicine/Physiology (70): 2.000 points Physics (72): 1.000 points The second digit will honor the decade, the laureate was awarded: 2020s – 900 points 2010s – 800 points 2000s – 700 points 1990s – 600 points 1980s – 500 points 1970s – 400 points 1960s – 300 points 1950s – 200 points There were no laureates left from the decades before, so a sore of 100 points is not possible! The third digit will show the age of your laureate: < 30 – 90 points. 30-39 – 80 points 40-49 – 70 points 50-59 – 60 points 60-69 – 50 points 70-79 – 40 points 80-89 – 30 points 90-99 – 20 points 100-??? – 10 points The last digit gives a bonus score: Last survivor of his awarding year: 9 points bonus. Youngest death of the contest: 8 points (awarded in February 2023!) Represents an African country: 7 points Represents an Asian country: 6 points A female laureate: 5 points. Awarded alone (organizations excluded): 4 points Represents a South or Middle American country: 3 points Comes from Germany (born there or naturalized): 2 points Oldest death of the contest: 1 point (awarded in February 2023!) So for example: F. W. de Klerk, one of the last laureates to die, was worth 5.637 points. 5.000 as a Peace laureate, 600 for the decade (he was awarded in 1993), 30 for his age (85), and seven bonus points for a person of African origin.
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    Telegraph death notice for David Wadey, aged 103, a highly decorated Dunkirk and El Alamein veteran. 103rd birthday article from Aug. Local coverage of him in 2010.
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    Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, so it has fucking started, you ignoramus.
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    Well @YoungWillz breaks his duck with the fifth unique hit of the game with Don Demeter Three of the five players who have unique hits only have their unique hit - myself included There are currently four players who have yet to hit a home run in this game @arghton @MariNisia @DeathByArsenic @YorkshireBanker Hoping this game manages to last into the New Year because I think things will be busy until The New Year
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    Over the course of today I'll be sending out the emails to invite entry for 2022 - the people with email addresses beginning with As should already have theirs. Please look out for it in your spam folder too as there is nothing I can do on this side to avoid work filters thinking that my mail might be spam - I suppose it is about soon to be dead meat. If anybody doesn't receive the email all the information in it is actually contained in Death Impends post above. Enjoy your selection process. Cheers, GUN PS My entry will be finalised today and submitted before I receive all your wonderful picks (at which point normally at least one walking corpse will make themselves known to the world).
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    Latvian women's football team died tonight. We beat them 20-0.
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    Indeedy. Still in remission so thankfully better than my team picks
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    Welcome to the first Deathlist-competition dedicated to Nobel laureates: The Nobel Prize Dead Pool Since the inaugural contest 2021 was a bit shorter, I will start this one early enough. The nomination period opens on December 1st, 2021 and ends on January 31st, 2022. The rules are still easy: Pick one living Nobel laureate by each category (Physics, Chemistry, Medicine/Physiology/Peace/Literature and Economic Sciences), who you think will die during the following next twelve months. This will make six nominated people. Send your list between December 1st and January 31st! My remaining rule: No laureate can be chosen twice, so check who was picked by other deadpoolers! Two New rules for this year: 1. In case, one of your laureates dies, replace him/her by a person from the same category. This will give you the chance to score twice in a category. 2. I will be the last to choose my picks – to avoid discrepancies for the other contestants! Every laureate who dies in December or January will be excluded automatically and should be replaced in case of being chosen. People, who accepted the award on behalf of someone or represent an organization are excluded from the contest, the 2022 laureates cannot be chosen since they are unknown until October! The Nobel Prize Dead Pool will start from February 1st, the day the nomination period for new laureates ends. The last day to score a hit will be January 31st, 2023! All main sources will be accepted as well as the official Nobel Prize website www.nobelprize.org. (The deaths will be mentioned there, so no lost hits to expect!) Since not so many Nobel laureates die during a year - 2017, 2019 and 2020 it had been 9 dead laureates per year, 2018 there were 18, in 2021 so far 11 (So do not expect a rushing contest!) – the scoring will honor every hit separately. So good luck and enjoy the contest.
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    Wait a second, it's that time of year already? Man, time does fly by fast. So here we are, another year of the annual Advent Avalanche, with the following objective and rules: 25 entrants (24 quickest off the mark plus your host Joey Russ). Competition opens on 1 December with the aim of getting a winner by Christmas Day. And those Rules in Full: 1 - The object of the AVALDP is to WIN. 2 - To enter the AVALDP a contestant must have: A candidate not selected by another other entrant. A candidate in this context means a living person aged 18 or over not being executed within that month who remains alive at midnight on November 30th and is considered likely to cease living soon after and also be capable of gaining a qualifying obit see rule 9 below upon death. 3 - Entries open at 7:00am EST (that's 12:00 PM GMT for the brits) on 30th November and close at midnight (GMT) on 30 November. Entry can only be made by posting the name of a candidate on the AVALDP thread on the Deathlist. 4 The competition is deemed to be open at 00-01 GMT hrs on 1 December 2021. 5 Competition ceases on the death of the first nominated pick on the list of candidates and the winner is the dead pooler who has selected said candidate. 6 Entry is limited to 25 players (24 who are obliged to post entries on the AvalancheDP thread and Joey Russ, who reserves a right of entry as the master of ceremonies for this endeavor). Presumably the artistic intent is obvious but in case you missed it the idea is to get 25 players to compete for a death within 25 days thereby giving us a victory by Christmas Day at the latest. If you're snoozin you're losing. 6a Because he has forced his own entry Joey Russ guarantees to respect the first 24 qualifying picks and only enter a candidate unselected by the others. Thereby ensuring the really hot selections go to others. 7 - In the event that two players select the same candidate the allocation of the pick will go to the player who first posted an entry for that candidate even if the entry times are within the same minute. 8 In the event that two players tie for victory on the basis of picks expiring on the same day all efforts will be made to ascertain a winner on the basis of the actual time of death. For these purposes local time of death will be translated to GMT if required. 9 - An "obit" in the context of the AVALDP is any news report in English from a reliable source. Such sources include - but are not limited to - UK national press, UK national broadcast organizations, foreign press and broadcast organizations with an English language thread to their communication, trade press in English, local news organizations reporting in English and coverage in specialist online sites, such as those monitoring the well-being of super-centenarians. Where dispute arises over the qualifying nature of a news source for obit purposes Joey Russ's decision is final. But he wants fast and furious competition and is generally very amenable to low hanging dead pool fruit of all varieties. 10 The Raymond Hewlett Memorial Award applies to the AVALDP. In honor of everybody's favourite Maddie-implicated paedo scum a candidate widely believed to be alive when the winner is declared and subsequently proven to have died previously will be awarded victory in the event that a AVALDP qualifying obit subsequently appears for said candidate. In the event that a AVALDP qualifying obit for the candidate is subsequently proven to have existed prior to commencement of the AVALDP all points will be voided. RHME points are only available during competition and in the event that a winner has been declared before discovery of a qualifying RHME candidate no revision of the final result will occur. Similarly, if some lucky candidate is awarded RHME victory and this victory once declared is proven to be spurious by late discovery of a qualifying obit; the lucky winner will be allowed to keep his/her lucky win. 10a To ensure smooth operation of rule 10 the period for discovery of result altering obits is deemed to be 48 hours plus the remainder of the calendar day in which victory is first claimed. In other words two days and a part of another day. 11 - If an obited death occurs during play of the AVALDP and is missed despite Joey Russ's best efforts to stay in touch and/or the spirited efforts of AVALDP participants and said death is missed in totting up points, after which a winner is declared, then this death will not count for competition purposes. The same is true in the case of a known death gathering a late obit and therefore allowing some other competitor to be declared a winner. All disputes relating to rule 11 will be resolved by the astute judgement of Joey Russ and there is no appeals procedure (though all sides of opinion are warmly invited to liven up the AVALDP thread by venting their fury). 12 - In the event that Deathlist editing options or other online trickery is discovered to have been employed in the editing of entries, those duly fingered for such cheating will be removed from the AVALDP and banned for life from subsequent entry into AVALDPs. 13 In the unlikely event that a pick selected on 30 November fails to mark the start line the entrant selecting said pick will still be deemed to have entered the competition and will have until midnight 1 December to select a new pick (unselected by other entrants). Should the entrant fail to do so no other entrant will be allowed in as a replacement. AND FINALLY... On completion of AVALDP activities the thread will get lively for a short while as losing contestants and spectators offer well-deserved congratulations to the skillful and highly talented new champion, after which time it is expected that the cooling corpse of the thread will be allowed to gently sink into oblivion. Now you know the rules, here is the list of competitors and their choice of candidates: theoldlady - Jerry Lee Lewis Sean - Frank Field Death Impends - Gary Burgess Bibliogryphon - Anthony Sher YoungWilz - Liza Minelli Gcreptile - Kaikala Satyanarayana Captain Chorizo - Susie Steiner The Daredevil - Bob Dole msc - Khaleda Zia Toast - Jean Marsh Book - Vinod Dua Lafauchuse - Nanda Prusty Ulitzer95 - Sidney Cooke John Key - Henry Kissinger Marinisia - Kat Bjelland Rover and Out - Jimmy Carter YorkshireBanker - Phyllis Dalton The Old Crem - George Alagiah Drol - Rowshan Ershad Thatcher - Bernadette Chirac ThereWillBeDeaths7 - Leslie Phillips Grim Up North - Francoise Hardy Chilean Way - Lucia Hiriart arghton - Luis Echeverría Joey Russ - Gavin Robertson Let's look at the past and current winners of this dead pool now 2016 - Death Impends 2017 - Sean 2018 - Banana 2019 - gcreptile 2020 - Spade_Cooley  Good luck everyone. 
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    John Goodenough - Chemistry Lech Walesa - Peace Alice Munro - Literature James Watson - Medicine Peter Higgs - Physics William Sharpe - Economics
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    Yep, Zoe Ball can go straight in. Luckily nothing from Greg James yet on Radio 1 but I know one of the pubs he frequents so if he plays it I shall get a train to London and kick him in the cunt.
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    Copy and pasted from Baseball Reference. 10 remain: Bob Aspromonte, born June 19, 1938 Eddie Basinski, born November 4, 1922 Tommy Brown, born December 6, 1927 Roger Craig, born February 17, 1930 Don Demeter, born June 25, 1935 Carl Erskine, born December 13, 1926 Jim Gentile, born June 3, 1934 Chris Haughey, born October 3, 1925 Fred Kipp, born October 1, 1931 Sandy Koufax, born December 30, 1935 Bobby Morgan, born June 29, 1926 Joe Pignatano, born August 4, 1929
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    Shite. It was the first thing that came up in the search! Normally the WWII veterans thread surfaces first. I'll move it...
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    Sir Creep come on the rules of this pool are as established as you and me on Death List forums.These have been the rule for years Was lucky to be available to compete but if not that is the way the cookie crumbles.
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    Don Demeter, who played over 1,000 games combined with Brooklyn/Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit, Boston and Cleveland between 1956 and 1967, has died. He was 86. Demeter was one of the few remaining Brooklyn Dodgers alive. https://news.yahoo.com/former-brooklyn-dodger-don-demeter-214711570.html
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    Yeah one of the few people picked on the DL before I was born. Think it is only Ozzy David Jenkins,Tony Bennett ,The Queen,Brian Wilson,Shaun Ryder ,Jerry Lee Lewis George Linker and Frank Bruno left in that category.
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    Goddammit: https://eu.oklahoman.com/story/sports/2021/11/30/former-brooklyn-dodger-don-demeter-dies-age-86/8812818002/ Dodger Don Demeter Dead, guv. I mean @Bibliogryphon.
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    Tommy Lane (IMDb), played Adam in Live and Let Die, has died aged 83. Obituaries: Independent, The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express
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    What is the function of a rubber duck?
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    There isn't much to tell. December 92 I am on a little holiday on the QE2 with my dad, and Ann and Nick are filming their Xmas special. They film various people saying Merry Christmas to the camera including me and dad and then an overhead shot of everyone on board together waving at the camera saying Happy Christmas. We all sit down to watch Xmas morning but they have cut out all the individual bits and just show the overhead. I am near the front so you can just about see me, but yeah, I was cut out so we watched it for nothing.
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    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/16828102/geri-horners-brother-max-halliwell-dies/ The brother of former Spice Girl singer Geri Horner better known as Geri Halliwell has died aged 54.
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    Deathrace Form Guide #18 P. J. Proby Fuck knows, I've posted this perennial pool teaser in form guides enough times. The hell raising former rock n roll singer turns 83 today, 53 years after his first bankruptcy, 48 years after being arrested for shooting an illegally possessed weapon at his other half (Dean Martin's daughter - so mebbe she had a thing for blokes who drank all day), and almost thirty years after his first heart attack. To be fair, he kicked the pop in the wake of that coronary but his chaotic personal life simply took new turns with ruinous financial management leading to him being resident in the arse end of Manchester, and being tried for benefit fraud involving over £47,000. The acquittal still dragged him into the tabloids again on the back of exposing a private life that'd leave yer average soap opera script editor chucking the story back on the basis that even Corrie regulars wouldn't wear it as credible. I'd mention his various relationships but that'd take another page of the thread. Happy birthday P .J.
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